Fast-moving Delta Fire tops 22,000
acres as Interstate 5 remains closed, officials say
Number 22 has an awesome message!
It refers to the
END!  God, the God of
numbers, not Satan the Churches claim,
is the last Chapter of the Holy Bible
Revelation 22 which means the End!
Genesis 1 is the beginning of God's Holy
Bible and now the last verse in God's Holy
Bible is Revelation 22:21. Freeway
going through the Grape Vineyard of
second Jer-
USA-lem has burned down
along with many wineries ... God is
Isaiah 5 and verses "I-5" it is the
end of days for second Jer-
Noah represented Water ... Water Baptism! Jesus represents the Holy Spirit ... Holy Spirit Baptism ...
Father God represents Fire ... Fire Baptism which is now happening across second Jer
The Bible states ... God is a God of Fire! Now we see God burning down second Jer-
USA-lem who
has messed up the entire world today seen as the "3"rd and Mystery Babylon referring to this last
day Church and nation seen in Revelation 17:1-7 who has messed up the entire world with all her
lies and also killed the true saints of God. Old John could hardly believe his ears when God showed
him the last day Church would be killing the true saints of God which they have already done.

Many of these lying ministries today preach to the entire world through TV and the Internet and
have sent many to hell because of their lies they have listened to Satan who they thought was
Jesus Christ but the devil himself. A money Church who have sold out Jesus for the devil. Many of
the Pentecostals are selling what they call ...
SEED FAITH. Run from these liars for the seeds are the
money in your pockets ... you send to them as they say God has sent them to preach the Eternal
Gospel to the entire world. When you sent them your money God will replace it many times over ... a
lie from their god, Satan.

If you know your Bible you would know this is a lie, because Jesus said, "You cannot worship me
and money at the same table, yet Rod Lying Parsley of TBN of southern California said some years
ago that God loaded down the table with money and pushed it over to the Church, a lie from Satan.
Jesus said, you cannot worship me and money at the same table. In the same breath he lied again
when he said when the rapture comes 80% of LA will go out in a rapture, another lie. Jesus said
broad is the gate that leads to destruction, meaning to hell and many are those who go there, but
narrow is the road leading to salvation and few are those who find it.

Most of these last day Preachers all have the same Bible but do not know what is in it. Some have
written their own Bibles such as liar Jimmy Swaggart who has taken the old KJV Bible and rewrote it
to his lying understanding from Satan that is his little god.
The Red Coats are coming ... Red Russia and Red China ....
Paul Revere Gerig rides out on his
red electric horse today speaking
what Paul Revere said some years
ago that goes again ...
what was
before will be again, and what is
now was before
... Rev. 1:19 and
Eccl. 1:9-11
...  Prophet Paul ...