Crab Satan Over Church
The sleeping Church has preached the lie
from hell ever since I was a Child to hear it,
so do not look at numbers for they are of
Satan, which is a lie from hell. Satan is a copy
cat as he does what God does but he turns it
all around to his lies! One simple thing God
did to show the Church that God is the God
of  numbers not Satan ... God told the
Church that he has numbered the very hairs
on our heads and he has named all the stars
in his heavens.

Left we see the crab, Satan above from
God's Hubble space telescope in his
heavens showing Crab Satan among the
Stars ... the star Church! This same lying star
Church of today tell the gullible sleeping
Church these stars in heaven refers to
angels, another lie from Satan.

Left God shows the two witnesses, man and
woman alike among the stars showing the
stars are men and women. You can see the
man above as also seen in 1 Timothy 2 that
woman should not be above man and not
teaching man for it was woman, Eve who was
deceived in the beginning and also in the
end as God confirms this fact in his

So the two witnesses are the 144,000
overcoming saints today seen in Revelation
14:1-5. These are the only overcoming saints
today who has overcome the crab, Satan and
the only ones God takes out soon to be with
him and Jesus on his throne while the rest
of the sleeping Church goes into the fire
to be purified before they can see God for God is the God of Fire.

The Churches of today, all of them, are under the influence of
Crab Satan! God shows this also as
most people love the taste of Crabs! This ties into the crab seen above in God's heavens as Isaiah
14:13-14 Satan said ...
"I will put my throne above the stars of God and I will rule over them." This
defiantly does not speak about God's angels that are with him seen in the
"3"rd heaven. Remember
Satan was cast out of the "3"rd heaven when he sinned and he was cast out to the
"2"nd heaven
where he resides today over the first heaven where the Stars, the saints of God are located.

The two witnesses of Revelation 11:11-12 ... are not just two men witnesses the sleeping Church tell
the people are Moses and Elijah who come back to preach from old Israel for 42 months but refers
to the 144,000 men and women stars who has overcome Crab Satan today soon to be taken out to
heaven ... a rapture of just the 144,000 who are God's overcomer's today leaving the rest of the
Church behind to be purified by

How does the Church of today get around these 144,000 take to the Throne of God? They say these
144,000 are Jews who has Jesus and the Father's name written on their foreheads, Another lie from
hell! The Jews never did accept Jesus as their Messiah so why would God put Jesus' name on their
foreheads? The sleeping, lying Church say these are the Jews who came into the Church ... another
lie from hell.

God shows Jacob as Father God had two wives. His first wife who he worked to get for
"7" years
was Leah who represents the Jews that are sealed before hell is opened up on earth seen in
"7." Next came along Lebans second daughter Rachel the pretty one and Jacob work
"7" years to get her, as Rachel refers to the Church. We add 7 + 7 = "14" equals Revelation
"14" the 144,000 who has Jesus and the Father's name written on their foreheads and are taken to
the throne of God before hell is opened up on earth! Remember Jacobs first wife, the Jews, are
only sealed while Jacob ... God's prettier wife, Rachel the Church are taken to his throne in heaven,
not the Jews but the saints of God in the Jesus Church!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...