Dead John McCain Worshiped
This last day third Babylonian nation at the
end of days ... today 200
6-2007 worshiped
this man instead of Jesus Christ. A nation
of Revelation 17:1-7 who has messed up
God's world and messed up God's Church
... read it! They say this Mystery Babylon the
Great is yet to come when they themselves
are it. Old John the Revelator, not John
McCain, was surprised when God showed
this last day
Babylon the Great, a Mystery to
this nation and Church today ...
has messed
up the
entire world they say is yet to come
... another lie from hell! This nation worship
people and not God. (They killed the true
Church which is no more)  
Old John the Revelator of the book of Revelations, could hardly believe what God was showing
him about
this nation and its Churches all riding the beast of Satan. God shows this from his high
in the sky space Hubble telescope and also from his fiery volcano's. God says everything under
the sun belongs to me!  Below God shows from his Hubble telescope the red headed scarlet
scarlet Church woman of today
riding the beast. The beast is this
nation of the third and final
Mystery Babylon the Great that
God is now in the process of
taking out. Notice in the black
frame around this red headed
woman Church of today riding the
beast of Satan, above her red
head is the number of the first
head of the beast ... past president
Bill Clinton number
"42." Above
the bright white lite is the head of
the horse, the beast Clinton and
the Scarlet ... Red headed Church
rides them today full bore.  

Below this is a fiery volcano from
God showing this naked red
headed Church riding the beast.
Notice this red
headed Church
woman riding
sidesaddle as
woman often do.
You can see the two naked cheeks of her rear-end
setting on top of the White Hat of the presidents in the
White House. You can see the red fire on the right of
her naked bottom beginning to burn her up and the first
from the West Coast are proving this to be a fact.

Under her naked bottom you can see their white hats,
and below their white hats, you can see this beasts face
looking at you ... his forehead, eyes, nose and mouth.
These beast presidents are standing on their two front
feet while setting down on their hind legs and feet with
their tail sticking out back.

The scarlet red headed woman Church of Revelation
17:1-7 has messed up the whole world and Jimmy
Swaggart one of the top beast preachers of today are
part of the beast system of Revelation 17. Below is a
lava flowing from the 50th state of Hawaii of this 50 state
Union of the Republic of Satan today showing Swaggart
of music, talking to Satan who was top leader of music
in heaven when he sinned and God cast him out.
Notice Jimmy with thinning white hair and
his pink face looking Satan in his face ...
notice God shows Swaggart talking to black
Satan in the upper side with a white line
around his nose that God put there for your
convenience to see this is Satan himself
that Swaggart and the Churches of today are
worshipping. Notice the lava flowing down
to the dog Church with their tongues
hanging out in joy as they listen to Christian
music but the Christians have left God and
worship the enemy of our souls, Satan.

Below this scene in another shot of the dog
Church from a different angle showing the
center of their tongues and the line in their
tongues looking at you laying down in signs
still sleeping ... Mathew 25:6-7.

Jesus said, what was good for the Jews is now
good for the Gentiles for God does not show
favoritism. It was the 30's and 40's when Hitler
went after the Jews now we add 3 + 4 =
Churches he goes after today. Notice behind
Swaggarts head is the military hat of old Hitler and
notice his white face below his hat. Old Hitler isn't
coming back from the dead it is only signs from
God showing this is now getting ready to take
place. He goes after the dog Churches of 2 Peter
2:20-22 adding just the 2's as 2's we see these
refers to the "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew
25:6-7.  Seen below this cames from another part
of the lava flowing from Hawaii.
Notice God showing Hitler's
old military solute with the
large letter "V" in white on
his waist as he goes after
the sleeping 10 Virgin
Churches of today. The "3"
beast men of the
seen in Isaiah
"66:6" ...
soon to go after them.
Clinton born year "46" Bush
"46" and Trump "46" ... 666.
All five Open Visions above came from the 50th state of the union of '50" states in second Jer-USA-
lem. The fifth one seen above shows this black bird nation of hell, the USA today, heading today into
the white hot nuclear bombs coming from the Russian bear and blowing off her lower jaw exposing
her red blood soon to be flowing from Washington DC. You can see this beast of today, Trump
racing down the road with the dust flowing out from behind him as he races this last and "3"rd
Babylonian nation into hell to be seen no more!

When I show you such things and you turn your head saying this cannot be for real for he is making
all this up in his mind, you are in deep, deep trouble with God today! Jesus said, what was before
will be again, and what is now was before seen in Eccl. 1:9-11 in the OT and seen again in the NT of
Revelation 1:19 as God uses the same number to show what is happening again. Number
"19" is the
number of God for he is the first and the last of his numbering system,
"1" and "9" put together is
"19" seen in both the OT and also the NT. God is also the beginning and the end of his Alphabet
"A" and "Z."

God is seen in
"Z"echariah 4:7 as "Z"erubbabel when he said, before Zerubbabel you will become
level ground. After this we see the Capstone, Jesus Christ with five sides ... his five wounds he
suffered dying on the cross for our sins.
"God is bringing in Jesus Christ to shouts of God Bless it
... God Bless it."
Zechariah 4:7 added is "11" the number of letters in Jesus Christ.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...