Fire Beast Sets Fire To Churches
Naked she sets on top of the Presidents
The top left came from a fiery volcano showing this naked baby, woman Church
setting on top of the presidents of this nation! Far left you can see her naked
butt setting on the
White hat of the Presidents of the US, and they have their
heads turned around looking at you. Notice they are setting down like a dog
sets down on its rear-end ... having four feet ... notice his front two legs under
his head. The top right shows this naked woman Church laying on a bed, as the
Bible states in Matthew 25:6-7 she wakes up at
MIDNIGHT meaning the darkest
hour ... nuclear war wakes her up!
Today's Churches are still a baby Church who has never grown up! She lays stark naked on her bed,
with her butt in the air which is soon to be a bed of
SUFFERING seen in Revelation 2:22! The Church
of Thyatira refers to the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants are Sardis and Philadelphia who
follow somewhat in her ways, all will lie in this bed of suffering reading their Bibles that she does
not understand! Jesus said,
"It is the letter that KILLS but it is the SPIRIT that gives the light!"

It appears this sleeping, naked, dog, woman Church of today is laying naked in bed reading a Bible
she does not understand one bit! The Church in the center shows a dog looking out the window
looking at you with its two ears sticking up that God is soon to burn down! Right of this is another
Church fully in flames showing the
Naked BUTT of a Woman, the woman riding the beast presidents.

Second Peter 2:20-22 speaks about the
PIGS returning to the MUD and the DOGS returning to their
own Vomit! God shows the dogs on fire looking out the windows of the Churches above on fire!
Right of this we see her
rear-end on fire, the soon coming hot women Churches of today who are
committing adultery on their husband, Jesus Christ while she sleeps with Satan!
The Churches of
today are committing adulterous on God, so today she will be laying on a bed of suffering if she
does not repent of her ways,
the ways of the Roman Catholic Churches ... Revelation 2:20-22.  Using
God's awesome numbering system we see the end for both Churches today unless they repent; 2:2
for the Catholics and 22 for the
Protestants and Pentecostals who follow somewhat in her ways, the
ways of Idolatry ...
worshiping what their hands have made and worship Satan who they think is God.

What does worshipping idols refer to?  Homes, cars, boats, motorcycles, anything that takes your
mind off Jesus Christ is your idol! You may go to Church all dressed up if you will, singing as if
praising the real Jesus Christ God, but you really are praising Satan who shoved all the money in
your pockets to get your mind off the real God and worship Satan as their god.

“Two things I ask of you, Lord; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have too
much and disown you and s
ay, ‘Who is the Lord?’ Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the
name of my God."
Proverbs 30:7-9 ...

The Pentecostal movement today has broken this passage! They are preaching a SEED FAITH today
saying ...
send us your seeds ... meaning the money in your pockets for we have been called by
God to evangelize the whole world. This is a lie straight from hell given to them by Satan himself!
Most of this comes out from the
Assembles of God Churches, meaning today, "The Assemblies of
Goats seen below in one of God's fiery volcano's soon to burn up the sleeping, Goat Churches!
Left came from a fiery volcano from God
Almighty, showing the
of today talking to the heads of the
Burning Red Pants George W.
Bush 43 and black Clinton 42
. Notice in
the white head Bush is a microphone as
these two beasts talk to the whole world
today telling lies. Notice over Bushes
head is the head of a beast which he is
in no uncertain terms! Right of
Red Pants Bush 43
is the black man with
a white eye, Bushes partner in crime,
Bill Clinton 42. Now we see Matthew 25
"6-7" the two heads of the beast,
Clinton 42 and Bush 43 added is
Now we look at Matthew 1:17 to see 2000 years from the Jew Abraham to Jesus who they crucified!
Now count the generations spoken about in this passage and we see
"42" generations. Next, we
see from Jesus the Jews crucified, to the Churches of today which is also another 2000 years and
"42" generations to when the Gentile Church of today has also crucified Jesus Christ all
over again,
figuratively of spiritually speaking seen in Revelation 11:8.

The sleeping Churches do not know nor understand God's Holy Bible! They speak about Revelation
as a history book,
but this book of Revelation is a book of the last days and not history! Revelation
1:19 and Ecclesiastes 1:9-11
both say the same thing!  "What was before will be again and what is now
was before, there is nothing new under the sun
." Here we have conformation from both Witnesses,
the OT and also the NT.
What happened before is now happening again! This touches on both
parts of God's people, the Jews first and now the Gentles second, both have done the same thing
to their Jesus, crucified him all over again! A people of the last days who knows not the Holy Bible!
Left God shows a man on fire in the image of a
GOAT HEAD. His two horns, his nose, mouth and
beard, the fire in the shape of the goat Churches  
today ready to burn. The center fire above looking
like the head of a dog, is also seen as the head of
goats, the Churches of today! Notice the ears of
the dogs now is seen as the horns of the goats.

These last day Baby Churches are seen in
Zechariah 5:5-11. This passage begins with this
last day Baby Church put into a measuring basket
with lead covering their mouth. Lead is the dross
of Silver and Jesus Christ is the Silver. The
Churches today are the
LEAD that covers their
mouths preaching
a man's lead gospel!
Naked Baby
This passage states, they are carried between heaven and earth by two women with STORK WINGS!
Stork wings means they are carrying a
BABY CHURCH today at Judgment time! Then it goes on to say
after the new house, meaning the "
New White House is rebuilt here in second Jer-USA-lem ... the
third Babylonian nation, the USA, then the baby Church after she has been refined by FIRE, sets
down there in her place,
the place of the New White-house where Jesus will reign as King for 1000

This happens just after God takes out this last day Moses Ministry seen in Daniel 9:24 ... 9 + 24 =
"33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose again still "33" years of age, for God never ages! This
passage begins with ...
"77" is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning! This same verse
speaks about this last day Ministry of
"Visions and Prophecies" coming to an end and then we
anoint the most holly Jesus Christ into his 1000 year kingdom on earth after the 42 months of wrath
is completed and led by the beast, Clinton
"42." This is also seen in Revelation 13:5-7. This beast is
given another
"42" months to come against the saints of God, the sleeping Churches of today and
CONQUER THEM, read it! The Churches of today say this refers to old Israel another lie from hell.
I live under this cloud "77" above the "D" for
Daniel in the lower foothills of this mountain. I
have lived here for 28 years! We add 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins that I preach to today very
loud and very clear
! I didn't make this cloud, my
Father in heaven made it and moved me here
from Portland, Oregon in 1989 where I had lived
for 30 years prior.

After this measuring basket of Zechariah 5:5-11
is cleaned out by fire, and after the new White
House is built, then this cleaned out Church will
set down there in her place here in second Jer-
USA-lem with King Jesus!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...