Dogs Blown Off God's Mtn.
Notice the Red Dog Churches
of today are soon to be blown
off God's high mountain
! Left
came from a picture showing
the red dog Churches ...
notice its two ears
, its black
eye and nose looking up being
blown off God's high
! Below left is a huge
rock pile close to my home,
maybe one mile away, showing
this golden rich
dog Church of
today walking to the left with
its golden nose pointed left
and its woman face looking
backwards into the face of
, thinking Satan is Jesus
but the devil himself. Two
dogs refers to the Catholics
and Protestants both naked
! Behind black Satan you
can see the first head of the
"3" beast men of the "666"
that takes down this Church
seen in Isaiah
This first head is Clinton 42, the second head is Texan
George W. Bush 43 and the shark seen here is Donald
Trump 45
with the red headed Churches of today in his
mouth ... these Scarlet women Churches who ride
the scarlet beast Presidents seen in Revelation
17:1-8 who has messed up the entire world, read
it! T
rump, the horny shark, has the red head of
scarlet woman Church of Revelation 17:1-8 in
his mouth
, and Donald J. Trump is seen going up
the leg of this naked woman Church
; notice the
golden rich Donald
"J" Trump right of the dog
woman Churches sex organ.

Below this in another large pile of rocks, on the
side of a huge rock I named Babylon Rock some
25 years ago. This is a sign in shadow f
orm that
Almighty God
shows my little Poodle dog Tina that
I had to put down at
"16" years of age, which ties
to the White House today that sets at
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
I remind you
this is no more than a shadow looking like
my dog
Tina. Notice her chewing on two bones, two
Catholic and Protestant. Notice the first
yellow X shows they have demons over them.
Notice the second yellow X shows the head of a
dragon over them today as well.

Below this is a fiery volcano from Almighty God
showing he is putting this dog Church of today
over the hot fiery abyss to burn off all her hay, wood and stubble, she will be saved but only as one
escaping through the flames of fire
... per Jesus Christ. The white dog above below the Cannon
laying down with its tongue stick out, is another sign from God from a lava flow volcano in Hawaii. It
comes from the picture of a man who is seen talking to black Satan
below. Satan was the music
director in heaven before God tossed him out because
God found sin in Lucifer. The man talking to
Satan just above this white Dog
seen below this Jimmy Swaggart Ministries of the "666" of Isaiah
"66:6" ...
are the music leader preachers in the Churches today. These dog Churches are seen
laying down as seen in Matthew 25:6-7 who soon wake up to the sound of the cannons going off
that blows them off God's
High Holy mountain.
This does not refer to just the Jimmy Swaggart
ministries, but also refers to the entire Churches of
today! You can see the thinning hair of 82 year old
Jimmy whore house Swaggart with his pink face talking
to Black Satan right of him. Notice God outlined Satan's
nose in white to show you Satan wearing a wool winter
stocking cap. Below this we see Satan music director in
heaven and Jimmy Swaggart music director on earth
talking to each other! Next we see the lava flowing
down ... the music flowing down to the ears of the Dog
Church who has their tongues sticking out enjoying the
music. The picture above showing the white dog with
its tongue stick out, came from this picture but only
from a different angle.

Next, below we see this entire picture of the music
preachers of today talking to Satan. Left of Swaggart
and the preachers today we see the military hat of old
Adolph Hitler! Notice Hitlers white face below his hat as
this regime of Clinton, Bush and Trump comes in
making up another old Hitler coming against the Church
just like Old Hitler came against the Jews! Jesus said,
what was good for the Jew is good for the Gentile for
God does not show favoritism!

Notice below Hitlers face, the Clinton's the Bushes and
the Trumps, you can faintly see a red fiery beast ... the
tail on the left and the head and front feet running after
the happy dog Churches of today who think they are
white, clean before God but are filthy!
The die has been cast! God is
showing here in lava form,
the Dog Churches of today
their time here is over, it is
finished! I am now ready to
blow them off my high

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig