Fire Shark Devours Eagle Church
Jesus said, people are
seen as trees. This Carr fire
in Redding California
burning down, shows the
tree mostly burned, as God
also shows this in Rev.
14:1-5 taking out his
144,000 who have
overcome Satan and
setting fire to the rest. The
top of this tree Church are
seen on the top of God's
list, the top ones of his
Church and no one but God
knows who they are, as
seen in Revelation 2:17.

The Carr fire burning on
the top right shows "3"
people in front of the fire
and the fire appears to be a
fire shark with its mouth
wide open eating "3"
Churches today who went
with Satan and not with God.
This image on the left is a statue of
a bald Eagle bird setting on the top
of a pole. God is showing Hosea 8
"An eagle is over the house of the
Lord because my people have
broken my covenant and trespassed
against my law

The bald Eagle is the symbol of
this nations bird now beginning to
burn down. Below this I show you a
Tropical storm over this nation on
election day a few years ago ...  
showing yours truly speaking from
the West Coast of this Eagle Bird
nation, showing the head of Jesus
Christ hitting this Bald Eagle
nation in its head killing it.

God took this picture in cloud form
of Prophet Paul from the West
Coast blowing this Jesus Eagle
Trumpet today loud and clear over
this nation who has fallen to Satan.
I live on the West Coast of Second
USA-lem for most of my life all except 14
months when I lived in Denver Colorado and
moved to the west coast of Oregon!

You can see me below my name Paul ...
putting this Jesus Trumpet to my lips showing
the face of Jesus looking down over the state
of Florida hitting this white headed Bald Eagle
nation in its head killing it.

This picture below I also put in my Adobe
Photo section of my computer and removed
the rest of the scene all except my face and
Jesus' face ... hitting this eagle bird nation in
its head killing it. This was made by God in
cloud form and not by man! Left you can see the
head of Jesus crushing the head of this bald eagle
nation of today who has gone down the drain seen
in another picture of this Eagle Bird going down in a
beach scene below Paul blowing this Eagle Bird
Trumpet today very loud and very clear!

I never made this scene in the sand, God made it!
God is showing this Eagle Bird nation with Big
Mouth Donald J. Trump 45 at the helm making peace
signs with the enemy of this nation, President Putin
of the Russian Bear. We are soon going from the
Black Bull Market of money into the Red Bear
Market of destruction soon and suddenly!
Below this Eagle bird going down the drain shown by Almighty
God, we see him showing this message in a hurricane storm off
the East Coast not long ago. This Open Vision shows the bear of
Russia today, Putin, the sign today of Trump and Putin in signs of
peace when all hell is opened up on earth! The sleeping Church
of today are caught in this trap seen below the white cloud
showing the bear of Russia is now raising up to attack this Eagle
Bird nation gone down the drain of time.

This is also seen in Daniel 7:5 raising up on one side going after
this third and last Babylonian nation that has "3" ribs in it mouth,
the one rib of Adam
now broken into '"3" parts ... Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal

Notice the blue as the black Bull market leaving the picture as
he is looking at you with his horn over his head, Trumpet Horn.
Notice he has the Bull's Eye in the middle
of his big naked belly.

Below this shows the trap Jesus speaks
about in Luke 21:34-36 ...
"do not get caught
in this trap for it will come upon the whole
world. Pray that you may be able to escape all
that is about to happen and pray that you may
be able to stand before the Son of Man
meaning in heaven!

Here we see the naked Church of today not
circumcised in the heart, but circumcised
only in the flesh. They are laying down on
Bull Market, meaning ... they are a
money Church and Jesus said, you cannot
worship me and money at the same table.
The Bull Market leaves and the
Red Bear
Market comes in
. Trump the Bull ... the Bully
of all times coming from the White House
brings in the soldiers of Russia and China
notice the head of the soldiers wearing war
helmets ... top right.

I never made this image in solid rock form,
my God made it with his fire finger. This
Open Vision was close to my old home.
Three People above in black ... 3 Churches
The "3" people Churches  below ... God is showing Shark
Satan  beginning t o eat them ... shark Satan is walking left ...t
Wake Up O' Sleeping Church your already eating the Fire of Purification and Punishment from
Almighty God who is the God of Fire!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelst - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Mostly dead
Church of
Today ----------->