Fire Lion Jesus Here Today
As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the
days of the coming of the Son of Man ...
signs would appear and are appearing!
Fire Lion Jesus Christ From the Tribe
of Judah ... God is a Consuming Fire!
Leo the lion Apostle Prophet
Paul Gerig born on Leo the
Lion month of August "22"
number 22 the end chapter
Revelation 22
, is showing Leo
the Lion Jesus from the tribe
of Judah
... Judah meaning
... is on fire today and
is angry and is coming
! This
fire is not just in California
but is soon to be over the
entire world! As in the days of
Noah and water
, so shall it be
in the days of the coming of
Son of Man, Lion Jesus
. Below left is the
rainbow of God in "V" form for
Virgins today
, and below
shows a
War Bow with his two
black eyes overhead looking
you in the face showing a
FIERY WAR is coming, not
water but FIRE! God brought the
water into Texas coming in over
Corpus Christi which means Body
of Christ
and was the wettest
ever in Texas. This touches on
Noah and his Ark, and also
touches on the
Fiery Lion Jesus
Coming in today with FIRE!
The fire is now burning from the
Columbia River highway going
east out of Portland, Oregon, the
area I had lived for 30 years
before moving down to this land
Rock Open Visions. God is
showing in this Open Vision right
of the Large Capital Letter "V" in
cloud form behind the "3" high
tension wires for
"V"irgins going
into the fire of purification ... the
"3" Churches of today!  
Notice the "3" high tension electric lines in front of the Red Capital Letter "V" for Virgins, and the "3"
high tension lines going over a Church several miles from my home! This preacher died of stomach
cancer at the age of
42 a few years ago that I tried to show him the right way but he would not listen.
This preachers name ties into the Churches today that God is trying hard to get their attention but to
no success ... his last name was
NUTTER! This is what he was, NUTTY and this is what this last day
Church of today is ...

Now look closely at the Open Vision above and you can see God showing this awesome Open Vision
from him in cloud form over the "3" high tension electric wires ... the face of Satan with the number
"7" Churches in his mouth! Above number "7" you can faintly see Satan's two eyes and two horns!
Now I wonder who put this all together if not my Almighty God?
While driving about 2 miles
west of the Nutter Church, I
saw my last name being
written in cloud form over
Swan Lake Mountain. The
large letter "G" in snow form
above, is the mountain I
broadcast this Ministry from.
Notice the white X on a
woman's head above in the "3" high tension wires, is the sign of the "3" same electric wires over the
Nutter Church close to my home! Above the word Gerig I put
GE G as what was left of GERIG that God
showed in a black cloud over a large white cloud, and this
GE G is all that was left of my last name ...
GeriG that God had written out in cloud form. Above the left black X you can see a man wearing a hat
heading to the left seen here looking South! The second black X also shows the face of a man
heading south also wearing a hat. Notice both men are seen in
red form, meaning fire which is now
burning out of control South of here and also where I came from in Portland, Oregon.

I took this picture with an expensive Canon camera with a good telescope built in. How did the red
lines get into this film? Only God caused this to happen to show the fire which is now burning and
coming upon these devil filled Churches of today! Below is the 42 day camp on Bly, Mountain, showing
God's Ten Commandments
at the head of my camp. Only
feet away stood these "7"
tree Churches showing the
Axe Head of Jesus Christ in
the middle now ready to cut
them all down because they
went with the devil at the
end of days, today!
Above ... the seven tree Churches who have not done their jobs,
Jesus said will be cut down and thrown into the fire! The Bible
plainly says,
trees refer to people. Left of these "7" Churches you
can see the wedding ring of God that stood next to my vacation
trailer of the 42 days I spent on Bly, mountain in year 2001. It was
about 10 miles from my 42 day camp ... that also touches on   
Nutter 42 that died of stomach cancer, where the only Japanese
bomb ever to kill anyone in the USA, was blown here on a balloon
bomb from Japan killing "6" Christians. A preachers wife and her
Sunday school class of five found this Japanese bomb and were messing around with it when it blew
up killing all
"6" of the Christians, the teacher and her "5" children. (This ties to today at the end of
"6" thousand years of man on earth) This took place 5/5/ "45." This ties today to the 5 + 5 = "10"
sleeping "V"
irgins soon to go into the fire! Who is the one leading these sleeping dog - pig - Goat
Churches of today
into this hot fire if not the "45"th president of this gone mad nation, Donald John
Whore-House Trump?
What is top news today? Nuclear war with North Korea and Russia! (#45)
This is the sign from God showing Kid-Kim of
North Korea looking at this
GOAT head nation, the
... through his binoculars! Notice the front of
his binoculars is looking at the head of the
in this
nuclear bomb, meaning the USA. God had
this picture formed like this for your attention!

GOAT NATION is now in the front headlines of
North Korea and Russia that the Bible speaks
about ending this nation as we know it! They take
out the Goat Churches that Kim is looking at in
his binoculars ... signs of the goat head on top of
the coming in Nuclear bombs that is soon to blow
this Goat Nation high into the sky!
Notice the "3"
electric wires
over the "3"
seen below in
"3" Open
Visions from
Lion God
Catholic ...
Protestant &
(#1)                       (#2)
#3 of 3 electric wires ...
God gives another Open Vision in
another of his
Fiery Volcano's seen
left, showing these last day Goat
Churches talking to the Beast, the
red fiery pants of George W. Burning
Bush 43
. This is the second head of
the beast, as Bill Clinton 42 is the
first head! Notice above their heads
is the
Skull Head of the Beast, Satan
that is controlling this situation today
without a shadow of a doubt
! Notice
how my God made the sign of the
He made the Goat Churches of
today in
lightning and smoke form
talking to Beast Satan over Burning
Bushes head ... beasts. All "3" goats
are under Satan's control today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...