Fire - Water Horse Rides Today
Above from fires in
California shows the
teeth of the Horse
beast running in
position today, God
confirms this fact.
The second fiery red horse with teeth to ride God confirms from his white cloud horse in his heavens
Red Horse of WAR rides today! Far right God also shows in his white loud, the Communist
Hammer and Sickle
are coming in now to take out this Barking Dog Church and gone to POT Nation
of 2 Peter 2:20-22!

The S - - T  is now hitting the fan!  Oil in the oil nations has blown up! Beast Trump 45 doesn't know
what to do! What comes out from his lying mouth and swinging arms smoking a pipe ready to explode
that God shows from his Hubble Telescope ... you don't know what to believe that comes out from his
Huge, Lying, Beast, Fish Mouth when he opens up his fish trap!
Huge mouth Trump fools fish Church
Left God shows from is Hubble space telescope in
white Big mouth Trump seen in another Open Vision
above this one both with their huge mouth wide Open
and the below one shows his arms sticking out as
normal with his two legs running out speaking lies to
this nation, Church and world while he smokes a pipe
meaning he is causing nuclear war to break out soon!

The fish Church seen above is now seen as the
CHURCH OF TODAY who put this Bastard of Satan
Trump 45 into power as his father is Satan that makes
him a Bastard as Jesus once said!

Jesus also said, "The goats will be on my left meaning
Judgment and my sheep will be on my right meaning
mercy! From one of God's fiery volcano's left you can
see these GOAT CHURCHES of today who put Beast
Trump into power, and them talking to this Red Pant
Burning Trump who came out from the Abyss, hell if
you will and his and his black Satan on the right and
over his white head is the white head skull of a beast
that he is part of!

Below the soon to be BLUE Goat Church I show you a
real nuclear bomb going off that is soon to happen that
I turned sideways to show you what God has showed
me about this GOAT Church of today that is soon to
blow up by
Nuclear Bombs!

First we see the goat head on the top and his one horn
shows him going up into the air by a nuclear rocket!
Right of this Goat Churches head we see this Bald
Eagle of a nation looking to the right and having a
golden beak ...
Billionaire liar Trump!  Below his
famous golden head you can see
"White Skulls"
looking at you made by Almighty God!

Below the dead heads soon to happen, you can see
the Head of the Dragon, Satan, who has put the Goat
Church in-between him and Trump above, and we see
the Goat Church the meat in the Sand-Witch!
Never in my long "85" years of life have i ever heard a man, much less than the setting Beast
President of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation tell lies that are very plain to see and hear and it was
the goat Church of today who put this
Bastard of Satan into power that God allowed to happen
because of what his once sheep Church has turned into ... a Goat who used to be a Sheep

War is on the Skyline of this Second Jer-USA-lem Nation Today!

Trump ... North Korea ... Russia ... Iran ... Iraq and you name it and beast Trump and his huge mouth
has set  the world on
Nuclear Fire ... War! One day he says we are cocked and loaded and the next
day he says the opposite! The women he groped and or had sex with testify against him and he the
gross liar calls all of them liars while he is the gross liar big, big time! The Goat Church today who put
this Bastard of Satan into power believe his lies as Truth! The Nuclear Bomb above tells what is
about to take place, the Goats are going into the air if they do not repent before nuclear war breaks

If the are not killed in the blast then they stay behind to eat and drink the poison from the nuclear
radiation bombs seen in Revelation 8:8-12. This poison star Wormwood touches on Russia when a
nuclear power plant in Russia melted down some years ago and killed thousands of people due to
the nuclear radiation coming from the nuclear poison. The area this took place was in
! In the Russian language star Wormwood is Chernobyl!
Quote:   On this edition of America First, the
President of the United States tweeted that we're
"locked and loaded" to go to war with Iran and we're
just waiting for Saudi Arabia to tell us what to do. This
really is not an exaggeration. "Saudi Arabia oil supply
was attacked," Donald Trump said on the Tweet
Machine. "There is reason to believe that we know the
culprit, are locked and loaded depending on
verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom
as to who they believe was the cause of this attack,
and under what terms we would proceed!"
God shows here that war is now at the
The Beast Trump 45 walks in the dark and is taking the Goat
Church with him! Below the oil fields are on fire! Far right
shows this black beast President Trump 45 and his dark head
looking over the blown up Oil fields as he goes bananas!

Below I marked Black Trump who is running the show looking
over the oil situation from the East who is in the dark of what
is really happening today ... the black white beast running the
show who brings in war with the East and also the war with
the North with Russia and China.
Black Trump
Black Beast Trump
The Die ... Death has been cast! Where does
death appear as? The Black hole in the
ground or in the Black Dark Hole of Hell
under foot. Here we see left Trump the beast
Pushing the Envelope and causes war to
break out and God is showing his anger over
this nation in his weather ... as in the days of
Noah so shall it be in the coming of the Son
of Man!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig