Dragon Man Coming In!
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Two faces spotted in Orion nebula -- what are they?
I didn't put the arrows and the
writing above of Dragon's face
and man's face, this is the way I
took it off the Internet. This Open
Vision on the left I took some 27
years ago about 4 miles from my
home. At that time I named this
huge long
RED Rock about 3 to  
4 hundred yards long
Dragon Rock
. At that time I made
up this long
Red Rock beginning
with the two heads of the  two
headed Lion Beast, Bill Clinton
42, and his other head, the
Republican Elephant man with
his trunk attached to the back of
Bill Clinton's head, a Democrat
and Republican alike,  the two
sharks coming in to go after the
sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7.  
Behind these two sharks heading this
Dragon Rock, Satan, is the sign God
burned out in rock form, the laying down
sleeping Church with the Elephant also
attached to this sleeping, naked Church
of today, the second head of the two
dragon beasts as seen in Orion that God
is confirming today and tying in this
ministry with him. The sign of Rev. 12.

Behind this sleeping Church who see
exactly nothing, is the head of the
Church today, her wolf-dog preachers
riding the tail of the
Red Dragon, Satan! I
pointed out the two ears of the beast
animal preachers today, the ear on the
left is the head of the Church. The ear on
the right is the head of one of the two
beasts heading this message, George W.
Bush 43 who also belongs to the secret
society of the NWO Illuminati ... the
& Bones
" who soon makes Skulls and
Bones of the sleeping Churches of
today. Notice above the sleeping woman
Church you can see the Skulls they will
soon become.

Above the Skull in cloud form from God
Almighty, you can see the Elephant in
white cloud with his trunk in the air,
as God confirms this message 100%!
Below these dog preachers in a fiery
volcano from Almighty God, you can see
what God is showing us today, this
cloud Burning Bush seen above in white
cloud form as the Elephant
, is wearing
Red Fire Pants talking today to the once
dog and pig Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22
but today they are the goats talking to
their buddy,
Burning Bush 43 who is
soon to set them on fire
! Also notice in
white head Bush, is the black
microphone where these Bastard of
Satan preachers spread their lies around
the whole world today! Notice also over
Bushes head is the Skull of a Beast, as
God is showing these things himself
which is truth!

Below is the face of these goat Church
people soon and suddenly.  I took this
picture from a cloud close to my home
that shows the Father Kissing the Bride and this is the picture
below the Father's head, of the Church left behind when this soon
takes place! Below this I show the nuclear bomb going off that
pushes the
Father to the Bride of Christ. This picture left is seen
below the fathers chest and the Father is seen here as the nuclear
bomb going off, and is also seen with his Son seen in Joel 2:11
which says,
"I ride at the head of my army and my forces are
beyond number

There are "3" Adams ... man Adam ... Jesus Spirit Adam and Father
the "3"rd
Adam, Atom! God made his creation from ATOMS! God is  
Adam ... Atom nuclear  bombs coming in to purify his Church
that went bananas ... crazy at the end of days
! This is what God
showed me a few years ago close to my home in cloud form!
Putting this photo in my Adobe Photo section of my computer and
seeing the message, I outlined the Father and the Bride and the
rest of this picture stayed the same! Below the "F" of the Father is
the head of this very surprise woman above which I took from a
different angle showing these Churches faces soon to happen!
The sleeping Churches of
today are looking at old
Israel, old Jerusalem and are
saying she will be totally
destroyed when God says
the exact opposite! God said
he will protect old Israel our
mother, seen in
. Then in verse 17 he
said, the dragon, Satan, then
goes after her
the Church who holds to the
testimony of Jesus, this is
the Church and not the Jews!
Wake Up Church your dead!
"When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had
given birth to the male child.  
(This refers to the Jews) The woman was given the two wings of
a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she
would be taken care of for a
time, times and half a time, out of the serpent’s reach.
Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and
sweep her away with the torrent.
(The river refers to armies of Satan) But the earth helped the
woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his
Then the dragon was enraged at the woman
and went off to wage war against the rest of her
 (The Church)  those who keep God’s commands and hold to the testimony of
Revelation 12:13-17 ...  (Without a doubt this is speaking to today's Churches)

The sleeping Church does not even know this passage exists. Today we see
showing Satan cast out of heaven for the final time and he is very angry! Then in the 13th
verse we see God protecting Israel seen in Revelation 7 ... as he seals these 144,000 just
before hell is Opened up on earth,
this is what is happening today. At the time these things
begin God takes out his 144,000 from the Church, the man child children who have
overcome Satan to date, seen in Revelation 14.  Jacob who refers to God worked "7" years
for Leah the Jews and in signs he worked another "7" years for Rachel, the Church seen in
Revelation 14.

Now we go to the Solar Eclipse coming in this August "21" and on day "12" ... added
together is
"33" the age of Jesus coming into his 1000 year kingdom on earth. On day 12 ...
Revelation 12
we see Satan loosing his position in heaven who accuses the Brethren, and is
cast out taking his stars with him.
Day 12 is the day the stars are seen falling from the sky!  
Isaiah 14:14 added is "10" sleeping Virgins that Satan said he would put his throne above
the stars of God and rule over them which he has already done!

This solar eclipse coming in begins at Newport, Oregon
(The New Port coming in) and goes
over the Capital city of Salem and the county of St. Paul Oregon, then travels across this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation and goes out to sea on the other side in South Carolina. It was
the year 2000 when brother Stair, a prophet from South Carolina called me and put me on the
air ...
short wave radio for "30" minutes! He asked me this first, who is the beast? I said, Bill
Clinton 42
. Next, I said, Russia will nuclear bomb this nation! After 30 minutes on the air we
hung up and I picked up my NIV Bible and it opened to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent
for about half an hour

Now we see the pathway of the Solar Eclipse coming the 21st of August one day before my
August 22. Now we see the end before our very eyes! Revelation 22:21 added is
"67" and this end time Prophet of God was born "6 of 7" Children in a preachers home in
year "34" preaching this
Eternal Gospel at the Hour of Judgment today seen in Rev.
"6-7." The next three verses speaks about the beast 42 coming into the picture, Bill
Clinton 42. Verse 8 speaks of this Mystery Babylon the Great, the USA. The next two verses
9-10 speaks about the Mark of the Beast, Bill Clinton born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19" .... verses 9 + 10 = "19." Now who is the God of Numbers if not my Almighty God that I
serve today without fail?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...