Dow falls 460 points as US ...
recession indicator flashes red
Before God destroys a nation he
takes away their finances as he is
doing today without a shadow of a
doubt seen left and in cloud and rock
form below! Today is
3/23/19 that
touches on several things ...
"3" the
land of the
"3" Churches, Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal. Number
"23" means DEATH and also seen in
"23" and the amount of
letters in the first beast of the
beast president men ...
Jefferson Clinton!
Number "19" also
touches of Clinton
42 for he was born
on Leo the Lion month of August
The top Open Vision
from Almighty God
very close to my old
home in the high
wilderness area that
was a volcanic area
some years ago
where God burned
out this end time
message on his rock
wall seen in Daniel
25 ... to the "2"
Churches of today,
Catholic and
Protestant alike as
the Pentecostals are
also seen as
Protestants!  Next
we see the
number "5"s ... 5
wise and 5 foolish
virgins added
together is
sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25 added
are the
"7" dead
Churches of today!
We add Dow
460 points
equals 10 sleeping
Virgins of Mt.. 25.
Now we go back up to the large rock pile close to my old home
in the wilderness for 28 years ... 2 + 8 =
"10" ... preaching this
awesome message today to the
"10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7. This large Rock above touches on Luke 21:34
where Jesus said,
"Be careful do not let this time close down
on you like TRAP
." Luke 21:34a ... speaking to 10 sleeping
This first Open Vision from Almighty God shows this large burned out Rock as a clam shell trap! It
shows in the middle the naked male Church circumcised only in the flesh and not the heart! Notice
his hand in the air showing the letter
"V" for Virgins. This represents the rich sleeping "10" Virgin
Churches of today laying down on the
BULL MARKET now falling 460 points added is the land of
"10" sleeping Virgins ... second Jer-USA-lem.  

When this happens, the
BULL STOCK MARKET  FALLS ... the sign of me moving into Klamath USA
soon to
FALL Oregon ... what happens? We all know the ... "Red Bear Market Comes In!" The red
bears of Russia and China moves in!
You can plainly see right of this clamshell trap Jesus speaks
about in Luke
21:34 ... speaking today to the "10" very asleep Churches ... the war soldiers are
coming in ... the
Red BEAR MARKET is now on their way in to destroy this second Jer-USA-lem
nation gone to
The two Red bears of Russia and China are now at the door
to this nation and this POT head nation is going down! The
old Indian war bow God is showing above in rainbow form, is
the nuclear bomb below this Pot Head Nation of today soon
to happen! Right of this is a cloud the Lord put over my
home in the high wilderness also showing the clamshell trap
is now closing down on this nation who has gone to
This ties into Daniel 7:5 ... the bear having
"3" ribs in its
mouth in cloud and rock form. Notice the
"3" ribs in this
cloud picture above over my home. This refers to the one rib of Adam now
broken into
"3" parts, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal. Below the War Bow
rain-bow in the clouds, you can see where God made this image of a bear
"3" ribs in its mouth in rock form ... signs in the heavens above and on
the earth below before the return of Jesus Christ seen in
Joel 2 and Acts 2. We
put 2 and 2 =
"22" meaning the end of the Bible and the end of time. Number
"22" also God's last day Prophet's birthday number, Leo the Lion month of
"22." Below the bear Russian in cloud form, and China in Rock form
seen above beside the War Bow from God, shows the two bears
waking up!
Two bears Russia and China waking up!
Below the face of these two nations today, Russia and China waking up, God confirms this fact with
Stock Market falling 460 points added touches on this nation of "10" sleeping Virgins! Notice
below the face of the bears waking up came from a volcano of God showing what is now to take

The two  
RED  bears ... Russia and China that Trump is making angry, God is showing also in cloud
form these two bears are raising up and looking at the once Golden Bull market walking out of the
picture with the
Red Bulls Eye surrounded by Golden Billionaire Rich Donald Trump ... the golden
ring around the
Red Bulls Eye of the Bull Market walking out from the picture today!

Below the black rock bear with
"3" ribs in its mouth, you can see two people in red coats, the two
Religions today, Catholic and Protestant as the Pentecostals are seen as Protestants, will soon be in
Red Fire! Below this in cloud form again, is God showing Big Mouth Donald Trump as everyone
knows he has a huge mouth and is seen here as the Beast bringing this all about now. You can see
him riding this beast who he is with a big mouth ... with his hand on the throttle showing his false
heart upside down between the head of the beast and his hand on the throttle.  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Trump 45