Gerig Written In Clouds
<-----------Ger  g
One morning about 9:00 am while driving
to Klamath Falls, Oregon about 5 miles
west from my home. When I saw this
picture above I stop to take a picture when
I saw my name
Gerig being written out
from a small black cloud rolled up into the
form of a rope over a white cloud. I point  
to my name Gerig being written in cloud
form. I grabed my camera beside me and
snapped a quick picture of it through my
front window. When I took this film and had
it developed this is what I saw, the picture
I printed out below what was left of Ger G ... God had told me through my friend, Joe Hobs, an Indian
Pastor, Paul God is telling you ... remove the "I" and lift me up. Joe died not long ago at the age of

67" due to many broken bones from a car accident. Above the left black X is a picture sign of yours
truly in the fiery red color, and on the right side over the black X is anoher head, the Church and
above the Church is another white X of the woman Church of today looking up under the
"3" high
power electric lines referring to the three Churches of today,
Cathoic, Protestant and Pentecostal
soon to go into the hot fire of purification

The Open Vision picture below I took over a pr
eachers home about 3 miles from my home, the 3
Churches in signs! The preachers name was
"NUTTER" and he died at the age of "42" from
stomack cancer. Number 42 means Rebellion. I had talked to this man more than once but could not
get his attention. Later on God told me about him, I have gotten my
belly full of their lies .. stomach
Cancer ;;; the Church as gone NUTS

The cloud God had put over the NUTTERS Church shows the face of Satan is over these Churches
today. Above the words "Above 7 Churches in mouth, you can see the number
"7" making up Satan's
mouth. Above the
"7" you can see God showing Satan's two eyes and above his two eyes you can
see Satan's two horns.

Going through the number "7" in Satan's mouth you can see the two high tension electric lines that
is also seen in the top Open Vision showing the word Gerig that God had written out over Swan Lake
Mountain. Swan Lake touches on Jesus Christ the Son of God mountain, the mountain I had
published my web site on for many years.
Above the letter "G" is the mountain my name
Gerig was written over in cloud form some
years ago. From this large letter
"G" to my
home was approxamatly
"10" miles going out
to the
"10" sleeping Virgin Nutty Churches of

Below G for Gerig is the
"42" day camp on
top of Bly, mountain showing the DOVE Rock
as if drinking out from God's Sprague River
coming out from God's Bly, Mounain. Below this is yours truly
standing of Dove ... Holy Spirit ROCK. This Sprague River Goes
by the small town named Sprague River about one mile from
the top Open Vision spelling out my last name Gerig.

The next Open Vision is a picture of this ministry preaching
Jesus Christ in a topical storm over this nation several years
ago on eledtion day in cloud form! God shows yours truly
over the West Coast where I live blowing this Jesus Trump looking
down over the state of Florida, you can see his face, his eye, nose and
mouth looking down and at the same time hitting this Bald Eagle of a
nation in its head killing it. Donald Trump said his favorite nation is

Below this Minitry blowing this Jesus Trumpet, you can see God
showing this Nuclear Bomb soon to hit this nation in cloud form. Notice
the huge mushroom cloud bomb going off over a freeway of "3" cars
touching on the "3" religions coming to an end!
Notice below in the stem of this nuclear
mushroom cloud bomb from Almighty
God you can see the window for this to
happen is now OPEN!

Look closely in the window God shows
you written on in cloud form who this is
referring to today ... the
"Church" the
three automobiles driving down the
roads today, Catholic, Protestant and

What is God showing about these
automobiles and trucks driving across
this second Jer-
USA-lem nation today?
Their in a ditch! Accidents all over this
nation in serious weather. Killings,
airplane and airliners crashing along
with ships! God said in Isaiah 5:5 ... 5 + 5
= "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7
"I have lifted my hand of protection from
around her and she is now being

The next two verses
"6-7" ties into
Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" I have
removed your water and have stopped
cultivating and pruning her and she has
turned into a thorn patch and will be
destroyed ... Read it!

I was born
"6" of "7" children in a
preachers home and I preach today to
"6-7" Churches of Matthew 25:"6-7."
I preach this awesome message today at
HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Rev. 14

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul
The Red ties into a hot fire that I
have been in for 33 years and the hot
fire the seven Churches of today are
soon to go into to be purified!