Fire God Says - This Mtn. Goes
MANILA • From cranky volcanoes
belching lava and ash to big quakes
rattling cities and triggering tsunami
alerts. The earth seems pretty angry
right now.

Take for instance the eruptions of
Mount Agung and Mount Sinabung
in Indonesia, another in Papua New
Guinea, the ongoing eruption of
Mount Mayon in the Philippines and
last week's sudden eruption of a
Japanese volcano near Tokyo. Also
last week, there was 6.1 magnitude
tremor near Jakarta and 7.9
magnitude quake off Alaska.
God is a consuming FIRE and is showing himself with a fire face and his fiery body in fire form of
his anger today on top of his mountain. God is telling the people today, I am the
around the Pacific Ocean and everywhere on Earth that I created!

God is also saying, "My two Religions ... both Catholic and Protestant" are skiing down off my
mountain and my Son Jesus Christ is coming in seen in Daniel 9:24 ... 9 + 24 =
"33" who died at the
age of "33" and still "33" today after this Ministry closes down seen in the later part of Daniel 9:24.
Notice also the two marks coming down off God's Holy Mountain shows the upside down letter "V"
for Virgins of Matthew 24 and 25 taken down.
"God says in no uncertain terms, it is finished."
Mount USA 2nd
Goes ...
Virgins Ski
Down off God's
High Mountain
Above shows God's face again in cloud form over his mountain the he is taking down because the
people have desecrated his name. Mt. Saint Helen close to Portland, Oregon blew this top in 1980
while I was parked along side the I-5 freeway from Portland, Oregon and Seattle Washington
watching something like out of the Mad Magazine.
Mount St. Helen of 1980 shows the face of God
Almighty looking left in no uncertain terms. This
happened about five years before I returned to
God and went all the way with him.

Mount St. Helen blew its top 38 years ago where I
watched it happen from the I-5 Freeway, and today
I am 83 years old added in reverse is 38 ... 3 + 8 =
"11" and 8 + 3 = "11 ... 11 + 11 =
"22" meaning the
last chapter in the Holy Bible which means the end
and touches on my birthday number of Leo the
Lion month of August

Number 22 means the end! Below is another
message from God in one of his fiery volcano's
showing the top right corner his angels in heaven
Mount St. Helen year 1980
all singing the Hallelujah Chorus while
God takes this Church of today into the
hot fire of purification . Notice left top
corner the white haired woman Church
of today screaming out wearing a black
dress and her feet are going into the
hot fire to purify her. Notice the top of
the fire shows the capital letter "V" for
Virgins while the Chorus in heaven are
singing Hallelujah.

Below is the large Comet Rock the
picture people labeled this Comet,
"67P" that was actually labeled by God
Almighty. I put
erig right of the capital
letter G for Gerig.
Comet Rock 67P
I took out the black around this Rock for you to see
this Gerig is the Lion head for God born on Leo the
Lion month of August 22 ... as 22 means the end of
days as we know them and also the last chapter of
God's Holy Bible. I speak for Almighty God today
without a shadow of a doubt! I represent the Father
who has an only Son named Jesus Christ who lived
and died 2000 years ago or two days ago and ready
to come back into his ROCK Kingdom. Peter said a
day with the Lord is like a thousand years and a
thousand years are like a day. I had a son we named
"ROCKY" ... a seven months premature baby boy
who lived 2 days and died. I lived for 28 years in an
area that has many ROCKS giving this whole story
. I
am moving away from
this area as the end in so
close in sight it beggars description
! Now it is
erig ...
time for me to leave and
go into Klamath Falls to be
with many people at the
end of days telling the
m it
is finished as seen above.
I get around only in a
wheel- chair and I am
moving close to downtown
Klamath Falls and getting  
an eclectic scooter to get
around in town to spread
the good or bad news to
people of what is
upon them ... the sign of Klamath Falls is Falling ... Klamath USA second Jer-USA- lem is
Falling and
where do you stand in his picture today?
Far left stands a rock
maybe 60 - 70 feet
tall, showing the
golden outlined
letter P for Paul as I
finish my name right.
Behind the top of the
letter "P" you can
faintly see the letter
"L" for Paul. It
appears I am riding
in a wheel-chair
preaching this
Eternal Gospel at the Hour of Judgment seen in
Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." This is my third and
final website of the three angels flying in midair
seen in Revelation 14. Below the word coming
on this huge LION Rock
, you can see the black
Bull Market coming down. One inch below and
to the left you can see this Pig Head
Nation and
Church on fire
at the top of his head, with
"DC" in the fire.
Left of the PIG HEAD you can see the little lion, Bill Clinton 42 then coming into his position of the
Lion beast of Revelation 17:8 that goes after the sleeping Church of today along with his counter-
parts. On the bottom right corner you can see the dog preachers along with the pig preachers of 2
Peter 2:20-22 barking out their lies to the Church and leading them astray.

Right of large LION ROCK you can see in the right top corner of this land
, a storm showing the lion
wearing glasses that most people do not see as truth
, with a picture of his heart for people, and if I
did not have a heart for people I wouldn't be preaching this terrible message to them to get their
attention. Below is the picture on Babylon Rock USA one mile from my home. It shows
JESUS in rock,
the ROCK JESUS burned out by the Fire finger of Almighty
God and the wolf-dog preachers today
preaching from the
left side of the Holy Bible
dragging behind them the
DEAD-HEAD CHURCHES of today. I remind you I did not
make this image of such, my God made it with his fire
finger and no one else did it. This Lion rock Prophet Paul
showing this message and Babylon Rock
, sets about half a
mile apart
! Babylon Rock is one mile from my home. I am
going to move into
Klamath Falls ... USA soon Falls
more signs from heaven above!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
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