Could It Be Peace - Then Nukes?
WASHINGTON — Summoned to the Oval Office on the spur of the moment, the South Korean
envoy found himself face to face with President Trump one afternoon last week at what he
thought might be a hinge moment in history.

Chung Eui-yong had come to the White House bearing an invitation. But he opened with flattery,
which diplomats have discovered is a key to approaching the volatile American leader. “We could
come this far thanks to a great degree to President Trump,” Mr. Chung said. “We highly
appreciate this fact.”

Then he got to the point: The United States, South Korea and their allies should not repeat their
“past mistakes,” but South Korea believed that North Korea’s mercurial leader, Kim Jong-un, was
“frank and sincere” when he said he wanted to talk with the Americans about giving up his
nuclear program. Mr. Kim, he added, had told the South Koreans that if Mr. Trump would join him
in an unprecedented summit meeting, the two could produce a historic breakthrough.

Mr. Trump accepted on the spot, stunning not only Mr. Chung and the other high-level South
Koreans who were with him, but also the phalanx of American officials who were gathered in the
Oval Office.

Peace and Safety then destruction ...

"Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the
day of the Lord will come
like a thief in the night. While people are saying, Peace and safety,”
destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not
." 1 Thessalonian 5:1-3 ...
It was St. Paul who wrote the above passage in
1 Thessalonian 5:1-3 and is St. Paul of the last
day Church telling the people what is now about
to happen as seen in
St. Paul, Oregon. We add 1
Thes. 5:1-3
... = "10" sleeping Virgins of today!
St. Paul of today, the last days on earth for
many people, is seen in this map of Oregon ...
the red part the map people put for
St. Paul.
They also put a red ring around my eye watching
Solar Eclipse come in over my head and go
out at SC ... South Carolina
. Notice how God is
showing the bears of Russia and China coming
down to this Pig headed nation and Church seen here in grey covering the eye of this Pig nation
and Pig Church who cannot see anything that is about to happen to her per
St. Paul of 2000 years
ago. Now 2000 years later this
Second St. Paul is showing without hesitation, what is soon to take
place. I am looking at the Solar Eclipse which means,
"A new beginning is coming in!"

Notice how God made the tail of the PIG CHURCH and her nation? He made it with a fish tail! The
Church began with
St. Paul then a true fish Church, but today at the end of days, God shows
St. Paul showing this Church of today and her nation of second Jer-USA-lem ... is no more
than a
PIG HEADED Church that listens to nothing of truth but still follows Satan!
Left shows a fiery volcano from Almighty
God, showing the "3" mountains of the
last days, Black Russia on the left Mtn,
USA on fire on the high mountain, and
China on the "3"rd mountain. We see the
black bear of Russia with their arms
around the only black president
of this
gone down the drain nation, Obama the
44th beast President of second
USA-lem. Obama 44 set up this with
Russia ... notice Obama's nose which I
pointed out, and right you can see the
white Panda Bear of China with her mouth
wide open after Russia nuclear bombs
this nation ... not North Korea but the
Russian bear! Peace & Safety is now being
put forth
spoken about by first St. Paul.
About two years ago this huge storm named PAM
happened. My in home care lady who helps me
out two days a week, her name is
PAM. Six  to
Seven years ago I lost the use of my legs and
can only stand up when holding on to something
solid. The first John who wrote the book of
Revelation could not walk either when on the
Island of Patmos, he had to be carried.
Revelation 10:10-11 says this:
"You must
Prophesy again of many peoples, nations,
languages and kings
!" This is exactly what this
last day
John-Paul the Second is doing for God!

The Solar Eclipse began in Oregon and left at
South Carolina as seen in this awesome storm of
Pam. It was the year 2000 when I received a call
Storm Pam ...
   St. Paul                SC
                             South Carolina
from a ministry in South Carolina asking me if I could talk with them over Radio by phone, I said yes.
I spoke to them for 30 minutes and he asked me first, who is the beast? I said, Bill Clinton 42 and
then I said,
Russia will nuclear bomb this nation. After we talked for half an hour, I picked up my
Bible as I often do when amazing things happen, and it open to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was
silent for about half an hour

I remind you the Solar Eclipse began in Oregon going over St. Paul and leaving at South Carolina
seen in the Open Vision above. I never made this miracle, my God made it to show you the truth of
the last days which is now upon us! This message begins with ...
St. Paul of 2000 years ago and St.
Paul of today just before hell is opened up on earth
Left is another huge Open Vision from
Almighty God taken from his camera's in his
heavens on election day a few years ago, of a
tropical storm over this nation. This storm
began on the West Coast where I live and
shows me blowing my JESUS Trumpet across
this nation
. Notice the head of Jesus looking
down over the state of Florida hitting this
bald eagle nation in its head killing it! You can
see yours truly ... St. Paul with this trumpet to
his lips telling what is now about to happen!
When People are saying
"Peace and Safety"
sudden destruction will come upon them as
labor pains comes upon a pregnant women
and the will not

Could this be talking to you? ... or are you
part of the 144,000 taken out seen in
Revelation 14:1-5, the Church, not the Jews
the liars claim. (Seen also in Luke 21:34-36)

God's Ring of Fire Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Lion Paul above
from the tribe of
Judah ... Jesus