Fire Dragon Seen In Delta 22
Quote:  One of America's busiest
freeways is closed as firefighters in
California battle a blaze just south of
the Oregon border, stranding
hundreds of truckers trying to
navigate the lone interstate highway
stretching from Mexico to Canada.

The air mile distance as the bird flies
from Canada to Mexico is 2251 miles.

Read my message:
Fast Moving Delta
Fire Tops 22,000 .  Number 22 means
the end of days and Revelation 22.
Dragon with mouth Open ---------->
Here we see 2251 added is "10" sleeping Virgins. It is also the speed limit "55" ... the speed limit on
many roads in second Jer-
USA-lem and also seen as the "5" wise and the "5" foolish Virgins that
God Almighty is now in the process of taking out because she has disobeyed the Lord

The fast road from Canada to Mexico is the I-5 freeway going across the west coast ... Washington,
Oregon and California. It goes through the Vineyards of California that these fires burning today
burned down the Vineyards and Wineries that ties into
Isaiah 5 verses "i-5." This also touches on
"6-7" that ties into Matthew 25 added equals the "7" Churches of Matthew 25 verses "6-7."

These passages of Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses "67" is very plain for anyone to understand who has the
mind of Christ
! Those under the mind of the Dragon, Satan seen above, will not get the message that
Isaiah spoke about 2000 years ago. God Almighty is showing what is happening today in the fires of
the last days now burning. God is the God of Numbers
, not Satan the Churches of today claim! God
wrote His Book ... Bible from the beginning to the end using his numbering system yet the sleeping
wise and 5 foolish Virgins
still say Satan is the god of numbers and they are following him today at
judgment time!

Isaiah 5:
1-5 and verses "6-7" are very plainly spoken about yet the sleeping Churches of today see
exactly nothing! God had "3" ages of time and each age had "2000" years ... Adam ... Jews ...
Gentiles and all three struck out! Today we live at the end of our 2000 years added to Adam and
Abraham the Jews, and we see man's number ruling the world is over ...
number "6" ... 6000 years.
Next we see Jesus, God, coming back to reign for 1000 years as this is the
"7" day of the week ... the
coming in Sabbath of Almighty God!

Isaiah 5:1 begins speaking about Israel! Israel was the first Vineyard of God and at the end of her
days she turned away from
him so God destroyed her. The beginning of Isaiah 5 speaks about first
Israel and God removed the stones in first Israel
and planted this second Vineyard ... meaning the
. God used the choice vines from old Israel ... the Apostles seen in the NT, and then another
2000 years pasted when God went to look for a
good crop of Grapes ... today ... but found ONLY BAD

There is only one way to look at this passage! Second Jer-USA-lem ... the Church of today has fallen
to the Dragon! The fire picture above of the Delta Fire that closed down the I-5 Freeway from Canada
to Mexico
... now look at the lower fire on the left and you can see the capital letter "V" for "V"irgins
laying sideways and the fire Dragon burns over her
that has now begun!

We go to verses "1" to "5" ... "I-5" and we see verse "5" God saying, "I will lift my hand, hedge of
protection from around her,
meaning the Church ... and she will be destroyed! "This is happening right
now in this second Jer-
USA-lem nation!"  Two Vineyards and both turned from God. We go to the
next two verses,
"6-7" that touches on the sleeping Church of Matthew 25 verses "6-7" and we see
this! I will state this from memory ...
God says he is now taking away her water, drier than a bone
today, and these fires have
, in signs closed down the "I-5" freeway taking out these Churches today!

God says in these two verses of "6-7" ... that he will stop pruning and cultivating her and she will turn
into a thorn patch that she is today!
She is now in the process of being destroyed by God Almighty who
is the Fire, and
God uses what he wants to use to start his fires burning whether it be by his lightning
or by other means

This nation of second Jer
-USA-lem speaks about Mother Nature and her control of everything which
is a lie from hell! God is in control of everything without a shadow of a doubt
, period. God controls
his Creation and not a mother nature that does not exist! God brought in the weather to dry up the
forests now burning down. God dropped the fire from his dry lightning. God sent Satan to people to
start many of these fires.
Satan can only do what God allows him to do!

God sent water to the
East and South and sent Fire to the West and other places as well ...God is in
control of his creation that he created for his pleasure and not no mother nature that Satan has the
world talking about and not God who has everything at this finger tips and controls his creation all
the way
, and is using the two bears of Russia and China to take out his disobedient nation of second
USA-lem now on its way to hell as seen in Jeremiah 51 ... that touches on this last day
Babylonian nation and
 Isaiah "5:1" and "I-5." Note: God is the God of numbers ... Not Satan!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
"V" for Virgins sideway Burning