Eagle Bird USA Destroyed
Yesterday May 1, 2019 I looked out my window where I write, and I saw this Bald Eagle in cloud form
with the tail of an airplane over the hill where I live on Roosevelt St. between
3rd and 4th St!  I was
born year
"34" preaching the end of this Roosevelt Nation ... FDR the 32nd President of this gone
down the drain
POT nation today.

Right shows the head of
JESUS looking down over the State of Florida hitting this eagle bird nation
in its head killing it! The other end of this Jesus Trumpet I am blowing loud and clear today, God
shows yours truly over the West Coast with this trumpet in my mouth telling the people this nation is
all over ... done ... and after it is all burned off then the
New White-House sets down in its place seen
in Zechariah
5:5-11. 5 + 5 = "10" purified Churches after the fire has purged them out. Number "11"
is the number of Jesus Christ who has
"11" letters in his name and he sets down in the New White
House with the Purified Church
who were flying in mid-air carried in a measuring basket with lead,
the dross of silver over her mouth and carried by two women with
Stork Wings ...meaning they are
carrying a Baby Church today who has never grown up to maturity!
Where would you hide from God? Today
hurricane storms are happening like never before
across this nation along with ... water ... fires, car,
train, airplane accidents one after the other! God
says in Isaiah
5:5 ... 5 + 5 = "10" still sleeping
Virgins of Matthew
"25" ... 5 X 5 = Matthew "25"
now if God is not the God of numbers these 10
sleeping Virgins claim ...
who is!

God says in Isaiah
5:5 ... "I have lifted my hand of
protection from around her and she will be

Now we see Isaiah 5 X 5 = Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." We see Isaiah 5 verses "6-7" ... next God
saying to this sleeping Church of second
USA-lem ... I am taking away your water ... I am
stopping pruning and cultivating you and you will
turn into a
THORN PATCH of what she is today!

I intentionally started Isaiah 5:1-7 in reverse to  
show you who God is referring to today in this
passage of Isaiah 5. First, we add 5 + 1 =
"6" and
"7" equals "67." This begins with Matthew 25
"6-7" being destroyed by God at the end
of his
"6" Millennium and the beginning of his
"7" th Millennium when his Son Jesus Christ
comes to rule for 1000 years. The first verse
states; God dug up his first Vineyard, the Jews
and replanted it with the choice vines, the
Apostle Church! 2000 years later he went to look
The sign of God standing looking at the
USA Totally Destroyed!
for a good crop of fruit but found only bad grapes! Now we see God in verse "5"
and the next thing on the agenda is
FIRE!  I show you left the "5" fingered hand of
God now on this nation and the next thing to happen is
FIRE! The weather is soon
to change from rain, snow, wind and now comes the
FIRE. Here in Klamath soon to
Fall ...
USA ... they are now getting ready for forest fires again as the FIRE season
of God is coming in like gang-busters!
Above God shows his "5" fingered hand coming from his high camera in his heavens, his Hubble
telescope showing his
"5" fingered hand in silver, meaning redemption, with his FIRE Baptism
going out to purify his dirty
Dog-Pig-Goat Church of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... adding just the
2's as 2's are
"10" sleeping Virgins!

White House, Senate, House of Representives Brings Her Down!

Watch the news for this is happening now! It was close to 20 years ago when I took this top picture
while driving into Klamath Falls, Oregon. I put the writing on this photo from my Adobe Photo section
from my computer at the time, and now today this is happening! Below the eagle on top, was a
tropical storm a few years ago over this Eagle Bird nation, showing yours truly blowing this Jesus
Trumpet and
Jesus head hittiing this Eagle Bird nation in its head completely Killing it! Revelation
17:1-7 states: This nation has corrupted the entire world and has killed the scarlet, red headed
woman Church of today who rides this beast that they put into power,
Beast Donald John Trump 45.

God says ...
"Where would you hide from me," seen also in Amos 9:1-10. I took this Open Vision from
the Internet of Job, and the Internet people explained it as
JOB ... working JOBS.
We see God showing this JOB that also touches on Amos
9:1-10 for the
"10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7.
Verse one says,
where would you hide from me? If you go
to the bottom of the sea I will send my serpent to bite you.
If you go to the top of the heavens, touching on the top of
the mountains ... I will bring you down ... where would you
hide from me? Verse
"10" another conformation from
Almighty God says this about the
"10" sleeping Virgins:
"All the sinners among my people will die by the sword, not
one will escape
Job has "42" chapters the number of the first head of the "3" headed Lion Beast, Bill Clinton the
"42'nd President of this gone down the
drain Eagle Bird Nation. Below in another one of God's Open
Visions on a beach shows this Eagle Bird Nation going down the drain of time not to be seen again!
Below this eagle bird nation being totally destroyed soon and
suddenly, we see God showing what is going to destroy her in this
cloud from Florida showing the Mushroom cloud bombs coming from
the Russian Bear!

God is showing this Mushroom cloud bomb going off over this
freeway and he is showing the
WINDOW for this to happen is now
open! Now put on your reading glasses to see the word God put in this
window in cloud form ... for it says ...
Church.  God says in no
uncertain terms,
your days are over! Now where would you hide from

Beast Trump "45" sets in the White House as god who knows it all!
God is using him for his own diry work and his number ties into this
Mushroom cloud over Florida, as Trump says his favorite state is
Florida! God is the God of numbers not Satan the sleeping Churches
of today claim. Number
"45" added is "9" meaning Judgment! This
also refers to Nuclear bombs coming from Russia! how do we know?
It was year "45" when the "33"rd President, Harry
S. Truman dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan
killing thousand of innocent people. Their skin fell
off their bodies while they were still standing on
their feet, and this is also seen in
Zechariah 14:12.
Now add
12 and the last verse 21 and we see
"33" the age of Jesus when he died and
rose again still
"33" years of age! Jesus is seen
here passing out
Cooking Pots to the people who
took down this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem ...
read it!

The first few verses of Zechariah 14 speaks about
these Chinese soldiers coming in and
RAPE the
! Why? Becasue China coming in after Russia
attacks seen in Revelation 9:16 ... their 200 million
man army who aborted their girl babies years ago to
slow down their over population, and today there is
only one woman per
"7" men!

Below comes from a volcano in Hawaii, showing this
Church of today going into the
hot lake of fire to be
purified! Those who refuse this cleansing from
Almighty God who is the third
Adam ... Atom ... go to
hell as seen below the
Lake of Fire.

When Truman dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan
we see in Obadiah ...
O' but U are about to diah ...
seen in Obadiah 1:15 added is
"16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC. This passage says ...
you have done will be done to you ... your deeds will
return upon your own head

Here we see this end time woman and man Church
under these nuclear bombs coming from Russia,
and the skin falling off this DOG Church of today
seen still attached to the woman's hand as pointed
out. You can plainly see the meat falling off her
right arm exposing her white bone. Notice her
man's head watching this happen and the meat
falling off his body as well. This Dog Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 added is
"10" sleeping Virgins!  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Notice word Church in window!
Eagle Bird Nation Goes!