Fire - Russia - USA - China & God
Quote:    Russian investigators have publicly said they are considering various theories of the
accident, including mistakes by the pilots and ground teams, bad weather or technical malfunction.
But on Tuesday, the well-sourced newspaper Kommersant reported investigators' primary theory is
that the pilots made a series of mistakes.

According to the newspaper, which cited sources close to the investigation, investigators believe
the pilots' first mistake was entering the bad weather.  

God is a consuming Fire per the Bible
. To begin with we see "3" black heads in the middle as
listed ... Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal Church taken out! We see Father God the
the left and we see white Father God on the right looking up watching everything take place on
earth, taking out the gone mad religions today! Russia is now coming in with
FIRE going after the
"3"  black heads of this second Jer-USA-lem nation! After Russia strikes, the 200 million man army
of China seen in Revelation
9:16 comes in and also rapes the women seen in Zechariah 14:1-2.
China aborted most of their girl babies some years ago to slow down their over population and
today there is only one woman per
"7" men.

Revelation 9:16 added is
25 that touches on Matthew 25 verses "6-7" these Chinese soldiers go
after and rape the women of this nation. We add again ... 9 + 1 + 6 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC.

God is showing without a shadow of a doubt above, that the Russian Bear and the China Bear are
now on their way into this nation ...
and the DIE has been CAST!  God shows in no uncertain terms
when he said in Joel 2 and Acts 2 of his Old Testament and New Testament Bible that signs would
appear in the heavens above and on the earth below before the return of the Son of Man Jesus
Christ and so it is today!
Catholic            Protestant          Pentecostal

       All  '3"  soon go up in Black Smoke!  
Here Comes Russia on Fire
Hot Storm Pam & Lion
Prophet  Paul are here!
Hot Pam & Hot
Prophet Paul
Far left is a picture
of Storm Pam my in
home care nurse
Lady. The rock under
this huge storm
points to the Lion
Prophet of Almighty
God looking at you
with the face of this
Lion Ministry coming
in like a LION. Right
of my face shows the
capital letters "SC"
for South Carolina
where I preached
from 20 years ago on
long and short wave
Radio telling the world then who the first head of the beast
is, Bill Clinton 42. In the same breath I said, "Russia will
Nuclear bomb this nation! I spoke for half an hour and when
hanging up the phone I opened my Bible and it fell open to
Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an
."  Right of Storm Pam you can see another picture of
her pushing me in a wheel-chair while I blow this awesome
Trumpet message to the entire world today. You can see Pam
wearing dark glasses left of my head and right of my head
you can see a man from below looking up at me also wearing dark glasses as he looks up into the
sunlight from heaven above. Above showing the spray cans named PAM that blew up in the faces
of people.

Eight "8" burn victims sued the maker of Pam cooking spray Tuesday, saying they were
severely injured when cans of the spray exploded in their kitchens.

The plaintiffs' attorney, J. Craig Smith, says larger cans of Pam and similar cooking sprays made by
Conagra Brands have a faulty, U-shaped vent system in the bottom that makes them prone to
explosion. In one case, a victim said the fire was so intense that it burned her contact lens onto
her right eye, causing near-blindness.

Paul, God's last day Prophet who is telling the Churches today, you are heading into the fire of
PAM whether or not you want to believe it! Pam has worked for me now for "8" years and number  
"8" also means a new beginning. Notice the number "8" in this passage above sued the Pam
Cooking Spray people.

This Ministry has all kind of Guts so to speak, enough courage to tell the truth today in no
uncertain terms! My in home care lady Pam also has a lot of guts for she rides a
Large Harley
Davidson motorcycle.
Pam is not a large woman of almost 60 years of age ... 5 foot 2 or 3 inches tall
weighing in at about 120 lbs. God put Pam in my life and she knows my medicine I need to survive
my diabetes and she knows my food likes and etc.
Pam knows my message like she knows me but is slow to
change her life style. She was water baptised into the
Church some years ago but stopped going to Church. She
knows this message inside out and I believe she will soon
take it to heart.

Below is an Open Vision that came from the Hubble
telescope in God's heavens showing the nuclear bombs
soon to come from the Russian Bear. You can see this Red
headed, scarlet woman Church of today with her red hair
blowing to the left from the White Hot Nuclear bomb going
off behind her as she dances while second Rome ... USA
Burns. Right of her right of the white hot nuclear bombs, you
can see her in light red with her head bowed down and her
body and arm making up the upside down letter
"V" for
Virgins of the sleeping Church
of today soon to wake up at

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Loosing the use of my legs and
feet to Diabetes ... I used my
Red Paul Revere Horse
twice to go down town soon to Fall
Klamth Falls about a mile away to
spread this word ...
"The Red
Coats ... Russia and China are
The Hot Fire is here beginning