Devil Filled Preacher & Trump
The preachers today are devil filled to the core! I
know a man today in his 40's who was baptised in
my swimming pool when he was about 14 years old
in Beaverton Oregon. He lived next to me in the
high wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon
when he drifed far from Almighty God and started
talking about God in wrong ways ... he had fallen
to Satan in no uncertain terms! He has a son about
14 years of age he took to Gold Beach Oregon and
had him baptised in a Church of God by a man
preacher filled with the devil.
Devil filled Preacher laid hands on beast Trump
After he was baptized and came back home he began to come to my home almost daily like he had not
done many times before. He began
telling me he was God is signs of Jesus and would not stop
preaching these lies from Satan to me
! This went on for about a week and his mother and
grand-mother were about ready to take him to a hospital for the insane when I told my friend to bring
him down to my house and I would pray for the release of demon possesion in his life after he was
baptised and hands laid on him  in
Gold Beach Oregon.    (The Preacher above with hands laid
Gold Beach Donald J. Trump seen above ... the demon possesed President of second

My then friend brought his son down to my house and sat him down in a chair while I laid hands on
him and prayed that Jesus would cast out of him the devils that filled his heart when this preacher
baptised him into the Church and he was filled with Satan! After I laid hands on him he was fine and
never went to the hospital for the insane.

The picture above of Trump and his Preacher is the same sign of what went through my neighbor, and
today with this beast filled 45th President Trump is also filled with demon's  without a shadow of a
doubt! Just listen to him and you can plainly see
he is not of right mind!  He is tellng the people, you
must vote for me or else you are all going down the Tube! He said this after the big sign of the stock
market is beginning to crash when he had said, everything is better when he took office, another lie
from Satan! Before God destroys a nation gone to pot he always takes away their finances and this is
what is happening today with beast Trump 45.
It was the upside down, naked
rich Judas Church who put this
Bastard of Satan into power.
Jesus said this in the NT Bible
about a man filled with the devil
was a Bastard for his father was
Satan! Jesus also said, people
are seen as trees ... how about
the naked, Judas tree left who
put this Gorillia Judas tree ...
Golden rich Trump into power
that ties into Gold Beach,
Sex Maniac Trump 73 years of age ... 7 + 3 = "10" sleeping
Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7 put this lying Gorilla Beast into
power and he is and has been blowing smoke in the face
of the sleeping
"10" Virgin Church who put this beast of
Satan into office that he soon is responsible for taking
out! You can see Trump far left taking a picture of this
shapely woman Church in signs showing her naked legs
and large breasts that this Sex Maniac loves.
Married "3" times and this third time his wife ties into the wife of Adolph
HItler ... both were top models! I had written about this sometime ago but I
will not go into this now. Under the near naked legs of the woman left, is a
sign of Hitler in rock form from the State of Hawaii USA in lava form. Notice
the large letter "V" for Virgins as I put irgins right of the capital letter V for
Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7.
Notice right
top corner
the black face
of Satan
talking to
Trump 45 who
has thinning
hair. Left of
thinning hair
Trump you
can see the
Millitary hat
of old Adolph Hitler! Below his Military Hat you can see his White Face looking to the left! Under his
whte face you can see the tail end of the red lion beast and the black in the black Gorrila Trump
makes up the middle part of Beast Trump. Ahead of black beast in the middle of this Lying ... Lion
Beast Gorrila Trump you can the front end of the LION .. his head and horn and his front leg running
after the Red Tongue Dog Woman Church that sets there with the lies from from Trump above who
gets his advice from black Satan to right corner. Notice the lies drifting down from thinning hair
Trump in lava flow form into the ears of the Dog Church of today! Now notice this beast Gorilla man
turns into a
RED LION soon to run after the Dog Church seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. Add just the 2's as
2's and we see
"10" sleeping Virgins!
Left is another Open Vision from
God Almighty from the
state in this
"50" State Union of
second Jer-
USA-lem. The black
bird Gorrilla Beast Trump sets in
the drivers seat of second Jer-
USA-lem ROARING down the
road today with the dust flying
out behind him while this Black
Gorrilla Bird Beast roars this
nation into the
White Hot Nuclear
War with Russia and China
his big bird mouth Wide Open!  
You can plainly see that God made this awesome message out in lave rock form from the "50"th
State of the Union ... this black bird Gorrilla beast ... Donald Trump with his large lying bird mouth
screaming out today to this nation and world, lies from his father the devil. Notice his huge bird
mouth wide open as usual and the nuclear bombs blowing off his lower Jaw ...
the red as blood
soon to blow off his lying Beast Administration!
Out goes the naked 10 Sleeping Virgin
Church of Matthew 25:6-7 when she sees
Nuclear war coming in with Russia ahd
China ... many will fall on their kness and
repent knowing they were wrong! This
awesome Open Vision from God was real
close to my home when I was living in the
high wilderness area of Klamath County,
Oregon. This came from the Almighty fire
finger of God showing this NAKED
CHURCH of today riding the Bull ... Bully
Garrilla beast ... Donald sex maniac Trump
with their hands of "V" for 10 Virgins in
the air worshipping Trump as God. Notice
both are Sex Maniacs circumcised in the
flesh only!
The Bull ... Bully stock market has begun to fall and Bully Trump tells the people today they have no
choice but to vote for him for he is the only one who can stop the stock market today from this last
day free fall. His lies go on and on and on and God is showing today without a shadow of a doubt, and
when this happens the Soldiers come in seen top right corner above. I put this photo I took of this
large rock into my Adobe Photo section of my computer and seeing what God is showing for today
now in the process of happening, I put in only the writing. God is saying today without a shadow of a
doubt ...
"You naked people and naked Church your end has come!"

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Both Full of Satan
'Donald Trump
Donald Trump
in drivers seat
Trump Blowing Smoke
Donald Trump