Epstein & Trump - Match 666
Quote:  Jeffrey Epstein, the millionaire financier and convicted sex offender, was found dead by
suicide in his jail cell on Saturday morning. Epstein was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges in
Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. The
66-year-old’s death came less than a day after a
trove of disturbing court documents was made public offering details about his alleged abuse of
dozens of mostly underage girls, as well who assisted him with or participated in the abuse —
which implicate many rich and powerful men from the elite circles Epstein was once
a member of.
Sex Maniac Trump friend of Jeff
Epstein the billionaire friend of billionaire Trump
both Sex Maniac
s ... both Satanic Beast men
seen left in God's Hubble telescope in his
, showing both men are Sharks with
Sharp Teeth, loved and slept with women
Physically and also Spiritually.

Jesus said People are seen as trees and far left
God shows in this tree the rear end of the
Woman Church. The Red headed woman Church
of Rev
. 17:1-7 ... 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 = "16" hundred
Penn., Ave., Wash. DC where this
is popular that the beast presidents has
killed and
have messed up the entire world.

The witch storm over Hawaii left, I took a picture
of the center of this witch storm and the eye of
this storm is below
her eye, the cheek of this
witch storm with a smug look and wearing an up
to date hair-bun hairdo. All I did to this photo
Red  head
Church that
talks to
Satan below
holding his
hand out!
was draw lines around her
, Jaw, neck and hair bun.

Left shows this Pig woman
Church soon to head into the
rocks to hide from God when
he rises to shake the earth
This happens in the days of
today and the popular Hair-bun
hairdo many people are
wearing today. Left of this
Churches head turned around
looking at you wearing this
popular hairdo
in these days,
is the head of this
Pig Church
of 2 Peter 2:20-22
into hell as this is
where they are headed today
they do not repent!
Isaiah 2:19-22
This also touches on winter time when Jesus in Matthew 24:20 added together is "44" the number of
the black beast before Trump
... Obama "44" when Jesus said ... "Pray that your flight out from the
cities does not happen in winter
." Jesus meant, winter is the worst time to move ... bad weather!

Look above to the right and you can see the
Swastika Hitler Lion beasts coming down from above
chasing this last day Church who are not saved! We see in Revelation 14:1-5 the only saved saints
today are seen her
e with Jesus and the Father's name written on their foreheads which is only
144,000 not a drop in the bucket of people who call themselves Christians but are liars instead.
Father God  left with his unhappy face.  Below in the  white
cloud God looks at the Statue of Liberty loosing her head.
Dead head Red head woman Church
Left is Dragon Satan
Left is a picture of a mountain
blowing its top that I showed some
years ago when Obama
"44" was
President and Nancy Pelosi also from
the Democ
RAT Party now speaker of
the house. Today I see this a little
different than when Obama was the
44th beast President!

What I see today is Biden running for
President against Beast Trump as I
point out above. We see beast Biden
running for President today against
beast Trump and Pelosi speaking out
against Trump and the Democrat
Party. We see Trump tying to kill
Biden and the Democ
rats with his
lying big mouth. Notice the white
ring around the head of Obama and
Biden that Trump is trying to strangle
off today!

Left is Billionaire Epstein a once sex
Maniac friend of Billionaire sex
Maniac Trump who hung himself in
prison the other day. Notice the
white ring around Biden and Omama
above, the "White Sheet" Epstein
rolled up into a rope to hang himself.
Signs, signs and more signs as God is giving signs today that will
not stop. Below the Deomc
RATS is the "5" fingered hand of
Almighty God showing it is time to thrown out the
Nuclear Fire with
the Russian Bear

Now hold on to your pants for God is showing what is happening
today across this nation! Left we see God's
"5" fingered hand in
the air throwing out the nuclear fire! Now today what do we see all
over this nation on
TV and etc.? Almost everyone today is giving
the famous
"5" fingered hand HIGH SIGN with each other!

One for instance is ...
"Family Feud" with black Steve Harvey at the
helm. From the beginning to the end of this show one of the main
thing they do is give the
"5" fingered high sign! What this 30
minute program is all about is
MONEY! Other programs not to
mention, ties into
Millions of Dollars ... money ... money ... money is
what Satan, the little god of money
has got this nation of second
USA-lem all tied up with today!

The Church as a whole today is no more than a Money Church and
now God is tossing out his nuclear fire to clean up a dirty nation!
This filthy ... dirty ... money Church of today put this Sex-Maniac Beast  
President Trump 45 into power! You can see left the
"666" Building in NYC
Babylon which belongs to the Trump Family! This
"666" is seen in Revelation
13:18 as this: "Let him with insight calculate the number of the Beast ... for his
number is the number of man ... his number is

God is the God of Numbers not Satan the Church claims! We see God shows
this also in Isaiah
"66:6." When you read this God speaks to you saying ...
"What is that noise coming from the city ... what is that sound coming from the
(Meaning the Churches) it is the sound of the Lord repaying his
enemies (The Churches) all they deserve!
Isaiah "66:6."

God has tattooed the number "666" on the rear-end of the Church today who
have their pants down seeing nothing! Below we see this stark naked Church
of the last days riding the beast Presidents setting on his White House White
hat as he stands on his two front legs and sets down on his two hind legs and
looking at you! The woman Church who put this 45th Republican Beast into
power sets her naked butt on top of his head while the red hot fire coming
from the five fingered hand of God takes her down.
In closing we see this very stark
naked woman Church of today
standing stark naked on Rock Jesus
holding onto Rock Jesus while she
bows her naked knees to little rock
Satan at Kingdom Time Today!

What is this last day Church doing
while she stands on Rock Jesus and
bowing her knees to Satan? She is
looking across the water for Noah's
Ark to pick her up ... which will not

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...