Faces In Tornado - After Florence   
Following Hurricane Florence God is showing in
this Hurricane, his Tornado's now going after
man, the Dog Church on the inside of his second
USA-lem nation taking man down because
they turned away from him
and today follow the
y of our souls, Satan. Notice in the middle
of the dark circular cloud
is the face of a man and
right of the man, in white, is the head, nose and
mouth of a Dog, referring to the Dog Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 that God is now removing from the
picture. Add just the number ...
"2"s ,,, and we
"10" sleeping Virgins and the last set of "2"s
is number
"22" that means the end of days, the
last chapter of the Bible and this last Prophet of
God, Leo the Lion's birthday number, August "22."  I was Born in year "34" and added is preaching
today to the
"7" Churches of Matthew 25 added refers to the "7" Churches of Matthew 25 ... "6-7." I
was born in a preachers home
"6" of "7" Children and I preach today seen in Revelation 14 at the
HOUR of JUDGMENT, this Eternal Gospel in verses "6-7." You can read my messages today at the
Hour of Judgment from my "3"rd flying in midair Angel Website! This is my "3"rd and last Angel
Websites seen here in Revelation 14 speaking out at the
Man's Face--->
Dogs Face
Nude Church Goes up in Smoke
The Nuclear Mushroom  Comes Next
Above is a Tornado ... nuclear mushroom
bombs in signs going off over the heads of
the word Church. Right, below the naked
woman above the
OPEN WINDOW ... showing
in cloud form from Almighty God in a storm
over Texas,
is the word Church! The
Sleeping, Naked Man, Woman, Dog Church
are looking at what is soon to Come!
In God's second Jer-USA-lem who did worse than first Jer-usa-lem the Jews did seen in Ezekiel 23
... are soon to be taken out by
FIRE. The heavy fires began on the West and then moved to the East
Coast in Water and also in fire form. God is showing coming out from Hurricane storm Florence ...
Tornadoes also tearing up this nation, and floods are happening around her as well.

What is next? The Mushroom cloud bomb is next taking the
naked-dog-woman Church out from her
high position
who has gone down the drain and follows Satan who they believe is Jesus but is the
devil himself
. Below shows the Mushroom bomb which confirms this Eagle bird nation going down.
She is soon to be laying down sideways as
seen left. You can see the upside down letter
"V" for Virgins going up into the air and the
head of the Virgins is seen as a Goats head,
not sheep but Goats. Jesus said, the goats will
be on the left meaning Judgment and my
sheep will be on the right,
meaning Mercy.

Right of the Goats head you can see the head
of the
Bald Eagle, this nations symbol! Below
this is the
White Skull of the People looking
at you.
Below the white skull is the head of the
Dragon, Satan, that God has allowed to take out
a Church that has turned against him and today
are following Satan!
Left, taken from a high rise on fire, you can see the smoke
forming over the statue of a man, and in the smoke between
these two high-rises is the face of a man looking up going
out in the sign of a mushroom cloud bomb. I wonder who
made these images if not Almighty God?

There is an old saying,
"I have my Ducks all in a Row."
The "3" Ducks in a row are the "3" Duck Churches ...are the
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal today! There has been
"3" ages of mankind ... Adam 2000 years ... Abraham the
Jews 2000 years, and Jesus the head of the Church that the
Church has messed up her 2000 years. Now we see that we
have come to the end of man's
6000 years on earth and now
going into the
"7"th day of the week, the 1000 year kingdom
of Jesus Christ
7000 ... number "67" is at our door today!
Matthew 25 added is
"7" sleeping Churches of verses
"6-7." This last day prophet, yours truly, was born "6" of "7"
children and I preach today from my final, and third flying in
the air website at the
Hour of Judgment ... Revelation 14

Left is a fiery volcano showing the Duck walking to the right,
the duck Church with a man's face looking to the left on the
back of the ducks head. God has shown us
"3" ages of man
who has gone down the drain because of Man's rule and not
God's rule ...
"3" strikes and your out ... Adam, Jews and
 Below is a baseball game outside Chicago last year
from the remnant of a Tornado, showing right of the bright
lite on the left, this setting Duck Church of today in the
mouth of Dragon Satan.
God is saying, two once Bright lights,
the Catholics and the Protestant
Churches are in Satan's mouth today
but after the fire has burned off all
their lies then the
of today will walk out of
Satan's mouth and come back to me!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...
The Duck
Church on