Face of Church - Suddenly
I took this picture of a
cloud close to my
home sometime ago.
This picture left of a
womans face in
anguish came from the
right side of FATHER
GOD and right of the
two red letters FA in

yellow form, is
the face of this woman
Church of today taken
at another angle of this
cloud picture the Lord
showed me some time
ago. The bride of
Christ are not
recognized by these

very, very
Notice what makes up the Father is the Nuclear
bomb seen pushing him to the Bride. I drew out
the Bride and the Father in my Adobe Photo
section of my computer seeing the woman and
the man, Father God with their heads together in love. This is something that God has been
looking forward to for 6000 years and now this day is here but the sleeping Church seen
above with her face aghast will be very surprised when they see that they were left behind
and those that God takes out are not those they thought would be.
This red headed woman Church of
today seen in Revelation 17 and 18
will soon be looking away when this
Huge Rock Jesus Sails Out soon and
! She is the one standing on
Rock Jesus and riding the beast at the
same time, top left that is soon to be
left behind! Notice the face of this Rock
heading out to sea, is the face of Rock
Jesus! Notice the top shows his
forehead ... then below the indention of
his eye
, nose, mouth and chin as he
soon begins to sail out to sea in signs
seen in Isaiah 60:1-2 and 8-9. Verse 1-2
"Arise and shine for your light
has come, and the glory of the Lord
rises upon you; but darkness covers
the earth and thick darkness is over the
." ,
Next, we go to verses "8-9" to see going ahead of the rest of the Church left behind, we see
the silver and gold of these first 144,000 who has overcome Satan to date seen in Rev. 14:1-5
who are pure Virgins to Jesus Christ
who has not slept with Satan like the rest of the
Churches of today has done
, making them all adulterers. This passage says, "In the lead are
the sons bringing to God their refined silver and gold to the
glory of the Lord God Almighty."
These overcoming saints go first, the 144,000 who has overcome Satan to date. Here we see
the OT and the NT confirming this fact.

God has put this true message in Rock form of what is now getting ready to take place that
also ties to the full moon and sun eclipse coming in this
"August 21" This will be able to be
seen fully in the capital city of Salem, Oregon that sets beside St. Paul Oregon! This is the
sign of Prophet Paul Gerig in the area I grew up in the map below showing St. Paul, Oregon
looking at the coming in solar eclipse
at Salem, Oregon. Yours truly St. Paul was born
"August 22" and is looking west at the capital city of Oregon at the full solar eclipse
showing a new beginning!
The end is at our doorstep today! The end of the Bible is
Revelation  22:21 the sign of the solar eclipse coming up soon and suddenly!
Face of Rock
Jesus' facing left
heading out to
sea leaving
scarlet woman
Church of Rev.
17 behind
looking the other
This ministry is seen as the Father's
Ministry and signs have been given to
it for many years and is still given to it
by what is happening today in my life.
The latest signs are these that ties to
the end of days for the Church who
has gone astray with Satan, and the
true Church today that are soon to be
taken out to be in the new
coming in. The last two days shows
the true Fish Church taken out and the
Church who has turned into a thistle
patch will soon be cut down by
Satanic beast Clinton! Yesterday I had a man named Clinton come down to the front of my
home and cut down some
high growing Canadian thistles growing up in front of my
windows looking to the west
. These thistle are seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses "6-7" and of
Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." Today, my friend Matthew came to my home with his mother and
sister and pulled up my old
in-ground fish pond in front of my home and took it home. After
this took place God spoke to me again and said, I am taking out my
true Fish Church to be
with me while hell is opened up on earth
! I am leaving behind the pig and dog Church of 2
Peter 2: 20-22. They are
also seen left behind in Revelation 9. This is also seen in Isaiah
16:3-4 while verses 1-2 shows these bird Churches as woman being pushed from their
comfortable nests!

Notice the Pig head that the bears of Russia and China are coming down to take out this Pig
Church nation
, they are still wearing the tail of a fish, the fish Church of yesterday. Now still
in the past I have wore a wrist watch all my life until about 5 or 6 years ago, and I have been
looking at my left wrist only to see the impression of the ring around my wrist made from my
old watch
es. I finally picked up my computer to see what kind of watch I could find to put
over my wrist again.
I found one at Walmart for $100.00 on sale for $16.00 ... a gold plated
stainless steel watch

God is confirming the T I M E  is here for Him to take out his Overcoming True Fish Church
leaving behind the
Red Headed, Scarlet Woman Church to be purified by FIRE! Also notice
the price I paid for it ...  
"16" dollars that also ties to this nation of "16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washingto DC.

It is    T I M E    for the Golden Kingdom of Jesus Christ to come in, but first the cleaning fire
of the 42 months of wrath must happen!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...