Eagle - USA - Crashing
Everyone knows the USA is the richest and strongest nation on earth today that makes up the last
and third Babylon. This is seen as second Jer-
USA-lem with USA in the middle of a "9" letter word
for Jerusalem. Number "9" refers to Judgment and Jer-usa-lem shows
"3" Babylon's.

The top Open Vision of this Eagle Bird nation getting ready to crash, I took with my camera about 15
years ago coming into Klamath soon to fall, USA Oregon coming down treetop, mountain top level
The Open Vision below this is a large rock close to my old home in the high wilderness, volcanic
area in Klamath County, Oregon about 30 years ago when I named this rock Babylon Rock. You can
see the dead eagle laying on the ground as pointed out. Left of this dead eagle USA Bird you can
see the cross of Jesus Christ also laying dead on the ground as this last day Babylonian nation has
crucified Jesus Christ all over again as seen figuratively speaking in Revelation 11:8. Add 1 + 1 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins did the same thing to Jesus as the Jews did 2000 years and 42 generations
ago as seen in Matthew 1:17.

Below the dead eagle blown up you can see another Open Vision from God in a picture of this
Ministry flowing this Jesus Trumpet over this land, and the end of my Jesus Trumpet you can see
the face of Jesus looking down over the state of Florida hitting this Bald Eagle Nation in its head
killing it. You can see the face of Jesus looking down. Below the Show you the entire Open Vision
from God of yours truly from the West Coast blowing this Jesus Trumpet over this land on election
day a few years ago from this tropical storm seen below.
I didn't make this picture of a cloud
showing Prophet Paul blowing this
Jesus Trumpet, God made it and
Jesus is seen hitting this eagle
bird nation over the state of
Florida as you can see.

God made below Paul blowing this
Jesus Trumpet, a cloud looking
like a mushroom cloud bomb going
off from the State of Florida. God is
saying today,
"The window for this
to happen is now open
." Who is
under this mushroom cloud bomb
coming from Russia seen in this
Open Window?  
Look closely and you can see God writing in
white cloud form, the word
"Church." You can
see "3" automobiles, the "3" Churches under
this nuclear bomb soon to go off,
Protestant and Pentecostals

Donald Trump has said more than once, Florida
is his favorite State of the Union. It is Trump
Instigates Nuclear War from the Russian
Trump states in his many lies to the
people of this nation, that everything money
wise is better today since he took office when
the truth remains, things are going to hell in a
hand basket and anyone with eyes and ears in
their heads can see this is a lie.

GMC and Ford Motors are laying off workers
by the thousands. J.C. Penny ... Sears Roebuck
... Payless drugs and others have filed for
Bankruptcy and yet liar Trump lies to the
people who are blind and deaf! God also show
this in Isaiah 35:5-6 ... after the 1000 year
Kingdom of Jesus Christ is setup ... then those with ears will hear, and those with eyes will see!  
This will not happen until the Church of today go into the fire of purification!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...