Democ-Rat Beast Bill Comes!
While I was driving on Squaw Flats Road I saw a
dark cloud when God told me to stop and take a
picture of it not seeing anything at time until I had
it developed then I saw the
RAT! The Republicans
have stirred up the Democ
RATS and this last
weekend they exonerated the Republican Beast
President, Donald Trump and now the Lord has
shown me this is arousing the Democ
RATS and
soon and very soon things will change in this
nation and bring back the first head of the
headed Lion Beast ... Bill Clinton 42 from
Washington!  This happens at the end of the 4 + 2 =
"6"th Millennium today. The Rats are soon to be
sinking this second Jer-
USA-lem ... Titanic ship to
the bottom of the sea of time and will be no more!
Left God shows in cloud form the storm from the east coast
he named Storm
BILL. I removed the black part of this
storm leaving only the cloud part showing Bill Clinton
moving into the picture! The lower part of this storm shows
the second beast, Republican, GeOrGe Bush 43 that is the
second part of the Beast system. It shows Burning Bush 43
... the two horned Lamb as of Jesus but he speaks like a
Dragon ...
Revelation 13:11-12. This passage states, both
men came from the same land, meaning the
USA and both
had the same power, both were once Presidents!

Below Democ
RAT Bill soon to be flying in, is the bottom
part of Storm
BILL. You can see this second head of the
beast, George W. Bush 43 spoken about in Revelation
13:11-12 ... he has two horns like a Lamb, Lamb Jesus, but
he speaks like a
DRAGON ... Satan!  Notice God shows
Burning Bush 43 having horns like a Lamb, meaning Jesus
the Lamb, but he talks like a Dragon, Satan
! You can see his
IRON TEETH as they go after the sleeping Church of today
without hesitation!
Above close to my old home in the high wilderness of Klamath soon to Fall Oregon sat this huge rock
I had named George Washington Babylon Rock many years ago! Top left you can see the heads of
war horses, Russia and China coming against the gone gay forehead of this nation. When black beast
Barack Obama was in office his Vise President married two gay men in the White House.
Left I show this same Open Vision in close
up form and you can see the two war horse
nations of Russia and China hitting Gay
Washington DC in it head killing it. This then
pushes the two heads of the Lion Beast out
from Gay Washington's mouth ...
Beast Bill 42
and Beast  Bush 43 added together is "6-7
seen in Revelation
25 added equals "7"
they soon go after seen in verses
"6-7." I did this Open Vision some maybe 20
or so years ago before Hillary Clinton ran for
President! I show her on top of the head of
the bears, as shef wasrunning for office of
This also shows Hillary on top and her Husband Bill below with his girlfriend Monica seen also in
13:3 ... 13 + 3 = "Bill Clinton" the president of "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
The upper Open Vision shows this old Indian nation far right now looking on. When the two bears of
Russia and China that Trump made angry attack this nation soon, this pushes out from the mouth of
old Gay George Washington, the first two heads of the Lion Beast of Bill and Geo. Left of the Lion's
head is the old sign of the German Swastika, as the first two heads are the sign of old Hitler that also
ties into

I showed some years ago of Bill the first King seen in the OT ...
1 Kings 19. Bill is the first King and
was born on Leo the LION month of August
"19." This passage goes on to say after the wind,
earthquake and fire then came the quiet sound of God, meaning he is setting up his 1000 year
kingdom on earth! Where does
Hillary ... Hitler come into the picture in 1 Kings?  Hillary ... Hitler
comes in 1 Kings 21!
Using God's awesome numbering system we add "1"st Kings "21" equals "22"
meaning the end, the end of the Holy Bible, Revelation 22 the last chapter.  Chapter
"21" of 1 Kings
is the last verse of God's Holy Bible, "21" added with Revelation "22" is "67." 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus
"1" equals "7" equals "67."

1 Kings 21 added equals 22 the end and also this last day Prophet of God who was born on Leo the
Lion month of August
"22" shows Hillary in 1 Kings 21 telling her Husband Ahab ---  Bill each with
"4" letters in their first name, how to get Nabath's Vineyard. Nabath vineyard today refers to the
Church and both words have "6" letters showing we are at the end of the "6"th
Millennium today and going into the
"7" Millennium ... "6-7."   (God is the God of numbers, not Satan
the sleeping Church of today claim)

The sleeping Church of Matthew 25 added = "7" Churches of verses "6-7." I, God's last day Moses
Prophet was born year
"34" added preaching today to the "7" Churches. I was born "6" of "7"
children in a preacher home. I preach today without hesitation at the
Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" this Eternal Gospel from my final and last flying in midair Angel websites.

Now hold on to your pants as we are leaving the "6"th Millennium and going into the "7"th
Millennium ...
"67." We multiply  6 x 7 = "42" the first head of the Beast Bill Clinton "42." The second
head of the beast is Burning Bush
"43" and put together with the top image of Storm Bill seen above
"67" the very end of days as we know them!

Lastly we go back to the top to see Revelation 13:14 ... the
"7" foot tall bronze statue of the beast,  
Bill Clinton shown to the world one Sunday morning on TV! Notice Bill below his bronze stature
waving at you.  Below is a picture of Beast Bill walking his huge red Dog and his red hat wife, Hitlery
walking the smaller dog, the Protestants and Bill
walking the larger Red Dog, the Catholics. Notice
the blue leashes show the Cross of Jesus Christ
Ahab Bill and Hitlery Jezebel
walking the two
churches into hell fire and brimstone

Below left showing
"The Last Crusade" is the
sign of the Cross 30 some years ago over my
desk and my autobiography still in the rollers of
my typewriter! The shadow was my myrtle wood
cross I had made and put on my widow sill. This
now goes for today ... this is
"The Last

Right of the Cross is yours truly as God shows
my head looking up over my shoulder in Rock
form preaching this awesome message ...
Last Crusade" is now under way!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
My head
in rock
Notice Rats 2 ears
and eye ...