Dancing To Music - Rome Burns
God shows this in his Hubble space telescope of second Rome, second Jer-USA-lem soon to burn
as seen in this awesome Open Vision showing the Nuclear bomb going off in the middle of this
nation while the people on the left are dancing to music
, and the people on the right being blown
to bits. You can plainly see the Red headed
Scarlet Church of Revelation 17:1-8 going out of this
last day picture from Almighty God. You can plainly see the woman with
Red hair blowing to the left
from this coming Nuclear war with Russia
! This nuclear bomb goes off when the Church of today
know nothing about the end times
, for Satan has told her lies, their little god ... Satan who they
think is Jesus but Satan himself!
Bomb goes
Red headed
blows apart
Man & woman
dancing to
music while 2nd
burns to the
ground, a copy
of second Nero.
Notice their
dancing feet!
God shows in a storm cloud over Florida
this nuclear mushroom cloud bomb is now
ready to happen! Notice God is showing the
window is now open and in the window you
can faintly see the word in cloud form,
"Church." Notice where this mushroom
cloud bomb ready to go off is located, "Over

a freeway" ... showing the road has come to
an end and will be no more!

The nuclear bomb below this cloud nuclear
bomb from God, shows in the top part of this
nuclear bomb, the image of the Goat head
Church of today being blown sky high. Right
of the head of the Goat you can see the
head of the bald eagle, the symbol of this
nation blown sky high. Below the head of
the bald eagle is the head of a dead man
looking at you, for most of the people in this
land will perish as seen in Isaiah 16:13-14 ...
added is
"43" the number of the second
part of the two headed Lion Beast as Bill
Clinton is number
"42" and seen in the first
two verses of Isaiah
16:1-2. The first two
numbers shows Moab, and Moab was the
last and
"42"nd camp of first Israel. We add
16 + 1 + 2 =
"19" the day beast Bill was born
on Leo the Lion month of August
"19." Now
we see the first two verses and the last two
verses showing the two headed Lion beast
seen in Revelation 17:8. These two men
came from the White House that sets at "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. We
add Revelation 1 + 7 + 8 = "16" equals the
White House blown sky high soon and
The Eagle Bird goes along with
the Goat ... dog-pig Churches of today!
we see Bill Clinton "42" plays music from his
Saxophone the sign of Nero of old
Rome burning and now this second Nero, Clinton
42 and the Church and people all dancing today
while second Rome begins to burn!

Left is a large rock close to my home showing two
war horses of Russia and China soon to hit the
gay forehead of this nation which pushes out the
Lion going after the
sleeping, scarlet, red headed
women Churches of today
! Above the head of the
Lion beast Bill Clinton 42, you can see the
ero for
Nero as the capital letter N is seen in a golden
color just below the mouth of the China horse.

Below the old German Swastika that I outlined,
you can see the two capital letters
CB for Clinton
and Bush ...
42 and 43 added together is "6-7"
who goes after the sleeping, red headed scarlet
Churches of today seen  in Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." Multiply them we see "42." Above the word
LION on the head of the beast, Clinton 42, you can
faintly see the head of the Dog Churches seen
along with the beast in Rev.
17:8 added is "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC
Nuclear Explosion blow her red hair to the left
This large rock left is close to the one
above it showing the naked Church with
their hand in the air showing the capital
letter "V" for Virgins laying down on the
Bull Money Market of today soon to go
down and the Red Bear Market of
Russia and China comes in. This trap is
about to spring shut as Jesus warned
us about in Luke 21:34 ... 21 + 34 =
equals "5" wise and "5" foolish Virgins
in deep, deep trouble today. Jesus said,
this trap will spring shut on the entire
world and we are to stay away so it will
not spring shut on us! Left is this clam
shell trap now closing and the soldiers
of Russia and China are seen on the top right of this large Rock that God is showing what is about to
happen to this gone down woman Church of today. This trap is now ready to spring shut on a Church
of the last days who see exactly nothing of truth! God is showing this last day Church are
circumcised only in the flesh and not the heart that we are to be circumcised in! Ezekiel 28:10 ... 10
sleeping Virgins says this;
"You will die the death of the un-circumcised (Meaning the Church
circumcised only in the flesh and not the heart, a fleshly Church of today)  
at the hand of foreigners."

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...