Dancing While US Rome Burns
God is showing from his Hubble telescope from his heavens second Rome USA dances to music
while she Burns. This happened once before when old Rome was in existence when Nero was
playing music while she burned some year ago. Left you can see the scarlet red headed woman
Church dancing with her man while the nuclear bombs goes off blowing her hair to the left. You can
also see the people on the right with red hair wearing a red dress and her pink head looking down
and her two pink arms hanging down as the nuclear bomb blows her apart.  

The next Open Vision shows the letter
"S" for Satan that ties into the new missile of Russia that
NATO labeled
"Satan 2." Far right show the "S" again with the nuclear bomb going off and blowing
the middle of the woman backward ... notice her head above looking at you while she is blown apart
by the Russian's nuclear bombs. Russia says that this new missile can deliver a load of nuclear
bombs anywhere in the entire world and cannot be stopped by anyone as it is unstoppable.

The die has been cast! Jesus said in Matthew 24:22-23 if these day were not shortened no flesh
would be saved. He also
said that many false prophets and preachers would deceive even the very
elect if that were possible and this is what they are doing today to the
Sleeping Churches.  

God said in Revelation 14:1-5 that only 144,000 virgins are saved and taken to heaven ...  (Men and
women alike who have not slept with Satan)
 ... taken to the throne of Jesus Christ in heaven also
seen in Luke 21:35-36! The lying Church say these are Jews, a lie from Satan as God does not put
' name on the foreheads of the Jews who rejected Jesus the Messiah.

God seals the 144,000 Jews before hell is open up on earth, this refers to Jacob, meaning God's
first wife Leah who Jacob worked "7" year to get. This is seen in Revelation "7." The
n Jacob worked
another "7" years for Rachel the prettier of his two wives and
now we add 7 + 7 = Revelation "14."
These are the 144,000 that God takes to heaven just before hell is opened up on earth ... those who
has Jesus and the Father's name written on their foreheads.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...