Dragon Fly's In - Saints Fly Out
Satan's Dragon Fly flies in and God's Butter-
ies fly out! Left is the head of the Dragon
and right is the head of the beast,
Bill Clinton
which means DEATH!
The Open Vision from Almighty God on the right shows his overcoming saints today seen in
Luke 21:34-36 ... the 144,000 also seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who has overcome Satan to
 are soon leave this planet and go to heaven and stand on the Throne of Jesus Christ
soon and suddenly just before hell is opened up on earth
; this is also seen in Revelation 9
and Revelation 12

9 speaks about the angel falling from heaven with the key to the shaft of the
Abyss and opens up hell on earth! Next, we go to Revelation
12:1-'17' that touches on today
in verse
"17" of 20"17."  This passage begins with war in heaven today and Michael and his
Angels war against the Dragon and his angels who still had access to heaven, but Satan
was not strong enough and they lost their place in heaven to accuse the brethren, and now
have fallen to the earth and
begins hell on earth!

The first thing Satan does is go after the Churches mother,
the Jews, which he has done
This is going on right now! Then in the 13th verse we see God opening up the
earth and swallowing the armies of Satan,
(In signs water coming out ot the Dragon's mouth,
meaning armies)
going after Israel which they are doing today! This makes Satan, the
Dragon very angry and then in the
17th verse we see Satan then turning to the offspring of
the Jews,
the Church ... those who hold to the testimony of Jesus! This speaks to the
Church that Satan goes after tooth and toenail
soon and suddenly!

God allows this to happen because of what his Church has become to him! A money
grubbing Church that Jesus said,
"You cannot worship me and money at the same table
which they are doing today big time
!" Some years ago, Rod Parsley, a Pentecostal preacher
from TBN out of Los Angels California said,
I heard him say this; when the rapture comes
80% of Los Angeles will go in the rapture.
 (Jesus said narrow is the road leading to heaven
and few are those who find it
... would this be 80%?)  In the same breath he also called Jesus
a liar when he said,
God has covered the table with money and has pushed it over to the
. Now who are you going to listen to today, these liars from the Church or Jesus
Christ the head of the Church?

These lying false prophets
from the Pentecostal Churches has changed the way they beg
for money, they call it
SEED FAITH! They tell you to take the seeds out from your pockets ...
meaning your money, and send it to them because
their god (Satan) has called them, these
liars today
... to preach the gospel to the entire world which is a gross lie from Satan, their
god today! You take your money
from your pockets and send it to these lying evil men and
you will receive in return from their god much more money!

This money comes from Satan himself who is the money god and also seen as the whore
man, Donald
BucksTrumps money god as well, and all of his harlot wives past and present.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
<-----Head of over-
comer's flying to
heaven to be with
Jesus & Father.