Fire In Hillary 15 Bedroom
A bedroom blaze in the home of
former President Bill Clinton and
his wife Hillary had to be
extinguished in Chappaqua, New
York, on Wednesday.

New Castle police say a fire
needed to be extinguished this
week inside the home purchased
nearly 20 years ago by the
Clintons. No injuries were

The couple purchased the home in
1999 for $1.7 million, an affiliate of
USA Today reported Wednesday.
Hillary R. Clinton has "15" letters in her name! Notice number "15" on her mailbox. The Clinton's
bought this home in
1999 for 1.7 million dollars. Today Hillary R. Clinton is one of the top beasts of
Phoenix Bird Society of Satan coming in to be part of the 42 months of wrath going against the
Christians and people opposed to the NWO and the Illuminati of Satan.

Now to the number
1999 when the Clinton's purchased this home for $1.7 million, Bill was in office
as the 42nd President when Hurricane
DENNIS blew in, in 1999. This was the largest Hurricane
storm ever
on record at that time, as we keep track of Hurricanes. It was 600 miles across and came
up to the Bay to the White House a few miles east of the river going up to the White House. Dennis
the Menus blew in while
Bill Clinton 42 was in office! It blew for "3" days outside the entrance of the
river going up to the White House where Dennis the Menus Clinton sat in office as the 42nd
President of this gone down the tube nation. This storm then blew another "3" days inside by the
White House; 3 days outside and "3' days inside where the beast of the
"666" sat as President.
Inside the
center of this, at the time largest Hurricane storm, blew for "3' days at "6"0 mph times 3
days =
"666" the first number "6" man setting inside at the desk of the President ... Dennis the
Bill Clinton who is part of the beast with his wife of the "666" ... and both have hot pants,
the bedroom on fire!

Today this touches on "3" men of the "666" ... Clinton 42 ... born year "46" ... Bush born year "46"
and Trump born year
"46" equal "666" who soon goes after the sleeping Churches of today that
God is taking out ... seen in Isaiah
"66:6." Now you know who the "3" beast men who makes up the
BEASTS of the Apocalypse of Revelation 6:7-8 ... they are the Pale Riders of DEATH. Trump
born month
"6" ... Bush born month "7" and Clinton born month "8" ... "6-7-8." We see these "3"
beast men in Revelation
"6:7-8" ... the "3" Pale riders of DEATH with hades, hell following close
Today we are this close to hell as it is at our doorstep!

The next hurricane storm of 1
999 ... 666 upside down ... hit Corpus Christi, Texas which means the
Body of Christ and "7" counties were declared a disaster area. God was showing then that the "7"
Churches were all disasters! The third Hurricane hit the
"Virgin Islands ... tying into the Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7
. It was the second day after this Hurricane Lenny hit, the Stars fell, and the Church
are seen as Stars falling in Isaiah 14:14 added is "10" sleeping Virgins that Satan said in this
passage that he would put his throne above the stars of God, meaning Saints and not Angels the
sleeping Churches of today proclaim.
(Storm Lenny refers to the Many Sleepers of the Church)
A huge rock maybe 30 feet in the air close
to my home,
was burned out by the fire
finger of Almighty God, shows Hillary
Clinton as I point
ed out, waving at you
which I outlined in my Adobe Photo
section of my computer. This shows
Hillary running for President before the
bears of Russia and China wake up
, and
today both are awake
! Notice below Hillary
God put the
Yellow large letter "C" for
Clinton with the Crown of the President
on top. I put the rest of
linton right of
Below this I took off the Internet speaking
about her husband Bill the pig.
Below Hillary and her Pig is another sign someone make of Hillary
riding her witches broom in front of the moon. In Joseph's dream
his Father was the
SUN as Father God is the light of the world and
his mother was the
MOON that can only give a refection from the
SUN, GOD. The sleeping Churches today are riding this same
broom Hillary Clinton rides and both will not be here much longer,
as the beasts are part of the 42 months of wrath
! God only knows
how many of the sleeping Churches of today
will make it to

, naked Hillary stood in front of the people when she was
running for office telling them,
I have nothing to hide! The
pastor of the Southern Baptist Church said this about the
Clinton's, both are good Christians!

Below naked Hillary, is her husband, Bill
, standing in front of the
Southern Baptist Church with his arms spread out to the Church,
this is the beast of the
"666" who goes after the bad Churches of
"66:6." Hello, dead, blind and dumb Churches of today, if
you continue on with your deception, you will not have to build a
fire for warmth, you will already be in it up to your eyeballs!
The Beast is the Baptist                               Church Open to You!
These two people will
soon be walking the
dog Church ... the red
, the Catholics,
and the little dog the
! Notice
the two blue leashes
are crossed making
up the Cross Church
of today who fell
asleep in Christianity
who will soon wake
up and then they will
believe that they
were wrong and only

God's Ring of Fire -
Hubble telescope
world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul
Gerig ...