Down The Pipe You Go - Hell
Second Jer-USA-lem physically and
Spiritually speaking has gone down the
Tube into Dark Baclk Hell if they don't
repent of their many, many sins!
A nation once for God but now for Satan has gone down the Tube
headed into hell! This in signs naked Church and nation is seen left
from God's hubble space telescope soon to be running in fire as
seen left and then looking upward to God and not following Satan
into his black hell hole seen above wearing dark glasses looking at
you! This once was me before I came back to the Lord when I lived
in Colorado where this picture was taked from the Rocky Mountains.
This picture was taken a few years ago when a huge storm took
place over the Rocky Mountains the sign of the Church of today  
and the storms happening across this POT Smoking nation and God saying in Isaiah 5:5 added is the
land of the
"10" sleeping Virgins ... God says this ... "I have lifted my hand of protection from around
(Meaning the Church) and she will be DESTROYED." (This is happening today without a doubt)

This end time Pot smoking Church say, "Numbers are from Satan,"  It was God who created
everything that was created and also made the Numbering system even to the point of numbering
the very hairs on our heads! He named all the stars in his heavens as well, and stars refers to
people! All Satan created was lies that the sleeping Church of today are following who they say is
God but Satan himself!

God's Holy Bible begins and ends with numbers! This Ministry is a
"2" Witness Ministry and I Preach
from both parts of the Holy Bible, the Old Testement Witness and the New Testement Witness for
both speak about today ...
2 witnesses!  God is the God of Numbers not Satan! Isaiah 5:1-5 speaks
about first Israel that God dug up and remove the stone and took the
choice vines and planted the
Church! These choice vines were the 12 Apostles which one of them, Judas was a devil. Then at
harvest time 2000 years later,
TODAY ... God went to look for a good crop of fruit ... grapes but he
said ...
"I found only bad Fruit!" Here we see God referring to his Second Vineyard ... first the Jews
and second the Gentile Church gone to

Now we see God using his awesome numbering system again in the next two verses
"6-7" .. then he
brought in from his NT Bible in Matthew 25: 2 + 5 =
"7" Churches of the last days and "6-7" verses.
God says this to the
"7" Churches of Matthew 25:6-7 ... "I am removing my water from you ... I am
taking away my pruning and cultivating from you and you will turn into a thorn patch
!"  This is what this
last day Church has become to Almighty God ...
a huge patch of thorns in his side! Hold on to your
pants O' Naked Church as I show you this number
"67" is awesome to God Almighty! His Bible begins
"67" and end with "67" as well and also tied into his last day Prophet seen in Romans 3:3-4.

God says in this passage of Romans 3 and verses
3-4 the year I was born ... Let God be true and
every man a liar ... this speaks for today! We add 3 + 4 =
"7" Churches I preach to today at Judgment
time who was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" and year "34." I preach for God and not
man! The preachers today preach for money! God speaks today through his true Prophet at Judgment
time ... let every man seen here as a liar .... verses
"3-4." God says signs would appear in the
heavens above and on the earth below before the return of Jesus Christ which is happening today
without a shadow of a doubt!

God began his Bible in verses "6-7" seen in Genesis 1:27 when he said I created man on the "6"
days of a "7" day week ... numbers
"6-7." God ended his Holy Bible also in "67." Again using part of
God's numbering system we see this in the last chapter and verse of God's Holy Bible ... Revelation
22:21 ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus "1" equals "7" equals

