Dark Satan Raping The Church
Notice the upside
down capital fire
letter "C" for
today's Churches
all dancing with
black Satan soon to
go into the fire of
God for
to be
! They are
seen below going
into the fire of God
to be cleaned up so
they can see God
for real.

Satan comes as an
angel of light that
Jesus warned us
would happen and
it has happened
and fooled the

The Church is making love to Satan, committing
adultery on Husband Jesus Christ!
Look at the image
above showing the white wing of the Church with her
legs spread apart opening her sex organ to Satan as
she commits adultery on her Husband Jesus Christ

Left is what happens to the Adulterous
Churches and this is to say the very least! One of the
worst on TV today is
Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.
the skeleton on fire singers, touches on the
Singing Ministry!
Below the skeleton are four top
singers for this Satanic Ministry
all doing Satanic hand signals!
Right of them is a lava flow from
Hawaii showing thinning hair
head of Jimmy Swaggart, the top
so called Christian music
Ministry on earth today talking
Black Satan who was the Top
Music leader in heaven until
God found sin in him and then
tossed him out now leading this
Bastard of Satan man on earth
You can see old Hitlers
Military hat behind Jimmy
Swaggarts head on the left
and his white face below it
soon to go after the Dog
Churches listening to his
music and are part of this
beast ministry of Jimmy,
Liar Swaggart! Below the
Hitler military hat is
another picture taken
hurch goes
into the fire
at another angle of the Dog Church with their tongue
hanging out and laying down, loving the music from this
devil led Jimmy Swaggart Ministries leading the world
Jesus said, what was before will be again, and what
is now was before, their is nothing new under the sun
Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 and Revelation 1:19. Jesus also said,
"What was good for the Jew is also good for the Gentile for
God does not show favoritism
!" Hitler of the 1930's and
40's added equals the "7" Churches of today and the
Hitler Administration of second Jer-
USA-lem, is now on its
way into power! The last and only black President of this
nation, Barack Obama 44 of Hawaii was born in Hawaii
where this lava flow happened.

Left is a picture from this lava flow showing in red hot lava
, old Hitlers famous military solute. Notice on his waist
is the capital letter
"V" for "VIRGINS" as I finished the
word V
irgins. Below Hitler in this same Volcano, shows
the black man setting in the drivers seat heading this
nation into
the white hot nuclear war. This black bird
president had his hand on the steering wheel heading his
black bird hot
-rod into the white-hot nuclear bombs
coming from
Russia. Behind Obama you can see him
roaring down the road
with dust behind him. Notice the
head and beak of Obama, and blowing off its lower jaw.
This touches on the president of
today who is now in office
stirring up Putin of Russia. The
Open Vision below of a fiery
volcano, shows the black bear
of Russia, Putin, with his arms
around fiery Obama as I point
out his Pinocchio nose. USA is
the middle mountain that Russia
ets on fire! The third mountain
the right is China waiting in
limbo with their mouths wide open to
come in and rape the women and take
whatever is left. Russia is seen as the
black bear and China is seen as the
white Panda bear. Read Zechariah 14:2 ...
1 + 4 + 2 = "land of the
"7" Churches
today at Judgment time, second
USA-lem! Read it for it states, they
will come into the houses and rape the

Why do the Chinese rape the women?
Some years ago China aborted their girl
babies to slow down their over
! Today there is only one
woman per
"7" men, Zechariah 14:2 ... 1 +
4 + 2 =
"7" men! Add 14 + 2 = "16" equals
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This is also seen in Revelation 14:20 showing the blood
will be flowing from the wine press of God, pressing out the wild grape Church of today and the
blood will be flowing from this press as high as the Horses Bridles for a distance of
"16" hundred
Stadia ...
NIV BIBLE ... Revelation 14:20 ... 1 + 4 + 2 = "7" Churches added the other way, 14 + 2 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC! Now who has a numbering system that matches his
Bible if not God Almighty?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
PS: God confirms Hitler in a
mountain blowing its top soon
! This
soon to come upon the Church
like it came upon the Jews in the
30's and 40's. We add 3 + 4 = "7"
Churches of today who soon get
what their Mother, the Jews got!
Jesus said,
"What was good for
the Jew is now good for the
Gentile for God does not show
 Prophet Paul   
Left is another cloud of Prophet
Paul and Pam, my in-home care
lady pushing me in my wheel chair
as this ministry is the center of this
Pam storm today! I am blowing my  
trumpet loud and clear! Notice Pam
wearing dark glasses behind me
as I blow this awesome end of days
Trumpet downward from heaven!