Fire Bird Rev - 12 - Sinking
Top left shows this huge ship of the world, second Jer-USA-
lem going down in water! She is also seen burning down in
fire top right. As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days
of the coming of the
Son of Man, Jesus Christ today! The
above is a picture from the
Carr Fire in northern California
showing number
"12" is now at the door of this nation gone
down the drain. It happened first to the
"12" Tribes of Israel,
the Jews, and is now happening to the
"12" Apostle Church
of today. Left is a
1967 Firebird ... Pontiac GMC ... God's
Moving Church Carr
that ties into the Carr Fire in northern
California this year.
Number 12--->
This 1967 Pontiac is a sign today of the Church of Matthew "25" added equals "7" Red Carr
Churches on fire, as Carrs are also this
Church nation's top Idols. Now we add 1967 ... equals "23"
and this number 23 refers to
DEATH and is seen in Ezekiel 23: 32-34. Now we add 23 + 32 = "10"
sleeping Virgin Churches and number
"34" added equals the "7" Churches and also this last day
Prophet of Almighty God who was born on year
"34." William Jefferson Clinton number "42" from
Washington is the first head of the beast that has
"23" letters in his full name that means DEATH.

It was 196
3 and 1964 ... 3 + 4 = "7" Churches and the year this last day Moses Ministry was born
in year
"34" ... when I had purchased these two new red Pontiac Carr's ... both then as Lemons and
today seen as Lemon's ... the Church of the last days are lemon's and very sour to God Almighty.  The
Fire-Bird Carr above shows the Church of Matthew 25:"6-7" ... the "10" sleeping Virgins of 1967
now beginning to burn down! Add 1 + 9 = "10" and verses "6-7" of this last day Red Fiery Carr
Lemon Church
is at the end of her road ... Mattthew 25:"6-7."

I was born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." This number 34 and verses "6-7" is
also seen in Revelations 14 and verses
"6-7" and number 34 added equals number "7." Revelation
14 speaks about this ministry as the "3" flying in midair Angels ... the "3" angel websites that this
ministry is now on its last and flying in midair Angel website ...
''The 2 Witnesses Ministry .com" ,,,

REVELATION 12:12 Shows Satan Cast Out of Heaven ...

Reading this passage we see Satan and his pack of devils are cast out of heaven by Michael and his
angels just recentty. Satan has had access to Heaven for many years as he is the accuser of the
Brethren who accuses the Church and people on earth day and night before God, but today has
been cast out to the earth below.  

Many things are niw happenig on earth like never before in this nation ... Woman killing Children and
all kinds of evil is taking place since Satan has been cast out to the earth below, making hell on
earth to begin which will ONLY get worse as the days go by.

Now to explain the rest of this Chapter 12 verses
"13" to "17" adding 1 + 3 + 1 + 7 = "12" tribes of
Israel and
"12" Apostles of the Lamb and the sign above in the Carr Fire shows today!  Today we
see Satan going after Israel of Revelation
"7" seen as Jacob, representing Father God, married his
first wife, Leah, the Jews seen in Revelation
"7" who are sealed before Hell is competely opened
up on earth!

Now we see God in Revelation 12:
"13" helping old Israel that the Dragon Satan is spewing water
out from his mouth, meaning Satan is going after old Israel but God is helping old Israel by opening
up the earth and swallowing the armies that God is removing from old Israel ... and this makes the
Dragon, Satan very angry and then he goes after Israel's Off-spring, the Church who still hold on to
some of the teachings of Jesus Christ seen in verse

Things will not be getting better but worse and worse as days go by! I heard on a news broadcast
that evil things are happening today like never before and they do not know why! The reason they
do hot know why is becasue they do not know nor do they understand the Bible! Jesus said it is the
letter that kills, meaning the Church of today know the Bible to the letter that is now killing them but
they do not know the Bible in the Spirit for it is the Spirit of Jesus Christ that shows the truth today
and this Church are not following Jesus Christ but the devil himself is leading them per Jesus Christ
when he said, Satan would come as and angel of light which he has done and also seen in Isaiah
14:13-14 ...  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
1967 Pontiac Fire-Bird
This on Fire Bird USA is Sinking!