Four miles from my home
sets this long rock to
large for one picture so I
added the last part in a
lighter color. This long
rock shows this dead man
of a nation
, his head
looking up on the left and
setting on his chest is the
bear of Russia who took
her down. You can see
the bear looking down at
this PIG nation and its Pig
Churches. On the far right
and the blown up open
vision below it, shows
the Republican Elephant with his ears spread out over the picture below. George W. Bush belongs
to the
Skull and Bones Secret Society of this evil society of the NWO and the Illuminati. Under the
Skull you can see the woman of the ten sleeping Virgins halfway buried in the ground reading her
black Bible as she sinks down. Right of the trunk of G.W. Bush 43 you can see the head and neck of
Horse of the Apocalypse. Below the Horses head you can see the Head of the Goat, and behind
the goat is th
is goat Church going down into the ground, as this Church of today is the Goat Church
on the left of Jesus Christ meaning
JUDGMENT and his sheep are on the right showing mercy.
Left of the goat head above you can see the Bull
meaning the Bull
Market is now getting ready to
crash! Left of the Bull is a black heart referring to
the black heart of the Goat Churches of today
towards the real Jesus Christ.

Left is a fiery volcano from Almighty God showing
Red Pants Burning George W. Bush 43 with
the Skull of the Beast over his head, as he
belongs to the
Skull & Bones Secret Society of
. Here we see the Goat Church talking to
Satan in signs on the left. The Goat in the above
picture shows the women Church are goats today.
going down in the graveyard of time as seen below in the Church on fire with the hand of fire God
over these Churches, and the graveyard that sets in front of this Church on fire seen below.
Notice this picture of a real Church on fire
showing the five fingered hand of God burning it
down for real! God shows below these Churches
soon to burn down taken from his Hubble
telescope in his heavens, his five fingered hand
getting ready to throw out the fire!

Jesus said, the Goats will be on the left meaning
JUDGMENT ...  and my sheep will be on the right,
MERCY. Notice the Goat on the left of
George W. Red Pants Burning Bush above with
the Skull of the Beast over his head! Now you can
also see the Goats on the left! Now go to the top
Rock Open Vision burned out by God's fire hand
and you can see the goats head left of the Church of today who is soon
buried ... here half way buried in the ground reading her black Bible as
she disappears from sight. Left of the Goat head you can faintly see the
head of a Bull, the Bull Market going down! Left of the Bull is the Black
Heart of today's Churches! I didn't put these things on this huge long
rock just recently, but I did it maybe 20 or so years ago.

God is not only showing these truths today in rock form, but he is also
showing them in cloud form as seen below. I don't remember the name
of this Hurricane below but it happened on the East Coast of this nation.
To you people who do not know the true Bible, God said in Joel 2 and
Acts 2 that signs would appear in the heavens above and on the earth
below before the return of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.
I happen to be one of the last day Prophets God
has chosen to reveal these awesome end time
signs, and I live in the area showing all these
Open Visions in rock form, burn out by the fire
finger of Almighty God! Left show this storm
with a bear raising up on one side seen in
Daniel 7:5 with
"3" ribs in his mouth, the one rib
of Adam now broken into
"3" parts, Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal!
The bears of Russia
and China are now raising up on one side and
the Bull Market is now walking out of the
picture as God is showing in this storm coming
into the picture of time. Notice the Bull with the large HORN ... TRUMP-ET on top of his head with his
face turned toward you, and the
BULL'S EYE showing on his belly. The two bears of Russia and China
are soon to move in for the
KILL!  God also shows the "3" ribs in the bears mouth in rock and
cloud form seen left. Far
left shows the bear in
Bear Lake in the state of
Washington that ties to
this nation of Washington
DC, raising up on one
side having "3" ribs in its
mouth ... count them.
Right taken from my
home shows the same
thing this time in cloud form also made by the hand of Almighty God.
You can see his head looking at you with his mouth wide open and you
can see the "3" ribs in his mouth just like the "3" rock ribs!
Wake Up "O" Sleeping Naked Church ... its five minutes to
This naked woman Church seen on the left is
holding the
Alarm Clock in her hand that is ready to strike
MIDNIGHT! In Five Minutes the Five Fingered Hand of God
will strike the Church seen above and the naked, Goat
Churches of today will disappear from sight if they do not
repent before they all die!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Its Time To Repent!