Earthquake: 3.4 quake near
Borrego Springs, Calif.
The word Borrego in Spanish refers to Goats. This
touches on this Golden Goat Nation today of second
USA-lem. Below shows this naked Goat Church
riding the golden beast Goat Donald Trump 45.

Below this is the full picture of the naked Church of
today riding this golden Goat nation today and riding
the Cross of Jesus Christ at the same time as you
can plainly see the top of the Cross going down
over the two heads of the two Goats, Silver Goat
Russia on the left and the Golden Goat USA on the
right with the naked Church riding this golden Goat.

You can see the two heads of the two goats. silver
and gold ... Russia and second Jer-
USA-lem coming
together soon and suddenly over the head of this
little girl Church who has never grown up to
maturity! You can see her burned out in solid rock
by the
fire finger of Almighty God under the two
heads of the goats,
silver Russia and gold USA!

You can see the darkish red hair of the little girl
Church setting under the two Goats of Russia and
America going together in war! You can see the
mussel of the golden goat on the right side of little
girl Church who is wearing a necktie.

She is setting over
BUSH Brush pile of the second
head of this
"3" headed beast nation ... Burning
Bush 43
added ... who came out from the "7"
Churches of Matthew 25:6-7. On top of the Bush
wood pile you and see
US upside down in stick

This DIE ... DEATH ... has now been cast! The
naked Church of today now sets over the BUSH 43
pile of sticks and God is showing the
heads are now coming together in
fiery nuclear war!
Above is another Open Vision from God in a fiery
volcano, showing the White head touching on the
beast presidents today with the black microphone in
their white heads, talking to the Goat Churches at
judgment time! Over the white head of these red fire
pants presidents, you can see the white head of the
skull of a beast, Satan, who has filled these
presidents. Right of Red fire pants beast presidents,
you can see Black Satan with a white eye speaking
through these
"3" beast Presidents! This also ties
Red Pants Fire Burning Bush 43 ... 4 + 3 = "7"
Churches of Matthew 25 added is "7" Churches of verses "6-7." The first head of the three headed
Lion Beast is Bill Clinton
"42" from George Washington and the second head is George W. Burning
"43" added to Clinton "42" is "67." I will say it again I was born in a preachers home in year
"34" added is "7" and born "6" of "7" Children ... "67."

I preach today at the Hour of Judgment from my final and third flying in mid-air Angel website
spoken about in Revelation chapter 14 ... added is from the
"5" finger hand of God at the last hour
seen in verses

Over the top of the naked Churches head above you can see her wearing a black witch hat you can
see in Roman numerals the number
"111" for "3" Churches of today, Catholic, Protestant and
 PS: Jesus said people are seen as trees ... as the naked woman Churdh heading this
message is seen as a tree who are soon to burn down.
Left shows by God in one of his fiery volcano's this black rich
woman Church of today standing on Rock Jesus while the fire
from Father God burns out from her pants, the gold she got from
Satan who led her astray when she slept with him commiting
adutery on Husband Jesus Christ! Notice where the gold goes
back to ... the two headed black head of Satan!

Above sat these
"7" tree Churches in front of my "42" day camp
on Bly mountain in year 2001. Add 2 + 1 =
"3" Churches ...
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal. You can see the cross of
Jesus in these seven tree Churches that God is now ready to cut
down. Notice the large Rock, Jesus the Lion ready to cut down
"7" tree Churches who has not done their jobs! I pointed
out the left side of Rock Jesus shows the Lion's face of Jesus
burned out by the fire hand of God who came from the Lion Tribe
of Judah ... Lion Jesus!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...