God chose his last day Prophet ... Yours truly ... from a preachers home in year "34" when I was born
"6" of "7" children! Today I preach this awesome message from my final and third flying in mid-air
Angel website seen in Revelation 14 at the
Hour of Judgment ... this Eternal Gospel to the world!
What verses do you see this in this 14th Chapter of Revelation? Verses
"6-7." When? "At the end of
"6"th Millennium when we are goiing into the "7"th Millennium  ... "67" ... the seventh day of
the week and soon leaving the
"6"th day of the week and going into the 1000 year Kingdom of Jesus
Above taken from God's Hubble telescope the black hole 0f hell shows
hell with a white rign around it, meaning hell looks good per Satan as he
takes this goat Church into the black hole of hell with him.
Father God also made the center Open Vision from smoke showing the goat Church of today looking
at you with two black eyes and a big black mouth and two white Satanic Goat horns on their heads.
Their long necks ae attached to the larger Goat head of Satan also with two large Goat horns of the
devil with her looking down into black-red hell! Far right is a cloud showing Father God very unhappy
looking at the show he must let take place because his Church of the last days are not sheep, but a
flock of sheep who turned into a flock of dirty goats that he is sick about today!

It was some years ago when I lived in the hills of volcano's for 28 years ... 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping
virgins and I had as high as
"10" goats! I had a Buck Goat who fathered my little goats who got sick
and I had t put him down. I also put down one of the little goats after he grew up not all the way to be
a big buck goat but was still on his way to be large! When I put him down it brought tears to my eyes
as I didn't like doing what i was doing! This Father type Ministry has felt the Heart of God now having
to take down some of the
"10" sleeping once Sheep but Goats today who will not repent of their
ways but are going into Red-Black hell with their father, Satan!
Left God confirms this in one of his fiery
volacno's showing the Goat Church of today
on the far left talking into a black microphone
to the world with the red fiery pants of the
once white headed preachers with fire pants
on coming up from the Abyss Hell if you will.
Right of the fiery red pants the Goats must go
into, is black Satan running the show today
seen right, taking the goats into hell with him
if they do not repent! Over the head of these
once good white headed preachers is the
Skull of the Goat head of Satan!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul ...
<-----Goat head
Goat Church Headed Into Red Fiery Hell
Black Satan
PS: Right shows
this storm Paul
over the West
Coast where I
live, blowing
this Jesus
Trumpet over
this land
showing God,
Jesus, hitting this bald eagle bird
nation in its head killing it! This
tropical storm hit this nation on
election day a few years ago
showing this Paul Ministry blowing
this Jesus Trumpet today.
If you look closely you can see my face over the West Coast, this Ministry known as the West One
with this Trumpet to my lips and blowing this Jesus Trumpet to the world in the days of beast
"Trump" running the show today taking her out that the Goat Church put into power ... Beast Donald
J. Trump
45. You can plainly see the face of Jesus at the end of my awesome trumpet I am blowing
today loud and clear, looking down over this nation today and over the
State of Florida.

Forida became the
27th state of the Union in 1845. Beast Trump's favorite State is Florida he says.
We add the
27th state seen above with Jesus looking down over it killing this Eagle Bird nation and
we add 2 + 7 =
"9" and number "9" refers to Judgment! Now we add 1845 like this ... 1 + 8 = "9" of
judgment now upon second Jer-
USA-lem. Now we see the last two numbers "45." Beast Donald J.
Trump is number
"45" and he also ties into year "19-"45" when Harry Truman dropped two Atomic
Bombs on Japan killing thousand of innocent people ... men women and Children!

Ending this awesome message we see this today in no uncertain terms!
Trum---p "45" and
Trum---an year "45" added together is "9" and "9" = "18" that ties into Revelation 18 and verses
"4-5" that God speaks about today telling his people to come out from her lest they are destroyed
with her when God destroys this nation today! The three prior verses says ... Fallen ... Fallen is
Babylon the great ... Fallen is her Churches and Fallen is her Politics as both are full of Satan!

Next we go back to numbers
"6-7" of Matthew 25 verses "6-7" and we see what this last day Church
is saying! Today's Church is saying in this passage ...
"I set as Queen and am not a widow and I will
never mourn
!" The next verse number "8" says the opposite for this Goat Church of today when God
plainly says ...
"Death, Mourning and Famine ... she will be consumed by fire for mighty is the
Lord God who judges her
."                   Prophet Paul ...