Dr. Wild Brain Trump Reveals
White House struggles to explain
Trump's bizarre claim

Erin Burnett Out Front
The White House is refusing to explain why
President Donald Trump claims, falsely, that the
noise from wind turbines cause cancer. CNN's
Erin Burnett discusses with Jack O'Donnell,
former president and chief operating officer of
Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.  
Lying brain-dead Dr. Golden Rich Donald Duck Trump ruling the
world today is bringing out more and more lies daily! The lying
Dog-Pig-Goat Church of today put this evil beast ... Dr. D.J.
Singer Trump into power
and now they face Judgment!

God wants you to know who the
Dog-Pig-Goat Church of today
really are and who they are talking to, who put this Bastard
beast of Satan into power. God shows this in one of his fiery
volcano's ... Beast Dr., Trump with fire pants talking to the
goat Church they put into power! Notice the
Goat Church left made by Almighty Goad in
smoke and lightning form! The black
microphone in Trumps white head as he
claims to be a Christian another lie from
hell. Right of liar Trump is the big black
head of Satan with his huge mouth making
up the huge mouth of beast Doctor Trump
Over Doctor Beast D.J Singer Trumps
you can see the white head of the
Skull of the Beast!

Below Is a large Rock close to my old home
in the high wilderness area of Klamath
County, Oregon where I had lived for 28
years before moving into Klamath ...
to Fall USA
... Oregon.

Donald DJ Singer Liar Trump ... is known as
Bully ... Bull that the Sleeping Goat
Church, the Republican Elephant put into
office ... the Beast of Revelation! They are
laying down on the
S----er" leading this nation of second
USA-lem down into hell fire and

Notice the 10 sleeping Virgin Church with
their hands in the air worshiping the Bully,
Singer D.J. Trump as they lay on him today
Lying Doctor Beast DJ Singer Trump
both stark naked! When D.J. Singer Beast Trump is finished singing his lying songs, then the black
Bull, Bully Money Market goes out which is now in the works, and the Red Bear Market of Russia
and China move into the picture ... top right corner
. I did this Open Vision some years ago before D.J.
Singer Trump entered the picture
D.J. Singer Liar Dr., Trump ...
D.J. Singer Trump 45 has put the peddle to the metal seen left  
showing his false
Red Heart means Fire is coming! Notice his
foot is on the gas peddle and the peddle hits the red heart of
deception, the red apple and touches on the
HOT boilng Coffee
cup right of the Red Fiery Apple boiling pot of Jeremiah 1:

Jeremiah "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. God told
Jeremiah to prophecy again in Verses
9-11 ... and so this last
day Ministry of Almighty God is showing in signs from God, what
is now ready to take place! The
Coffee Pot of end times is now at
BOILING POINT and this Apple of God's Eye is coming to a
close and will be no more!
The Apple of God's eye is Rotten!
Jeremiah's coffee boilng pot under D.J. Trump today
Golden Trump
This Open Vision from Almighty God
happened from one of his fiery
volcanos showing black Obama 44
with his head in a corner seeing
nothing, the only black man ever to
be President in this nation. You can
see D.J. Singer Trump over the coffee
boiliing pot today
smoking a pipe. Left
of Golden rich Trump you can see
God looking down on the show today
letting it all happen.
You can see
Obama with his beastly tail sticking in
Trumps Pony tail ... both are beasts
Look at Putin of Russia he also has a
pony tail, Beasts of the Apocaylpse!
Left is anotherr fiery volcano showing three
mountain tops, the smaller one left is Russia
with their arms around fiery Obama who has
his head in the corner above, a good friend
of Russia, I pointed out Obama's nose! The
USA ... second Jer-
USA-lem the largest
nation soon to go up in flames of fire by the
Russian Bear! Right of this you can see the
white Panda Bear of China waiting with their
mouths wide open waiting to come in and eat
up this second Jer-
USA-lem nation who has
gone to
POT today!

Klamath Falls, soon to Fall Oregon ... USA ...
last week leaglized POT for any reason! This
nation of second Jer-USA-lem has fallen to
POT in now uncertain terms!

Several years ago on Election day here in
second Jer-
USA-lem, God took this picture
from his camera's in the sky of his tropical
storm from the West Coast to the East Coast,
showing his last day Prophet, yours truly,
blowing His Jesus Trumpet over this land
killing the White Head bald Eagle over the
State of Florida. D.J. Trumps favorite state is
Florida. You can see the Arrow Head is
Jesus Christ looking down killing the image
of the Bald Eagle as this nations symbol.

Below, this cloud resembling the nuclear
bomb of Russia soon to go off, over the
freeway with cars nunder this bomb, and this
shows the window for this to happen is now
Apple of God's eye at the
coffee boiling poiint today!
Look closely in the Open Window and you can
faintly see God wrote in cloud form, the word
Church! Three automobiles under the Nuclear
Bombs refers to the
"3" religions today, Catholic,
Protestand and Pentecostle are being taken out

Below this is a real Nuclear Bomb going off that I
turned sideways to show you the Goat Church
seen above going up ... blown up by nuclear
bombs! At the top you can see this Goat Church of
today at the top, looking to the right. Now we see
the the white bald head of this golden beak nation
eagle ... of Golden Rich D.J. Trump and below him
are the
White Dead Skulls of the Church who put
this Bastard of Satan into power.

Below the dead Skulls is the Dragon, Satan running
the show today as God is allowing before his Son
Jesus Christ comes in to reign for 1000 years.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...