Dog Head Church In Ring Of Fire!
“The first was like a lion, and it had the wings of an eagle. I watched until its wings were torn
and he was lifted from the ground so that he stood on two feet like a man, and
heart of a man was given to him." Daniel 7:4 ...  (Add 7 + 4 = "11" = Bill Clinton who has
"11" letters in his name

Babylon in Daniel 2 shows Babylon is seen as the
LION, and also seen as the Eagle. This
nation is the third Babylon that God is taking down, and she began to fall on
"9/11/1" in
Babylon NYC. The first Babylon was taken down by God seen in Genesis
"11:1-9" the
same exact numbers but in reverse of this last
and third Babylon ... USA ... second Jer-USA-
lem now on its way down! Bill Clinton was given a
new heart a few years ago and his
daughter Chels
a said, dad is now a new man!

What happens when this beast coming out from the Abyss comes into power after nuclear
war happens? This LION Beast
coming out from the ground seen above, goes after the
sleeping DOG Churches of today left behind to be purged of their many sins
! They go into
Hot Burning Ring of Fire that old Money Cash, Johnny Cash made popular some years
ago that also touches on todays money rich
Billionaire Donald "Johnny" Trump. "I fell into a
burning ring of fire ... went down, down, down and the f
lames went higher, the ring of fire, the
ring of fire

Now look at the second Open Vision above for it shows this Dog Church of today seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22 with its black nose pointing to the left, and on the right is the
Ring of Fire that
this last day
Donald Johnny Cash Trump Dog Church soon goes into for purification. On the
top of this burning ring of fire you can see signs in the fire of people, that this Johnny Trump,
money Cash Church of today
will soon be in screaming for their lives.
Left a volcano in Iceland, shows this ice
cold Dog Pig Church of today soon to be
screaming her lungs out when this begins
to happen. You can see Jesus' face over
the "V" for Virgins below screaming out
bloody murder. You can see left of Jesus'
face the head of a pig looking left, this is
the second beast, the pig and dog Church
of today soon to be taken out by Almighty
with fire. Notice right of Jesus' face is
the capital letter
"C" referring to today's

Left shows this Pig headed Church today
in Lion Rock, showing the golden outlined
letter P for Paul on the back of the Lion's
head ... God's Lion, not lion Clinton soon
to come in as the false LION of Satan.
Below me on top of LION rock, you can
see this head of the pig on fire showing
two capital letters DC for Washington DC
on fire
! Next, we see the dog on fire woman
Church above
, running as fast as she can
go, and God also confirms this in his
Hubble telescope of this Church soon to
run away from the fire that will soon be
chasing her. Notice God is also showing
the naked woman Church of today from
his Hubble telescope in his heavens, the
red haired naked woman in the stars
running, as they are seen as stars and not
angels that the sleeping Church has been
saying for years.

Below in another fire scene, shows a man
on fire running away and the fire showing
the head of the man, goat Church of today
soon to be running like the wind! Notice
this goat faced man with two horns, a
man's nose, mouth and goat beard. On top
of this goat Church man's head you can
see in fire form, the capital letter "C" for
Church as upside down today at judgment

Below this goat man on fire, we see the
goat talking to
Fire Burning George W. Red
Pants Burning Bush
the second head of
the beast who has the head of the beast
over his head, seen in this fiery volcano
showing this Goat upside down Church
that is part of the beast system today.  
Both are part of black Satan on the right
showing his white eye. Here we see the
sign of the Goat Church along with the son
of Satan,
Burning Bush, along with their
father ...
black Satan.
Dog head Church in Ring of Fire
We are coming real close to the end
of days, today, and things will ONLY
get worse as each day passes. What
will you do when hell is opened up
on earth? Where will you go, to
heaven or will you go to hell for
Eternity? This decision is entirely up
to you and no one else! I have done
JOB well as seen OK by God
below in cloud form from him.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Above you can see the pig head looking
downward with DC in the middle of its
head, Washington DC on fire and the
naked woman Church running on fire.
This huge Lion Rock from God close to
my home, shows the golden outlined
letter "P" for Paul on the back of the
head of this 60 or so feet in the air Lion
Rock, God's last day true Prophet
showing truth of what is now happening.
Some years ago I outlined the Dog Church below, barking lies to the sleeping Pig Church of
today seen in the fire of the
Pig Head right of Bill Clinton 42 coming in to chase these dogs
an pigs soon. The Bull market soon leaves bringing in the
Russia and China.     Prophet Paul ...