Comet P67 & Today = Beast!
Left shows comet P67 taken some time
ago showing this Comet of the two
headed Lion Beast George W. Bush 43
and Bill Clinton 42 added together is
Presidents 6 and 7 comet marked
The image taken today of this
comet shows the large head of the two
two headed beast ... past Presidents George and Clinton ready to come ashore in this nation! God
is confirming this comet, touches on the two headed beast men by the scientists, saying water was
found on this comet and whether or not this is true, it ties to signs of
two men seen on this comet
by God in the picture on the left as I will explain these two men. I took the black out of the open
Vision on the left leaving the head of the Lion, the two lion beasts soon to be coming upon the
sleeping Christian Churches of today, as God soon throws them into the

A little under and to the right of the Lion's right top eye, you can plainly see the white letter
"G" for
George. Over the other eye seen in black is the grey capital letter "C" for Clinton the bigger of the
two eyes. The head of this long two black hole nose Lion Beast ... Bill Big Nose Clinton with his
tongue sticking out, second Open Vision, you can also see Clinton's large black eye also seen in
the image of the beast on the left side of this Open Vision P67.  
Head of Dragon
Left is an Open Vision from God's Hubble
telescope of the beast flying in, and below him
you can see God's hand tossing out the "V" for
Virgins seen below God's hand ... this is the sign
of the ten sleeping Virgin Churches of today who
have fallen asleep in true Christianity, and today
ride the beast and God is tossing them out to the
beast in the Lions den, seen in the heavens by
Almighty God.

Below God tossing out the 10 sleeping Virgins
into the Lions den, we see another Open Vision
from God about 4 miles from my home in the hills
of Klamath County, Oregon. This huge Red Rock
burned out by the mighty fire hand of God, is
about 300 yards long showing the wolf preachers
on the end of this long Red Dragon rock showing
Bill Clinton 42 at the head and attached to the
back of Bill's head is the Republican Elephants
trunk of George W. Burning Bush 43.

Behind Elephant Bush 43 is the Shark in power
today, Donald John Trump 45 seen here as the
Shark in the White House today. Behind Shark
Trump is a bunch of dead
SKULLS and seen
above the skull in cloud form, is the image of the
Elephant, George W. Bush 43 with his trunk in the

Behind the skull is the laying down sleeping
Churches of today and behind them is the
Elephant George W. lying Bush who also claims
to be a Christian but is a liar instead.

The end of this long red dragon rock is the head
of the wolf-dog preachers of today who has
deceived the Churches of the last days. Notice I
pointed out the two ears of the dog preachers,
and the ear on the left is the head of the sleeping
woman Churches and the ear on the right is the
head of George W. Burning Bush 43.

God is a God of signs and numbers that the
sleeping Churches of today do not understand.
Yet Joel 2 from the OT witness and Acts 2 of the
NT witness both speaks about signs would
appear in the heaves above and on the earth
below before the return of the Son of Man Jesus
Christ. Now what would you call these pictures ...
Open Visions I am showing to you from the
clouds, rocks in the heavens and rocks on the
earth below if not from Almighty God?

I wonder who named the Lion head shaped rock
P67 in the heavens if not Almighty God?
Who put the large eye on this dragon shaped
rock if not Almighty God that points to Bill Clinton
the first head. The long nose of Bill Clinton goes
first! Notice the two black holes in his long nose
and notice his long Satanic Dragon tongue
sticking out at you! God is telling you it is the end
of days and spoken from his heavens.  

What would you call all these images in rock form
made by God Almighty, if not God telling us man's
days of ruling the world is over? Man has
reached the end of his "6000" years and has
struck out now "3" times, and God is saying today
"It is finished!" Your end has come!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
<----hand of God
<-----"V" for Virgins