Fire - Water - Noah & Signs
"When the dragon saw that he had been hurled
to the earth,
he pursued the woman who had
given birth to the male child
. (The Jews - Jesus)
The woman (Israel) was given the two wings of a
great eagle, so that she might fly to the place
prepared for her in the wilderness, where she
would be taken care of for a time, times and half
a time, out of the serpent’s reach.
(Rev. 7) Then
from his mouth
the serpent spewed water like a
river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away
with the torrent
. But the earth helped by opening
its mouth and swallowing the river that the
dragon had spewed out of his mouth.
rivers of soldiers)
Then the dragon was enraged
at the woman
(Israel) and went off to wage war
against the rest of her offspring
(The Church)
those who hold to God’s commands and hold to
the testimony of Jesus
." Revelation  12:13-17 ...
The bible says, "As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man" ...
Water and now also Fire.  To my understanding floods are not happening in old Israel today
... only war with their enemies. Revelation
12:12 shows war in heaven today and Satan is cast out and
begins war on earth which surely is happening today ... all the killings going on like something has
happened in Revelation 12:12. This passage refers to today without a shadow of a doubt. Now
jumping to the next verses
"13-15" we see Satan, the Dragon spewing water from his mouth to
overtake our Mother Israel but God protects old Israel as seen in Revelation 7 ... the 144,000 that
God seals before the heavy wrath breaks out on earth which is soon to happen!

There are two places in the Bible speaking about two groups of people, Revelation 14 which speaks
about the Church, Rachel, Jacob who refers to Father God's second wife referring to the Church of
today which God soon takes out ...
Revelation 14 just the 144,000 overomers! Now we see
Revelation 7 ... the "7" years Jacob worked to get his first wife Leah, the Jews. Now we see he
worked another
"7" years to get his second wife, Rachel the Church ... Revelation "14." The
sleeping Churches today do not understand these passages as they claim both Revelation
7 and 14
refers to the Jews and not the Gentiles ...
wrong ... wrong ... wrong!

Satan has hidden these truths from the
SLEEPING CHURCH who claim numbers are from him and
not from God.
Was it Satan who numbered the hairs on our heads or was it God?

The sign above showing the number "12" came from the West Coast where I live, showing War in
heaven has already happened, and now we are at
Revelation 12 of God protecting old Israel by
swallowing the
armies of soldiers and now the Dragon is angry and goes after Israel's offspring the
As in the days of Noah show shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man! These are only
signs that are happening today ...
Water ... Water everywhere but not a drop to drink! What else is
Fire ... Fire that God said he was going to destroy the world with Fire and not water
God is using water today as signs of Noah and the floods are happening all over this nation
today, as today are the days of Noah and Water and Fire is now on its way as also seen in the White
House with beast Trump as I show on the lower part of my front page website.

The weather people made the map above showing the circle of storm Florence around the White
house of this Trump nation today, the sleeping Church that put this bastard beast of Satan into
power. The constellation on the right shows this same water storm of
Florence in God's stars in his
heavens circling the White House! ...
"As in the days of Noah now today." It was year 1955 when I
moved to
Florence, Oregon touching today on Storm Florence ... "55" ... the "5" wise and the "5"
foolish Virgins
that God is removing from his second land ... second Jer-USA-lem because they
turned and worship the enemy of our souls, Satan, who they believe is Jesus Christ who warned us
2000 years ago this would happen.

So we have only in signs the water today and the Dragon Satan going after the Church in signs of
Water, but following this heavy water today is the heavy
FIRE coming in from the Russian and
Chinese armies that are seen in Revelation
9:16. We add 9 + 16 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC. Using God's numbering system again we see number
"9" which means Judgment,
and again we see
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC soon to hit the skids!

The water in Revelation
12:13-17 are seen as Armies going against old Israel, the Churches mother.
Then Satan, the Dragon gets angry for God is protecting old Israel seen in Revelation 7 and then he
turns and goes after her offspring seen in
Revelation 14. But here we see God taking out his
overcoming Church of 144,000 and leaving the rest behind to suffer the fire of wrath because they
turned against him and worship Satan at the
Hour of judgment, today. These overcoming saints of
God are also seen in the OT in Isaiah
"66:7" ... as the sleeping Church of today are pregnant now
ready to give birth to the overcoming 144,000 true saints of Revelation 14 as this passage states;
she gives birth to the man child, meaning the true saints of God today before the
"42" months of
Labor Pains of wrath begins.

