Eagle Bird USA Soon Sinks
Notice top left on God's
Calender, this eagle bird
nation showing her naked
butt on fire in eagle bird
form, flowing into the
ocean of time, it is over!
You can see its head with
its huge black eye flowing
out to sea and going down
like the Titanic of 1912 and
very few survivors will be
saved like in the days of
Noah per the Bible. God is
the third Adam ...
Atom that
he made everything from.
God is showing this in a beach form of the head of this white Eagle bird nation, its sign and symbol
going down into the pit and will be no more. The third top Open Vision shows the nuclear bomb
going off and the you can see the naked rear-end of the Church going up in the air as dead. Why is
God doing this? Notice above this naked woman Church of the last days are not worshipping God
Butt are worshipping Satan.

Notice right God shows a Mushroom bomb going off in cloud form, and in the stem shows a
window open, meaning this is now ready to happen! Notice in the window is the word
Below Church you can see automobiles driving down the road which then comes to a drastic
O naked woman church carrying her
baby Church that is all she is, still a baby
never grown up to maturity has been
hooked by Satan. God shows this in
cloud form ... what an astounding God
we have! Notice the woman white hair
blowing to the right in this picture with
her head turned and looking sort of to
the left with her baby in her arms.

My God shows signs after signs after
signs as seen in Joel 2 and Acts 2
before the return of the Son of Man,
Jesus Christ as I show all the way
through this Ministry.

Below this red hook of Satan is a picture
from God's Hubble space telescope of
this naked, red headed woman Church
of Revelation 17:1-7 riding the beast
who is also killing the true saints of
God. Notice right of her red hair you can
see the head of this Baby Church riding
the beast of Satan.

You can see this is a woman riding side
saddle with her legs sticking out to the
right. Below her red head you can see
the head of the Horse Beast she is
riding. Above her red head you can see
the number
M42 and the Main Beast
she rides is Bill Clinton
"42." Number
"42" means rebellion and seen in
Matthew 1:17 from Abraham to Jesus
was 2000 years when the Jews crucified
Jesus Christ the first time around, and
now from Jesus to today is another 2000
years and also another
42 generations
as seen in Matthew 1:17 when the
Gentile Church has done the same
thing. Notice this red headed beast,
woman Church of today doing what her
older sister, the Jews did to Jesus
Christ, had him crucified.
Left you can see this last day naked woman Church
riding the beast again as also seen above on Vision
M42. This very naked woman Church is riding
on the Presidents of this gone down the drain Church
of today. You can see her naked butt setting on the
white hat of the presidency with his head turned
around looking at you. He is standing on his two front
feet and setting on his hind legs!

Right of the bare naked butt of this last day woman
Church, you can see the
RED FIRE coming upon her
while she rides this golden rich Donald J. Trump
president 45. Notice golden Trump looking at you for
under his White hat for the White House President, you
can see his forehead, eyes, nose and big mouth wide
open as usual!

Below about 3-4 miles from my home when Iived in the
wilderness shows Satan in cloud form over this
preachers home who died at the age of "42" of cancer
of the stomach ... his name was Nutter, Nutty.
God could not stomach him anymore for
he, like the rest of the "7" Churches are
all Nutty! Under this cloud from God
Almighty is the Nutter Church. Above
the "3" high power lines going through
the sign of the devil touches on all
three Christian religions today, Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal. Notice the
number "7" in the mouth of Satan.
Above his mouth you can see Satan's
two eyes and above his eyes you can
see his two horns as Satan has the
seven Churches of today in his mouth!
Left you can see Father God standing on his hight white
mountain with the red hot fire under him today with his
left arm pulled back ready to strike this white haired
woman Church off his high mountain. You can see father
God in white hair knocking off this Church of today who is
seen here at the bottom of God's white mountain leaving
the picture. Notice her white head looking downward as
God shoves her off his high mountain of truth that she
has turned into a lie from hell.

To end this awesome message from God Almighty, we see
what Jesus said in Luke 21:34-36. Jesus said ... do not left
this trap close shut on you for it will come over the entire
world. Pray that you may be able to escape all that is
about to happen, and pray that you may be able to stand
before the Son of Man, meaning Jesus Christ on his
throne in heaven when he takes out the 144,000
overcoming Gentiles who has his name and the Father's
name written on their Gentile foreheads. Below is this
trap Jesus is talking about in Luke 21.
We see this naked Church now
showing the man part, circumcised
only in the flesh and not their hearts.
They have their hands in the air
worshiping what their hands have
made, idol worshipers today as they
are seen here by God laying down
sleeping on the old money, Bull
market soon to turn into the
market of Russia and China as
they show their heads around the
upper right corner soon to attack this
sleeping Church nation who see
exactly nothing!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet
Paul Gerig ...