As in the days of Noah so shall it
be in the days of the Coming of
the Son of Man Jesus Christ and
so it is today! Notice the water the
two cars are setting in today, the
two automobile religions, Catholic
and Protestant alike as they fight
to stay alive across this second
USA-lem today! Tornado's
after Tornado's and now the
Hurricanes are flooding as God
means business telling this nation
and world it is finished ... I am at
the end of my Rope ... repent and
live or do not repent and die!  
God shows left over the freeway of the "3"
Churches of this nation in cloud form ... I'm
taking you down and I show you this in my
fingers of my hand. Can't you see today your
freeways are covered with water, it is finished.

Below God shows in a nuclear missile casting
off showing the face, arm and chest of a man,
USA Russia is going after. This USA of Red
White and soon to be Blue nation is seen as
the tall tower of a nation this nuclear bomb
from Russia is soon to be heading for.

Below this person seen left in smoke form
from the nuclear missile going off, shows God
showing in rock form burned out by his fire
finger close to my old home in the high
volcanic area where I once lived, This naked
woman Church wearing a black witch hat riding
on the Golden Goat, Donald Trump 45!

Below this you can see the naked woman
Church holding onto the Rock Jesus Christ
while she stands on this Rock Jesus and
bowing her naked knees down to little rock
Satan seen left of her knees.

Below this God shows from a picture from his
Hubble telescope, this naked woman Church
falling backwards with nuclear radiation.
God's hand below and "3" fingers ... the END
Notice her two naked breast and below her dark sex area
showing she is the very naked woman Church of the end of
days today!

Below in dark color is a picture of a storm over Iceland
showing the face of a bear, Russia. You can see the
lightning strike from God running up the nose of the
Russian bear on this ice cold naked woman Church as I
pointed out. I enlarged this picture and I have it below
showing what is in the eye of bear Russia. God shows this
naked woman Church with short hair. You can also see her
with a Bun many women today wear on top of their head.
You can see her naked
back and the line running
from her back to her face is
the lightning strike line
from God coming from the
nose of the Russian bear.

Today she sets in the eye of
Russia and when Russia
strikes she falls backwards
and dies a horrible death of
nuclear Radiation ... poison
waters and food!
I know what it is like because I went through this some years ago
when a Woman poisoned me by putting liquid poison in my liquid
in my refrigerator when she had access to my home. This woman
was not a good friend of mine but was the wife of a man I knew.

Here goes the message. I came down with cancer of the blood ...
Leukemia, and was in the hospital for 30 days. Two days before
going to the hospital God spoke to me saying,
I will heal you!  
When I got to the hospital after the doctors received the result
from my blood test, they told me after I told them God was going
to heal me, the one doctor said, if you will be healed God will
have to do it because there is no cure for what you have, and
the only way to get what you have is by two ways ... liquid poison
or Nuclear Radiation.

A short time later my Indian Pastor came into my room and
prayed God would heal me and on the 30th day in the hospital
the two doctors came into my room and said, we cannot find
anymore germs in your blood so we are releasing you to go
home. When I was sick in the Hospital was the worst time I had
ever experienced! Church this is what you are in for, Pain and
suffering like you have never seen before! If you turn to Revelation 8 you can see the star
Wormwood poisoning the water and food. This star
Wormwood in the Russian language means
Chernobyl, the nuclear power plant in Russian that melted down some years back killing thousand of

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...