Dragon Trump Chases Church
Alligator Dragon Head Trump
soon goes after the woman
Church of today. The lower
scene in rock form close to my
old home in the high wilderness
area, shows the dragon Alligator
head going after the women
Church seen left.

God burned this out in solid
rock showing what is now
coming upon this nation and
world. The picture below shows
this Crocodile - Alligator man
with white hair in the water with
a marshmallow in his mouth
feeding an Alligator. I show you
this picture to let you know what
God is telling the world today,
this Alligator
- Crocodile going
after the Church is a man of the
dragon, Satan today. Below the
man and the Alligator, is a
baseball game outside
Dragon Head Trump
Chases Church
Woman Church runs soon--------->
of the tail end of a huge storm of God
showing the
Duck, Donald Duck J. Trump
... signs ...
in the mouth of the Alligator ...
Satan as he is the DUCK that ties with
Donald ... the Golden rich old story of
Donald Duck that ties into today.

There are two religions, Catholic and
Notice the two bright lights!
Now notice the cloud from this huge
storm coming to a close, God shows the
Duck ... Donald Duck Trump in the mouth
of the Crocodile...  Alligator Dragon and
soon to go after the sleeping Church of
! Donald Duck Trump speaks for
Dragon Satan
! He has the marshmallow
in his mouth seen above and the sign is
the Alligator, Satan is feeding
Donald Duck Trump
Notice the white head of Donald Duck Trump; over the head of the woman above who has a treat for
this Alligator in his mouth ...
referring to Mouth to Mouth contact with Dragon Satan!  This ties
into the baseball game outside Chicago, and the white light in front of Donald Duck Trump with him
inside the Dragon ... Satan's mouth today. God shows this in cloud form and not from man! This
Dragon, Trump and Satan go after the woman Church, her head is seen above watching white head
Trump feeding the Dragon ... and the Dragon feeding Trump the lies!
Donald Duck Trump speaking from
the Dragon's mouth Satan
Alligator  Dragon Satan
below feeding Trump
Trump soon goes after the
Dog Church seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22. Adding just
the "2"s is "10" Sleeping
Virgins. God shows this
awesome message in
cloud form, the cloud on
the left shows the head
and face of a dog and the
face right shows the head
and face of a person. The
cloud next shows a dog
running for its life which refers to the Dog Church of 1st Peter 2,
These two pictures above were made by God and not man
showing what is now ready to take place!
Don't forget a picture is worth a thousand words and so it is today with God's last day Prophetic
Ministry that anyone can see if only they are truthful. God said in Romans
"3:4" ... "Let God be true
and every man a liar
."  The Churches of today are LIARS! They do not hear from God, they only hear
from there little god ... Satan who they think is Jesus! I show Open Visions from Almighty God to the
Church who think this ministry is from Satan and not God. I guess Satan makes the pictures in cloud
form above and not God. I guess Satan burns out from solid rock the image above showing the
Dragon, Satan Trump chasing the Church! I guess Satan shows Donald Duck Trump in Dragon,
Satan's mouth in the baseball game in Chicago as well.

What does God mean,
"Let God be true and every man a liar? God shows this passage in Roman's
3:4 as this number is the year I was born, Leo the Lion month of August 22, year
"34." Number "22" is
the end of the Bible, Revelation 22. I speak for God today as this ministry is God's mouthpiece and
the Sleeping, Dog Churches are still fast asleep per Matthew 25:6-7.
God shows here the sleeping
Churches of today are liars
!  Chapter and verse ... Roman's 3:4 added is "7" Churches I preach to
today who are the dogs above God shows in his clouds he made and not made by man or Satan.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...