Dog Man Face In Fire Purification
Dog face Church below looking at you
Man Churches face
above with Big
mouth and eyes
closed above
sleeping and dark
hair on right
You can faintly see the outline of the
144,000 overcoming Birds flying to the
Sun .. SON Rev. 14:1-5 ...
This Ministry of Almighty God shows things
in the heavens of God that points to what is
happening or has happened! I got these two
awesome Open Visions this morning June
"4" or
"6/4" added is "10" sleeping Virgins
seen on the left and the
"144" thousand
seen on the right, God's overcoming birds.
The Dog Church seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 adding just the 2's as 2's equals "10" sleeping Dog Virgin
Church of the last days! Peter said in this passage,
"You would have been better off if you had
not heard the way of Salvation than to have heard it and turned your backs on it
!" God is
showing this Dog Church of today laying down sleeping under the Dog seen above his head seen
top left. This is happening today and soon the Open Vision on the right shows the 144,000
overcoming Birds of God soon fly away to the
SUN ... SON Jesus Christ ... Revelation 14:1-5.
Left a Tornado showing my old vacation trailer I lived in on
my 42 day camp on Bly Mountain by the Sprague River 2001.
Pulling my old trailer God
shows me on Election day
several years ago, speaking
this awesome Jesus
message across this nation
seen below left and pulling
this trailer behind me.
I enlarged this picture taken from the heavens
of God left, as God shows yours truly who lives
on the West Coast side of second Jer-
lem putting this Jesus Trumpet to my lips
showing the head of Jesus looking down over
the state of Florida hitting this Eagle
in its head killing it!

Florida is below Jesus Head hitting this
Eagle USA ... second Jer-
USA-lem seen in the
Open Vision left killing it! Notice the window
for this to happen in
In the window of this
nuclear cloud bomb
soon to explode over
this nation, you can
faintly see where God
put in cloud form, the

Now I show you a real
Nuclear bomb going off
and I show you this Dog,
Pig, Goat Church going up in fire! Below I show you the
message from God this Goat Church of today are also seen
as Goats shown from one of God's fiery volcano's as he
makes the Goat Church of today in blue and outlined the
Goat Church with lighting and smoke talking to Satan! They
are also talking to the red pants leaders and preachers
today who worship Satan that they believe is God.

Now we see above the real image of this nuclear explosion
showing this Goat Church of today going up in the sky and
the top shows the head of a Goat looking to the right! This
second Jer-
USA-lem nation ... the USA  is soon to be
caught in this trap! The leader of this gone down the hole
and never to rise again is the head of this Bald Eagle Bird
Nation, Trump 45! Trump is the golden, lying beak of this
white head Eagle Bird Nation. Under his Eagle Bird head
you can see the dead white head of the people of this
nation. Below the dead people you can see the head of a
Dragon facing right ... Satan who is heading this disaster now on its way.

Golden rich Donald J. Trumps number
"45" favorite State is Florida!  Below is a picture of the
"33"rd President who dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan in year "45." My God is the God of
numbers not Satan the Goat Churches of today claim! of "45" and Trum...p "45"
tie together and Truman and Trump are spoken about in Obadiah
... added is '16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. Obadiah
O' but you are about to Diah second Jer-USA-lem! This
passage says ...
"What you have done will be done to you, your deeds
will return upon your own head
." Obadiah 1:15.

Seen above you can see the head and face of Jesus looking down
killing this Eagle Bird nation, Jesus who lived and died at the age of
"33" and now coming back to reign for 1000 years seen in Daniel 9:24
added is 9 + 24 =
"33." Harry Truman was the "33"rd president. I
came back to the Lord
"33" years ago! This one verse shows God is
soon to close down this ministry saying,
"Visions and Prophesies
coming to a close
" and then Jesus sets up his 1000 year kingdom on
earth." My message for today to this very sleeping
Dog - Pig - Goat
Church is
... Repent for fire ... the Red Coats are Coming ... Red
Russia and Red China!

Due to diabetes and me loosing the use of my legs to walking, i
purchased this
electric red horse to go down town Klamath, soon to
fall USA ... Oregon from the State of
Florida on sale for "33" hundred
dollars marked down from
"73" hundred dollars. I use my Red Paul
Revere electric horse
to help get the 7 + 3 = "10" sleeping Virgins
attention telling them the
Red Coats are coming!

My Red Horse has
"3" speeds forward with a reverse. The top speed
is 19 MPH. it has turning lights ... a stereo and a long distance of
"45" miles. This touches on Truman of year "45" and Trump
"45"and the Red Coats ... Red Russia and Red China are coming!
One of the top completely Satanic filled preachers today is Dr. Mike Murdock who is Murdering the
sleeping Dog-Pig-Goat Churches as these lying Churches of today are
Money Churches of Satan!
The bottom line of Murdering Dr. Mike is MONEY! He will begin with some truths and then always
leads into
MONEY. Take the SEEDS, MONEY out from your pockets and send it to us for we have
been called by God to Evangelize the world, a huge lie from hell. This evil, evil preacher is seen all
over this nation and world today and he and mnay like him has messed up the entire world and killed
the Scarlet Church seen in Revelation

We add Revelation
17:1-7 showing this Mystery Babylon the great, as the richest and strongest
nation on earth is Babylon and every one on earth knows it is this second Jer-
USA-lem ... 1 + 7 + 1 +
7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. We add again ... 1 + 6 = "7" ... land of the "7"
Churches, second Jer-USA-lem.

Now we have the Jehovah Witnesses also on Television preaching against the Catholics and the
Protestants alike and lifting themselves up! They are seen several TV stations before you come to
the Pentecostal station of the Assemblies of God ... Goat Church preaching lies ...
The Assemblies
of Goats who has deceived the whole world per John the Revelator of Revelation 17:1-7.
My Vacation
Look again at the Goat Church on the left is
the one God shows today speaking in the
black micophone to the entire world today
messing them all up. They are the ones
leading the whole world astray per old John
of Revelation today who are causing God to
bring up fire on earth! Above the head of this
once good fishing Church you can see the
white head of the beast from hell. The red
fire pants coming up from the Abyss from this
awesome Open Vision from God showing hell
is being openned up on earth today like
never before. Multiple Killings happening all
over day after day yet most of the Church
sees exactly nothing!
Again look closely seen in the white head of this once white Church, the microphone is pointed to
the Goat Preachers like liar
Dr. Mike Murdering Murdock and those like him who has messed up
the entire world today! God says, I have come to the end of my rope, it is finished!
God shows in no uncertain terms today in cloud form ... "I am at the
end of my Rope
!" Before my earthly father died at the age of 80 he
said to me,
"Paul I am at the end of my rope!" Now my creator Father
God has said the same thing ... not him dying like my earthy father died
said it, but Father God said it to the Church! I am at the end of my Rope
and this Dog-Pig-Goat Church of today are dying!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...