Flat-Pot Head Beast Spreads BS
Pot head two cylinder DJ ...
Donald J ... BS Trump ... John
Deer tractor pulling a manure
spreader seen right .. sets in the
White House driving his
DJ .. BS
Pot head Trump tractor fertilizing
this nation with BS lies ,,, lies and
more lies ... a beast who does not
know truth from lies, as most
people already know!  
DJ ... John Deer ... Donald John Pot head President Trump
pulling a John Deer BS ... Manure Spreader
The BS manure spreader above
driven by flat POT head John Deer
Trump, is bringing this bald eagle
nation to the ground! Above left I
took this picture that God made in
his clouds of this Bald Eagle Nation
crash landing over Klamath ... soon
to Falls Oregon. At that time some
8-10 years ago, God had me write
over this picture what is happening
today in the White House between
two angry sides, the Democrats and
the Republicans!

Below this Bald Eagle Bird nation
seen above soon to crash land, is a
picture from Almighty God on
election day a few years ago ... this
tropical storm on the left over this
entire nation. God shows this
Ministry, yours truly over the West
Coast where I live blowing my Jesus
Trumpet. I blow it across this entire
land with the head of
JESUS on the
far right of my trumpet killing this
Eagle Bird Nation over the state of
Florida ... DJ's favorite State.

Below this is another small part of
the head of
JESUS killing this eagle
bird nation. Right of this is another
insert of this  eagle bird nation soon
to die.

Below this dead eagle laying dead
on the ground, is the huge rock
close to my old home in the high
wilderness area of Klamath soon to
Fall USA County, Oregon that I
named some 25 years ago,
"Babylon Rock." Below the word
Politics you can see this
Bald Eagle
Bird Nation laying dead on the

Left of this soon to be dead third
Babylon nation, you can see the
the ground from this once Godly
nation that has gone and is going to

Above the Eagle right of the word
Politics, is a large image of the Open
Bible of
JESUS over his Open Bible
showing a dog-wolf preacher
preaching out from it and dragging
behind them the dead Church!
Below this dead sleeping Church you can see the
picture of the word
JESUS over his Bible the
dog, wolf preachers are preaching from today.
The bottom right shows the two
IS letters short
ISIS where the ISIS people are cutting off
the heads of the people that Trump said some
time ago that he has won this war in Syria which is
still going on today. God burned this out in solid
rock with his fire finger showing
IS ... ISIS is still
here! Never in my 84 years have I ever heard
such a liar as
BS'er D.J. Trump can sing as he
ushers in
Nuclear Pot.
The Nuclear Pot is now boiling
seen left. God made this image of
a nuclear bomb going off over the
state of Florida DJ's favorite State
that he Sings about. God put this
image of a Toad Stool, Mushroom
cloud Nuclear Bomb going off
over a freeway of "3"
automobiles, referring to "3" once
true Christian religions now gone
and going to POT. You can see
them in the WINDOW NOW OPEN  
with the cloud in the window

Your enemy today is not D.J. big
mouth TRUMP! Your enemy today
is God Almighty! We see Almighty
God is Isaiah

Here we see God in this passage
asking what is that noise in the
city, what is that sound from the
Temple, meaning Churches, it is
the sound of the Lord repaying
his enemies, all they deserve.
To end this awesome message I will tie the "3" beast presidents to today, Clinton 42, Bush 43 and
Trump 45. All
"3" beast presidents were born in year "46" who makes up the "666" of Isaiah
"66:6." My God is the God of numbers and not the sleeping, dead Churches God of today, their god
is Satan. Now to confirm this fact in the NT we look in Revelation
6:7-8. Beast Trump was born month
"6" ... Bush was born month "7" and Clinton was born month "8" here we see Revelation "6:7-8."

Here we see the three beast riders of DEATH riding out with hades, hell following close behind. We
add these "3" numbers ... 6 + 7 + 8 =
"21" added again is "3" beasts taking the sleeping, dead
Dog-Pig-Goat Church out of power
... the very last verse of the Holy Bible ... Rev. 22 verses "21."

Above we see the second pot, nuclear, that I laid down sideways to show you this message from a
real nuclear bomb going off, You can see the head of a Goat shooting up in the sky and at the top is
looking to the right with the head of this Eagle Bird nation being blown out of office. Below the head
of this soon to be dead Eagle Bird nation you can see the white skull of dead people looking at you.
Below this you can see the head and long neck of the Dragon, Satan, that God is using to take out
this once Godly nation now gone and going to

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
The Nuclear Window is Open! God has
written in the window in cloud ...
Church!!!  Its all over!!! Brother Paul ...
C  h  u  r  c  h
God shows 3 cars
below; Catholic,
Protestant and
Pentecostal ...