Fire Burns Tina Churches
Jesus said, people are seen as Trees!
Left we see the dark tree looking like
my old Tina Dog ... the Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 facing the fires in
Southern California now going on.
This not only touches on California
but also many other southern and
western states as well where the fire
is burning
and soon brings in the
fiery wrath of Almighty God upon a
gone mad
Political and Religious
of Second Jer-USA-lem. First,
my little black poodle dog, Tina, was
"16" years old when I had to put her
down at the Vet where they ended up
burning her dead carcass. This is
what God Almighty is about to do to
this last day
black Tina Dog Church
and the White House where this gone
to this Dogs nation sets at
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
Tina Dog
The Fire Dragon Goes After the
Sleeping Dog Churches of today!
Left is a picture I
took of the huge
rock I had named
Babylon Rock
some 25 years ago
when I took the
picture with a
good Cannon
Camera. I never
noticed the picture
your looking at, it
came later in my
Adobe Photo part
of my computer. God created the sign of my little Poodle Dog in SHADOW FORM ... meaning of
something that was to come later to this
Black Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... add 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2
= "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7,
 that I had to put to sleep a handful of weeks ago that
ended up in Ashes. (This still saddens me to think about my little good friend)

This shadow made by Almighty God sets one mile from my home in solid rock form made by
Almighty God,
shows in the black shadow of my Tina Dog, (This ministry is seen as a Father
Ministry) Now you can see the shadow of my Black Tina Dog and this entire black Tina refers to the
Dog Churches of today who has their entire back full of
plainly and making up this last day Dog Church of  Peter 2:20-22. Making up Tina's head and face of
her chewing on two bones, tying in the two heads of the beast,
GeOrGe W. Bush 43 and Bill Clinton
seen above the two large yellow letters, BC that I put there ... for Bill Clinton seen burned out in
rock in black by Almighty God.

The black letters
"BC" behind this black Tina dog Church soon to burn, you can see the head of
the Dragon as Bill Clinton, and seen here as also two men,
Bush and Clinton ... BC. The rock
making up Tina's head and face chewing on two bones, is the sign of GeOrGe W. Bush of Ezekiel 38
adding 3 + 8 =
"11" the amount of letters in his name and also the number of letters in Bill Clinton!
Add the two men together and we see
11 + 11 = "22" the end and also the end of the Bible today,
Revelation 22! This is also the day this last day prophet was born, Leo the Lion month of August
"22" year "34" preaching this awesome message today at judgment time to the "7" Churches who
have gone down a wrong road. We add 22 + 34 = 56 =
"11" again ... why do these numbers all add
up? Because God is the God of numbers, not Satan the Churches of today claim.

Let me take you back to Ezekiel 38 again, added is #11 also the number of Jesus Christ who has
"11" letter in his full name. Here we see in Ezekiel 38 as the land of Gog ... GeOrGe ...
the land of
Magog ... meaning many GeOrGes ... "3" in all
... GeOrGe Washington #1 ... GeOrGe H.W. Bush #41
... and lastly GeOrGe W. Bush #43. This chapter ties into the end of days as well. We jump ahead to
Ezekiel 38:18-19 and we see the sign of Revelation 11:11-13 and both speak about the huge
earthquake coming soon. The two witnesses refers to two people,
men and women alike are the
stars seen in the heavens that God shows from his Hubble telescope of a man and a woman among
the stars of heaven
. Below you can see the man looking down and the woman looking to the right.
The lying ...soon to be dead ... black Tina Churches
say the two witnesses are old Moses, Enoch or
Elijah who come back to life and preach for 42
months at the wailing wall of old Israel.
They die
and coming back to life again and go to heaven
again in a cloud while their enemies look on
. Peter
and the boys saw on the mount of Transfiguration,
Jesus, Moses and Elijah in their new bodies! You
mean to tell me two of these men must go back
into their old bodies again and die twice?

The two witnesses refers to two people ... the
144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 ... men and women
alike who are
Virgins to Jesus Christ who have not
slept with Satan.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...