I show myself standing in front of the
long  red rock I named Dragon Rock close
to my old home in the wilderness, Right is
a Tropical storm a few years ago over USA
on election day of God showing his end time Prophet, yours truly from the West Coast preaching
this Jesus' Message all over this land, of this Bald Eagle nation, Jesus killing this bald eagle nation  
showing it over the State of Florida, Trumps favorite state of these 50 states of the Union.

You can plainly see me over the West Coast of Oregon above, blowing this
JESUS Trumpet today
loud and clear
, showing the hand writing of God is on the rock wall burned out by the FIRE FINGER
that is seen in Daniel 5:25! Below the word Paul you can see my face that
God put in cloud form, and on the end of my trumpet is the face of Jesus looking down over Trumps
favorite state in the UNION ... Florida ... seen below and is very soon to happen!
Left is a storm over the State of Florida not
long ago, showing the mushroom cloud bomb
from Russia going off over a freeway of "3"
cars referring to the "3" religions today,
Catholic ... Protestant and Pentecostal bringing
them all to a close! Notice God is showing the
window for this to happen in
OPEN. Notice
inside the open window you can see in cloud
form put there by Almighty God ... the word ...

Go to my other Message titled, "Duduman-
" to see what is now at
the door of this nation and world. Left is
another Open Vision from Almighty God burned
out in solid Rock,
"The Hand Writing is on the
Rock Wall
." showing what is in store soon for
the Church who are not part of the 144,000 true
Christians who has overcome Satan today, and
have Jesus' and the Father's name written on
their foreheads. These are the only true saints
of today that God soon takes out to be with him
while he punishes the rest left behind.  

Left is the rock clamshell trap close to my old
home showing what Jesus said in Luke 21:34 ...
be aware of this trap now closing down on man-
kind world wide. Here we see this clamshell
trap burned out by the fire finger of God in
solid rock, with these last day three Churches
laying down on the
Black Bull Market now
getting ready to fall into the hands of
Red China
and Red Russia, as this Red Bear Market is now
closing in on their black bull market

Notice this trap rock from Almighty, soldiers are
soon to appear over the top right side of this
trap where the "10" sleeping Virgin Church are
seen here sleeping on the old Bull Market stark
naked, the Church circumcised only in the flesh
and not the heart Jesus number
"33" speaks

Left from God's Hubble telescope is the Church
soon to be running like the wind showing what
the Church of today will soon be doing! Below
God shows in cloud form another Picture of
Yours truly seen riding in his wheel chair the
center of this storm coming in with my trumpet
pointed downward to earth while my in-home
car lady Pam pushes me along as you can see her behind me
wearing dark glasses as I preach to the people below in front of
my face also wearing dark glasses as seeing nothing. Above God
is showing again from his Hubble camera in his heavens, the
Red headed woman Church, the scarlet women of Revelation 17:-7 who rides the scarlet beast today,
Donald Trump being taken out! This passage says this last day Church has killed the true people who
used to be truth saints and who has killed the entire world on their short-wave radios and TV

You can see her looking at you and right of her red hair you can see the upside down letter
"V" for
the 10 sleeping "V"irgins
also seen above in rock form stark naked.  You can see her hand
reaching out to the left as saying,
"Help Me."

Today I ride my Red Horse of Paul Revere ... riding out at MIDNIGHT telling them, "The Red Coats
Russia and China are coming!
" Jesus said in Matthew 25:6-7 that these sleeping "10" Virgins do
not wake up from their long sleep until
MIDNIGHT! The Pot drug of Marijuana has cooked the brains
of the people and they know nothing of what is about to hit them directly in their faces! There is a
song out sung by two pot head singers, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggart ...
"Everything has gone to
POT. God is also saying the same thing and now he has his belly full of it!
God is confirming this right of the Churches today seen left in
cloud form over the Church, putting the
POT Pipe in their mouths
... the Churches of today gone to
POT meaning good for nothing!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
Churches Gone to Pot