Father God & Black Cat Church
The Black Cat touches on Black Witchcraft today's Church in the eye of Almighty God seen left.  
God shows the
Bird ... Trump ... soon to go after the Black Cat Witchcraft Church of today!  
Above you can see far right the EYE of Bird Trump as he soon goes after this last day
Witchcraft Church
. God uses his bad vessels to do his bad work, and he uses his good
vessels to do his good work.        
 Eye of God & Golden big mouth Trump
Black Cat Church - Bird Trump
Bird Trump with his huge mouth wide open is the Bird top right
God shows from his Hubble space telescope in his heavens soon
to take out the
Black Cat Witchcraft Church of the last days!
Notice the colorful eye of God top left, shows Big Mouth Trump
on top of his eye with his big mouth wide open as usual. You can
him in Gold as he is the Golden Billionaire bringing in nuclear war
from Russia and the foot solders from China and etc.
We go to Isaiah "66:6" and we see God tearing down the Temple Black Cat Witch Church! This
passage states:
"What is that noise coming from the city ... what is that sound coming from
... Meaning Churches ... it is the sound of the Lord repaying his ENEMIES all
they deserve!
"  Isaiah "66:6."         (His enemies are the Black Witchcraft Church of today)

Now we look at Revelation
13:18 and we see this that ties into Isaiah "66:6." This passage
"Let him with insight calculate the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man
... his number is
"666." Trump was born month "6" of year "46." He is also seen in Revelation
"6" of the "666."

"45" is riding the Pale Horse of DEATH seen in this passage of Revelation "6" with
Hades, Hell following close behind ... and
"666" the culprit who soon strikes the match that takes
out the
Black Cat Church and many with them! The Red Coats are coming and Trump "666" is
responsible for bringing them in!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
PS:  You can see yours truly left who rode his Red Paul Revere Gerig Horse down town Klamath
soon to Fall ... USA Oregon, and told the people when down town Klamath Falls was closed to
traffic, that the
Red Coats, Russia and China were coming! Right God shows this from a huge
storm on the Eastern side of second Jer-
USA-lem that the two bears of Russia and China are now
raising up on one side coming after this Golden Rich nation with the
RED BULLS EYE in the center
of this
Bull Market of today going down!

Just before the
Fire War breaks out, God takes away their money! Look at the Bull Market walking
out of the picture now! If you have an eye and ear in your heads, you can see what is taking place
today in the two top automobiles manufactured in this second Jer-
USA-lem nation, GMC and Ford.
Both are and have laid off thousands their workers due to them going broke. Look at old Sears
going bankrupt along with J.C. Penny. US Bank is laying off hundreds of their workers. Microsoft
Computers laying off thousands of workers and many more big businesses are laying off way to
many to speak about!  
Left close to my old home in the wilder-
ness, stood this large rock that God has
burned his message out to show you the
hand writing is on the wall, Daniel 5:25 and
the BULL Market is laying on the ground,
dead, and the black cat witchcraft Church
are laying down on top of it with their dirty
"V" for "V"irgin Church laying on top or it,
going down with her. Notice this clam shell
trap is now closing down on them, the
naked circumcised only in the flesh
Church of today. God shows when this
the Armies of Russia and China
and etc., come ashore!
There is no doubt what-soever that God is using Donald Trump to do his job for the hour as seen
heading this awesome message! Liar Trump on his long winded State of the Union Message not
long ago, said since he has been in office things have gotten better not worse! Why then are all
these huge companies laying off thousands of people??? I remind you before God takes out this
Black Witchcraft Cat Church he first removes her money as God shows above,
then the Red Hot
Nuclear bombs come in!
        Prophet Paul ...