Crazies - Happening - USA!
Crazy things are happening all over this nation today!
One just reported of a grand mother putting an infant in
an oven and turning on the heat killing it. Others of
mothers killing their children. Shooting happening all
over this nation like never before and is getting worse
as Satan has been cast out of heaven seen in Revelation
12:7-12. War has happened in Heaven between Michael
and his angels and casting Satan and his angels out from
heaven to the earth below and now hell has been
opened up on earth!

Below shows this sign in a fire that was burning in
California number
... "12" ... the sign from God Almighty
showing fire war has already happened in heaven and
now hell is opened up on earth below because Satan is
now below on earth bringing in
Hell on Earth. This takes
us to
Revelation 9 showing this once good star of God
Lucifer ... now Satan has fallen from heaven to the
earth below and was given a key to the shaft of the
Abyss, hell if you will, and opened up hell on earth, and
now we see this has already taken place.  

The people who did not have the Seal of God on their
foreheads were punished for five months by locust
having the sting of a Scorpion.
Left shows a huge rock burned
out by the fire hand of God
within a mile from my old home
in the wilderness area of once
fiery volcano's. This shows war
tanks rolling over these
Churches below getting the
stings of Scorpions as I point
out. The scorpions are tanks
seen left. You can see black
Satan right of the naked Church
with the black scorpion on her
and black Satan is right of the black scorpion on the woman Church, looking down on the heads of
the "3" Hebrew  children ... today the "3" Christian Churches,
Catholic ... Protestant and
. Left of the white background showing 3 Hebrew Children, you can see the black head
of the Lamb ... Jesus Christ who is the fourth man in the fire along with the "3" Churches of today,
as the fire burns off all the garbage in their lives! Jesus said;
"I will burn off all the hay, wood and
stubble out from your lives, you will be saved only as one escaping through the flames of

We go back to Revelation 12:13-17 to see Satan going after old Israel, the Churches mother but not
being able to catch her for God opened up the earth and swallowed the water, meaning armies of
soldiers wanting to take out old Israel. We see the Dragon, Satan then getting very angry and
turning and going after the
offspring of the Jews ... the Church ... those who still hold somewhat
to the testimony of Jesus seen in verse
The tanks of
WW 3
No food ... no water happening in this nation due to God beginning to
destroy her because she turned away from him. Houses torn down
and flooded out by hurricanes of Florence and Michael and the death
count goes on and on. Terrible fires burning in California and the
beast see left is crying out, California you didn't manage your forests
and now there burning you out. You crazy embasal, it was God who set
the fires in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and where they
were and are burning today. My Bible tells me that God using his good vessels which today are very,
very few and he uses his bad vessels to do his bad work, and many of his bad vessel have set many
of the forest fires! Not only that but God also used his lightning to see some of them ... don't forget
there is no mother nature the world speaks about instead of using God's name.
The Bible says ... "As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the
days of the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ
." What
were the days of Noah if not water? God said he would not
destroy the world again with water, but he did not say he
would not use water as partly with burning Fire the second
time around! We are seeing in signs as Joel 2 and Acts 2
says would happen ... sign would appear in the heavens
above and on the earth below before the return of Jesus
Christ which is happening right now!

This huge Titanic of a nation is now going down before the
eyes of the people, but the sleeping Churches of Matthew
25:6-7 see nothing of truth today, only the 144,000 seen in
Revelation 14:1-5 and Isaiah 66:7 soon to be born can see
the truth!

Again ... as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of
the coming of the Son of Man!
Water AND FIRE! This means
God is using water as in the days of Noah but he is not
going to destroy the whole world with water just in places
FIRE will consume the entire world.

Below God shows in one of his fiery volcano's what is
beginning to happen to the sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7. We
have the water, the sign of Noah and now God is showing the sign of
Noah in water and also the sign of
Noah ... Jesus Christ coming in with
fire to purify his dirty Church of the last days, today! This sign left
showing a black, meaning a dirty Church standing on a ROCK, meaning
ROCK JESUS while the hot fire from God burns off all her black sins
which also includes the gold she took from Satan seen coming out
from her panties while she slept with him, seen in Matthew 25:6-7 and
said it was from God as she is a liar to the nth degree today!

Notice the gold she took from Satan while she slept with him and
committing adultery on Jesus Christ and adultery is a sin that leads to
DEATH. Notice the gold running down her legs from her vagina over
the Rock of Jesus Christ she is standing on and rolls down making the
two heads of Satan running to the right with two black heads. God
shows this in no uncertain terms that the Church of today are not a
white Church but Black to the core and fire is the only way to purify

The Sleeping Church forgot to read Proverbs 30:7-9.
 “Two things I ask
of you, Lord;do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far
from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily
bread. Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, ‘Who is
the Lord?’ Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of
my God."
Proverbs 30:7-9 ...
Left is a huge rock close to my
old home in the wilderness,
showing Isaiah 2:19-22, this Pig
headed Church hiding from God.
The Pig head is seen left of her
head as she is wearing an
over-head hair bun, meaning
today where this hairdo is
popular. This PIg Church of today
are seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. Now
add just the 2's and we see
"10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7. Above right you
can see the old swastika of
Germany ... the Lion now coming
to the Church, as Jesus said,
"What was good for the Jew is
now good for the Gentile for God does not show favoritism!"  

United States of America ... USA is second Jer-USA-lem! Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 both books say
the same thing ...
"What was before will be again, and what is now was before." This shows
without a shadow of a doubt God is the God of numbers not Satan!  It wasn't Satan who said he
numbered the very hairs on our head,
"It was God!" God said this to show the Church that he is the
God of Numbers,
not Satan the Church claims today.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...