End - Elephant & Golden Gate
Republican Elephant President Trump, liar long
Pennochio Nose Beast Storm coming from the
Ring of Fire
West Coast side of second

Right is a storm over the
Golden Gate Bridge on the West
Coast and the Golden Beast President Trump is the liar
and big mouth pushing the pin of
nuclear war!  On the
top right over the Golden Gate Bridge in cloud form from
Almighty God, shows the head of the naked
Red haired  
DOG Church who stay behind seen in Revelation 17:1-7.

This passage states, the red headed scarlet woman, the
end time Church, is killed by this Government who has
also killed the entire world today
God shows her above left with long red hair stark naked showing her
naked Butt and walking away. She is also seen in black setting down
with her red hair doing exactly nothing that she has been doing for
many years! God shows her again left naked smoking Pot ... for she
has gone to POT. Last week Klamath soon to Fall USA past a law to
smoke revolutionary POT legally.

I know what is going on with some of the Churches, they say God
created Pot and it is not a sin to use POT today another
lie from hell.
The Red Horse is riding! Below in cloud form from Almighty God we
see the head of the LION-JESUS ... talking to the trees. Jesus said
people are seen as trees! Here we see the Tree looking like a cross
of Jesus, meaning he is talking to the Church, it is finished.

Below this is another cloud in his heavens of a bomb going off with
the head of a man below the top cloud. Below the head of a man on
top you can vaguely see the head, eyes and nose of the Man-Dog
Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 which also includes the PIG Church. Add
the 2's as 2's equals "10" sleeping Virgins!
Above the naked red headed Churches of today you can see the
head of the Beast, Donald J. Trump over the freeway in cloud form
from Almighty God closing down the road for the red headed Dog- Pig
Churches of today! God says in no uncertain terms, your days are
now over!

Below the man and the dog Church we see God putting the sleeping
Dog Church in cloud form, and also in cloud form soon to be crying.
Mans Head -------->
Dogs Nose --------->
She is laying on her stomach with her butt in the
air gambling with her eternal life at the end of
"6" thousand years of mankind on earth
today. God's second Jer-
USA-lem is coming to a
close and her flag is now on fire for this is the

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Lion Jesus
End of