We add Revelation
12:13-17 ... 12 + 13 + 17 = "42." This number "42" is the first head of the "3"
headed lion beast who goes after the Churches of today ... Bill Clinton
"42." The latter part of
Revelation 12 shows the Church of today that these
"3" beast men of the "666" also seen in Isaiah
"66:6" goes after soon and suddenly after war with Russia and China begins.

Go to Revelation
13:5-7 to see the beast ... number "42" ... the first head of the beast ... Bill Clinton
"42" who is given another "42" months of wrath to come against the sleeping Church and to
conquer them, read it! My God is the God of numbers, not the sleeping Churches god ... Lucifer who
fell from heaven! We add Rev. 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC., for this is
where he came from, and today the last and third beast ... Donald Trump is causing all kinds of
trouble in Washington DC., and he is the final and last number
"6" of the "666" seen in Isaiah "66:6."

Beast Bill Clinton 42 ... Beast Bush 43 ... Beast Trump 45 were all born in year "46" ... "666." This
passage states: Hear that noise in the city ... hear that sound in the Temple, meaning the
... it is the sound of the Lord God giving to his enemies, meaning the Churches ... all they
deserve. All "3" beast Presidents were born ... Trump month
"6" ... Bush month "7" ... Clinton month
"8" and we see this ... "6-7-8." You say ... so what!  You can see these so what "3" beast men as they
ride the
Pale Horse of WAR ... DEATH at the last hour of Judgment just before Hades ... Hell opens up
on earth. We can read this in Revelation
"6:7-8." (Now if my God is not the God of Numbers I will
eat your hat)

We add 6 + 7 + 8 =
"21" the last verse of God's Holy Bible that points to today without a shadow of a
doubt. Numbers
"6-7" shows the very end of days, today, in 6000 years of Adam, Abraham the Jews
and now the ending of Jesus the Church, all having 2000 years and coming to a close today of
years and going into the
1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ number "7000" ... now we see "67" the
last verse of Revelation
6:7-8 and number "8" refers to a new being.

Lastly, we add the
"3" numbers of the "3" beast men of the last days, Clinton 42 and  Bush 43 and
45 and we see number "13" as we drop the zero meaning nothing here. Now we see
"12" and beginning with verse "13" adding both numbers together we see 12 + 13 =
"25" verses "6-7" of Matthew 25:6-7.  Israel and the armies that God is taking out to protect old
Israel, then the Dragon goes after her
offspring the Church of Matthew 25 ... the Church of the last
days sleeping but soon to wake up!

The first head of the beast, Bill Clinton
"42" is seen in these two verses of "6-7" ... 6 X 7 = "42"
(Don't forget Revelation "13" verses "5-7" ... added also ties into Revelation 12:13 that ties into ...
added is
"25" sleeping Virgins. The lying Church for one, Jimmy Swaggart, tells the Church this
speaks for the Jews, but no it speaks today to the Church! This passage says, the beast is given
"42" months to come against the Church and to conquer them ... read it!

This is also seen in Matthew 1:17 ... showing from Abraham the Jews in this passage to Jesus was
2000 years and now count the generations for the are
"42." This passage shows the Jews crucifying
Jesus Christ at the end of their 2000 years and the end of their
"42" months which means rebellion!
From Jesus to today is another 2000 years and another
"42" generations to the first head of the
beast, Clinton
"42" as numbers do not lie like Satan lies to the Church that they listen to today and
not Almighty God! Jesus said, "
It is the letter that kills but it is the Spirit that gives the light.

The Church of today read the Bible to the letter but they do not know it in the Spirit of God! It is now
the letter that is coming against them and killing them ... as Jesus said, it is the letter now beginning
to come against them and is beginning to kill the Church! Lastly we see flooding ... fires burning ...
torndoes taking out houses and businesses ...
what is going on if not an Angry Almighty God
"It is finished!?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Sign number "12" is burning today as Rev.
12  shows what is now coming upon the
Churches ... Satan cast out and now hell is
opened up on earth!