Face of Jesus - Right Makes Skulls
Quote:    The Universe has a very special treat for us this
a skull-shaped dead comet posing as an
. The massive space rock will whizz past the Earth
today, providing the best chance for radar astronomers to
observe such an object for many years to come.
Left was taken from God's Hubble telescope of the
golden circle going around the face of Jesus Christ in
the center looking at you! Jesus is coming to take out
his 144,000 overcoming saints seen in Revelation 14:
1-5 who has Jesus' name written on their foreheads.

The Open Vision on top right shows the head of
Jesus, the Rock Jesus coming in now close to earth.
The people who wrote the passage above also tie
this into
Withcraft Halloween and the Church of today
are seen as a
Black Wichcraft Widow Church seen in
Rev. 18:6-7 and verse 8.

Below the face of Jesus left, this illustration shows
Oumuamua racing toward the outskirts of our solar
. Quote: As the complex rotation of the object
makes it difficult to determine the exact shape, there
are many models of what it could look like!  Unquote  

Left below. shows the sign of Satan that God is
having the space people make in signs outside the
Universe, coming in from above earth using Satan to
clean up His Universe that went crazy on him. Notice
the beast, Satan with his mouth wide open ready to
devoure the people who left him and worship Satan
today! God is using his Devil to help clean up his
dirty, black, witchcraft Church through "3" beast
President men of the
"666" of Isaiah "66:6" ...
Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 ... Trump 45 who were born in

God says in Isaiah
"66:6" ... What is that sound
coming from the Temples, meaning the Churches, it is
the sound of the Lord repaying his enemies, referring
to the Churches of today,
all they deserve!
These three top pictures are the same comet in God's Heavens
Satan below with his mouth wide open
coming in!
God confirms this fact in his NT Bible in Revelation 6:7-8. This touches on the "3" Pale Riders of
Number 23 means DEATH. The first head of the "666" is William Jeffferson Clinton who has
"23" letters in his full name. Ezekiel 23 speaks about DEATH. The "3" Pale Riders are these "3"
beast men of the
"666." Trump was born month "6" ... Bush month "7" ... Clinton month "8"
... "
Jesus face in middle of white
looking at you
Kim N.K.
Kim K.
Above is the Dog Moon Church over the fire in cloud form
from Almighty God. Notice the dogs mussel is over the
FIRE.  Right of the Dog Church is the naked woman Church
in ffront of the Moon as the Moon represnets the Church
in Joseph's day and also today! Joseph's father was the
SUN, his mother was the Moon and his ten older brothers
were the
stars. The two top skulls above are also a sign of
Moon Church soon to go down!

Right of the naked moon Church, right of the Dog Church
above in cloud form from Almighty God and also seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22 ... we see the scantly dressed woman in
black and the
KID - KIM of North Korea wearing his Kid Kim
cap backwards as many
KIDS wear them with the
Hammer and Sickle coming down on the head
of the woman Church today.

Below right you can see where God put in his cloud the
same picture of the Dog Church of today with their mouths
wide open and the Communists shutting their nouths with
their Hammer and Sickle!
Right of the Dog Church with their lying mouths
wide open, you can see the towers in NYC Babylon
going down. The third tower to fall was number
referring to the
"7" Churches as you can see the
woman Churches going up in smoke far right, the
face of the
"7" women Churches.

Above the smoke of the
"7" Women Churches you
can see
KIM Karfdashian climbing a tree stark naked
with the Moon behind her as the
Moon Church of
today is seen as the Moon in Joesph's dream
. Jesus
also says people are seen as
TREES that the nake
Churches of today are the
MOON and the Naked
Two headed dog Church Catholic & Protestant
The first two towers to fall looked like the number "11" standing
in this great city. They were "
110" stores tall. Drop the Zero and
we see number
"11" as this is the number of Jesus Christ who
"11" letters in his name. The third tower to fall was number
"7" Churches! Trump is seen right with his arm around Kim
Kardashian wearing a upto date
BUN-HAIRDO meaning today! Kim
of North Korea and Naked Kim of the USA are a match which also
iies into Trump and both Kims.
Left is a huge rock that God
burned out with his fire finger
close to my old home in the
high wilderness ... the sign of
Daniel 5:25 ... his hand writing
is on the
Rock Wall where I
had lived for 28 years showing
the woman Church heading to
the rocks, wearing today the
famous Bun-hairdo to hide
from God seen in Isaiah 2:19-
22. I put this picture I took of
this huge rock into my Adobe
Photo section of my computer
Isaiah 2:19-22
and seeing the image in rock form from Almighty God I drew a line around the woman wearing the
famouse Bun-hairdo of today, meaning this is soon to happen today, soon to be heading into the
rodks to hide from God Almighty! God is showing she is part of the DOG- PIG Church seeing the PIG
head pointed downward left of her
BUN-HAIRDO getting ready to hide from God.
God speaks in his clouds to the sleeping Dog-Pig
Churches today, Wake up and Repent or go to hell as also
seen in Matthew 25:6-7. Jesus said, they begin to wake up
at Midnight and today is Midnight!

Below is another cloud picture from Almighty God showing
his angels in heaven hollaring out top right corner of God
putting the sleeping Pig and Dog Churches into the fire of
purification. You can see the woman's white head wearing
a low cut black dress, the Kim K., Church
that Trump has his arm around seen
above wearing a Bun-hairdo. It was these
Churchy people ... the Republican's who
put the beast Trump into power today.
Now this Black dressed woman Church
seen left God is driving her into the hot
fire to purify her while the angels in
heaven are cryout out, Hallilujah.

You can see the red hot fire the Church is
going into is shaped like a
Red Fire Dog
laying down on their jobs

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul
Church goes
into hot fire!
Angels above