Dragon Shoots Water At W.H.  
... and begins to remove food ...
The stars in God's heavens shows the Dragon, Satan spewing water over the White House of
second Jer-
USA-lem because this Christian, Political nation of the USA has turned against him
and today follows the Dragon! God is using the
Red Dragon to do his dirty work. God uses good
vessels to do his good work, and he uses
BAD vessels to do his dirty work as everything under the
sun belongs to God
the creator of all things! (The flooding on the East Coast has killed millions of
food products, like Chickens, Turkeys, Pigs and you name it and is removing the food products
from this nation and starvation is now at the door)

We see
"3" dirty presidents in Isaiah "6:66" that God is using to take down his 666 Church of the
last days ...
his enemies today ... Read it. What is that sound in the cities, what is that noise coming
from my
Temples, the Churches?   It is the sound of the Lord repaying his enemies all they deserve!

Now we see Bill Clinton number 42 born in year "4
6" ... Bush 43 born in year "46" ... Trump 45 born
in year "4
6" now we see the "3" beasts of the Book of Revelation all born in year "666" that takes
out the
"666" Church of Isaiah "66:6."
White Black House------------->
Storm Florence comes in driven by Satan
I will explain the four horsemen
of the Apocalypse riding today.
The first horseman was G.W.
Bush 43 who calls himself a
good Christian but is a liar.
George road the second horse
given a
Red Bow of War when
then jumped
aboard the Red
war horse.
The next president
the only black president of this nation, Obama 44  
road the
black horse. Now we see today only "3"
white men riding the
Pale horse of DEATH.
We see the "3" beast men of the "666" that God is using to take down his enemies, the Church of
"66:6." We see all three of these presidents were born in year "46." Next we see the Pale
riders of DEATH
in Revelation "6:7-8" ... all riding the same Pale Horse of DEATH. How do we know
this for sure?  Trump was born on the
"6"th month ... Bush was born on the "7"th month and
Clinton was born on the
"8"th month ... now we see Revelation "6:7-8." Now I wonder who put
this in the Bible years ago way before these men were born if not Almighty God? or would you just
call these thing just an accident going somewhere to happen?
Stars in God's
The boiling Pot of Jeremiah & Black Obama 44 and
Putin and Trump over the Cooking Pot.
The only black President ever to sit
behind the desk of the Presidency,
Barack Obama 44, is now trying to get
back into the picture! God shows in one
of his fiery volcano's the boiling pot of
old Jeremiah cooking away and Golden
Donald Trump setting over it
smoking a
shows the fire is now getting
ready to burn big time
! Trump is seen
here talking to Putin of Russia and both
men are wearing
Ponytail hairdo's
showing the horsemen of the
Apocalypse is now riding. Notice
standing on his hind legs in a
corner with his black beastly tail sticking
Trumps Pony Tail, as all "3" are

You can see Father God looking down
on the picture today from the top left
corner as Trump setting over the
Jeremiah Cooking pot today with Putin
of Russia
. The Bible says, "What was
before will be again, and what is now was
." Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19.  

This show is not over! God shows left
in another one of his fiery volcano's, the
last day three mountains, with this
nation in the middle on fire ... the largest
one showing Fiery Obama in the middle
with black bear Russia's arms around
Obama. Russia is the black bear over
the first mountain top and the middle
mountain top soon to be on fire, is God's
second Jer-
USA-lem that God is
allowing to soon burn down because
they and their Churches has turned
away from him and today follow Satan.

The "3"rd mountain top is the white
Panda Bear of China now with their
mouths wide open ready to move in for
the kill and rape the woman. This is also
seen in Zechariah 14:1-2. "They come
into the houses of this nation and rape
the woman!" Why do they rape the
woman? Some years past China tried to
slow down their population by aborting
the girl babies, and today there is only
"ONE" Woman per "SEVEN" Men.

Left, God shows Black Obama again from
one of his fiery volcano's. You can see
his blackish hair and his
large ears and
his two dark eyes looking at you with his
long lying Pennochio nose laying down
on the top beastly sign ... the top prize
for animals ... beasts ... at state fairs.

It doesn't appear Barack Obama
44 is
not out of the picture yet! We turn to
the book of Matthew 24:20 added is "44" the number of beast Obama "44." This passage says;
"Pray that your flight out from the cities ... meaning today ... does not happen in WINTER or on the

What does this mean? God is showing this is now at the door of this happening! The black beast
"44" is now back into the limelight! God is showing the days left for his second
USA-lem has now come to an end and will be no more!  Black Obama "44" means starvation!  
Starvation is coming upon the people of God's second Jer-USA-lem and those left behind, seen in
Revelation 14:1-5 as God is taking out his 1
44,000 saints today who have overcome Satan to date.
These 1
44,000 ties into the "44" Beast Obama now coming back into the picture of these very last
days, today, when God takes out his 1
44,000 saints who have overcome Satan to date leaving the
rest of the Sleeping Church behind to repent of their many sins.

When the
earthquakes ... floods ... hurricane's ... tornadoes ... winds ... fires now hitting this nation
and world keeps getting worse and worse, then all these left behind who do not die until they
repent of their many sins, will eventually see God.
The Red Horse of War is now beginning to RIDE!  He is at the gate ready to run out as fast as he
can go ...
Paul Revere rides again ... "What was before will be again and what is now was before ...
there is nothing new under the SUN
." Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19.

Paul Revere ... Gerig has a Red Electric Cart who road out twice  (First time for Paul Revere and
the second time for
Paul Revere Gerig) down town Klamath Falls, USA soon Falls Oregon. Klamath
Falls closed down the Main St., two evenings and hundreds of people were in this Main street
selling and also giving away their wares until dark, the sign of Dark Midnight and Paul Revere. (
sleeping Church finally wakes up at
MIDNIGHT per Jesus Christ)  

I was down town both tiems in July and August telling the people the Red Coats are coming ... Red
Russia and Red China ... this last day Paul Revere Gerig has done his job of warning the people in
Klamath Soon Falls, Oregon and also by his "3" flying in mid-air angel websites seen in Revelation
14 verses
"6-7" at the HOUR of JUDGMENT, today. I was born "6" of "7" Children in a peracher
home in year
"34" added is "7" Churches of Matthew 25:"6-7."

This happened on the third week of July and August; I gave away many of my Ministry cards to
people showing this Website, and some I talked to sharing what is coming.

Paul Revere Rev. Gerig rides ... The Red Coats, Red Russia and Red China the Red Bear Market is
coming in
... the black Bull market is leaving! What was before is now again, and what is now was
before, there is nothing new under the
SUN per Almighty God!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Revere Rev. Gerig
Left is a large rock close to my old
home in the wilderness, showing the
naked Church of today laying down
on the old
black bull market now
getting  ready to close down! This
trap is seen in Luke
21:34 and when
this happens soon and suddenly the
soldiers come in ... seen above. We
add Luke 21 + 34 =
"55" ...  "5" wise
and "5" foolish Virgins of second

Prophet Paul