Dog '3' Churches Going Down
6/22 ... 2018 ... added is "21" Solar Eclipse St. Paul of "22"
The top two which includes the third one, came
from the Hawaii volcano's. Above God is showing
thesw "3" dog headed Churches going down!
Notice its head with a long lying Pennokio nose
and having red fiery hair seen in Revelation
17:1-7, this the scarlet, red headed woman Church
of today who has been killing the true saints and
also the whole world as you can plainly see.

The top right shows "3" men refering to the "3"
religions today,
Catholic, Protestants and
all soon to be over the Lake of Fire
seen right walking her dog, as she is seen as
the dog Church of today in 2 Peter 2:20-22.
Right I blew up this picture of this dog woman Church walking her dog on the far side of her with the
leash still attached to the arm of the woman that the skin is falling off her body when nuclear bombs
go off. This is what happened in Japan when dropped two Atomic bombs on them in year
"45." Now we see president, big mouth Donald J. Trum...p "45" causing this same thing to
happen soon and suddenly that is spoken about in Zechariah 14:12.

Notice this Dog Woman's man lookiing at her arm where her skin is falling off her arm bone, and he
has lost the skin off his entire body. Notice below the
Lake of Fire that God is taking these Churches
into for purification. Below the Lake of Fire is hell and a man in hell.
Far left is the naked two breasted
woman Church soon to be smoking,
with her face looking left as she sets
on the ground without a kingdom.
Right of her is the fire bird coming in
after her that causes the smoke!

This woman Church of today is seen in
Isaiah 66:7 giving birth to the man child
children, she is pregnant and ready to
give birth; notice her large stomach
below her large breasts all in smoke
form. Verse 8 speaks about the rest of
the Church going into the purifying fire
of wrath to be purified ... a must to
read. Today's Church is going into
Red headed scarlet woman Church
seen below of Rev. 17:1-7 with
Pennokio nose goes down.
this red hot fire shortly after those who overcome are born, and then she gives birth to her
overcoming 144,000 true Christians before hell is opened up on earth seen in Revelation 14:1-5.

Today is National Dog Day ... Friday June "22" ... 2018 ...

This was a new one on me! Today is the 6th month of June "22" and number "22" means the end of
the Holy Bible. Revelations
"22" and verse "21" added together is 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "67." God
is the God of numbers and not Satan that this end time Dog Churches claim. I was born
"6" of "7"
children in a preachers home in year
"34." I preach to the 3 + 4 = the "7" Dog Churches of today at
HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7" this Eternal Gospel that the Dog
Churches know nothing about.

I preach this Eternal Gospel today at the
Hour of Judgment coming from my "3"rd flying in the air
Angel website spoken about in Revelation 14. (I began this message yesterday about the 3 Church
Dog's but not until today did I find out today is
National Dog Day, the 22nd meaning it is the end
and also I am now finishing this "3" dog message)
Labor paiins coming
upon the pregnant
Church of 1 Thes. 5 ...
the sleeping  Dog
Church  of Matt. 25:6-7.
This awesome message is written to the people
St. Paul of Oregon seen left. The numbers
all add up to God and his end time St. Paul
Ministry Prophet born August
"22" year "34"
born to reveal the numbers of God ... his last
day true Prophet speaking for God seen in
"3:4" ... "Let God be true ... meaning his
last day Prophet ...
and every man a liar."

The Solar Eclipse means a new beginning. Last
August 21 one day before my birhday of
August 22
God showed a new beginning.
Close to the area where I grew up as a child, shown above in the map of Oregon in red, me blown
up by the map people, God's last day St. Paul Prophet of 1 Thessanlonion 5 speaking today to the
SLEEPING DOG CHURCHES! The first St. Paul was talking to the AWAKE CHURCHES and this last day
St. Paul is speaking to the
SLEEPING DOG CHURCHES soon to have the fire of purifying 42 months of
wrath come down on their blinded eyes.

The head of the PIG-DOG Church has the grey bears of Russia and China coming down over their
PIG... DOG eyes of 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... adding just the number "2"s and number "22" equals "10"
sleeping Virgins of Matthew
"25:6-7" and the birthdate of yours truly on Leo the Lion month of
August 22, 1934. We add 2 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 3 + 4 =
"21" of August 21, 2017 when the Solar Eclipse from
God went over St. Paul of Oregon one day before my
"22" birthday.

This Solar Eclipse went out at South Carolina. I spoke from South Carolina in year 2000 ... 18 years
ago. I spoke from short-wave and long wave radio for half an hour telling the world who the beast
comng in was ... Bill Clinton number
"42." Secondly, I said this was 18 years ago, that Russia would
nuclear bomb this nation ...
this is the top news today! Now look at St. Paul of Oregon above and you
can see the grey bear coming down over this
PIG-DOG nation and Church soon and suddenly.

PIG-DOG nation of today still swims with a fish tail the early Church started out to do, a fisher of
men's souls who has gone bananas today and now is headed to the hot fire of Purification.
X                X
Left is a huge storm named PAM also
the name of my in-home care lady who
looks after me as I get around in my
wheel-chair. Above the first red X is
my face and below it is the head of a
LION as I was born on Leo the Lion
month of August
"22." The second
Red X shows the two capital letters,
SC for South Carolina where I spoke
from in the year 2000, telling the world
who the coming in beast is, and that
Russia would nuclear bomb this
PIG-DOG Church nation which is
coming soon and sudenly.

I never had nothing to do with these
Open Visions, God did. He even had
the people put under this white cloud,
the rocks and the bottom one shows a
rock hand and finger pointing to this
last day Leo the Lion Prophet.
It was 2002-3 when I was called by God to go to Louisville, Kentucky to preach on TV. God set this
up with a preacher from Kentucky that is the largest Church state here in second Jer-
where we were on the air 30 minutes a week for
"7" months. I have written many books and
booklets since 1986 and the largest book I published had 19 chapters and over 300 pages. This
Book was titled,
"Wake Up O' Sleeping Church." This book told the world the beast of Revelation
would come from the Presidentcy of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation. At that time God did not tell
me who he was only he would come from the Presidency of this nation ... that was 27 years ago. The
first book I wrote to the Church was titled:
"Return To The Early Church."

I have put out CD's ... cassette tapes ... news letters and short messages all around this nation and
world yet most do not want to listen to truth. The only place people wanted me to come to preach to
them and their preachers, came from foreign countries and not fro this second Jer-
USA-lem, gone
down the drain nation. "O" 3 sleeping Dog Churches your days are now at an end, repent and
return to the real God of heaven and not Satan who said in Isaiah 14:13-14 he was going to put his
thorn above the stars of God, not God's angels these dog Churches claim.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Proph,,et Paul Gerig ...