Cocoon 'V' irgins Fly Away
V for Virgins ------>
Virgins Head
in Cocoon
faceing left
Taken from God's Hubble camera in his heavens,
show the Cocoon overcoming 144,000 Church
seen in Revelation 14:1-5 being transformed into
a beautiful Butterfly ... flying away to heaven
soon and suddenly leaving the dog Church
behind to be purified by fire ... God's way of
purification ... for God is a
Consuming FIRE!

The image of this Cocoon Church above shows
the large white letter "V" for Virgins as I pointed
out and right of "V" is a line in this Open Vision
pointing to the head of the overcomer cocoon
Church God takes out soon. You can faintly see
the face of a person looking left.

Above the word Virgins you can see in this Open
Vision, the overcomers flying in midair and
above this in cloud form I took from a cloud is
the same image of the cocoon hatching, God's
Butterfly Church has overcome their enemy,
Satan and soon goes to heaven!
Below the butterfly now ready to hatch, you can see Father
God and Jesus with their arms stretched out welcoming the
Butterfly "V"irgin Church into heaven and leaving all the
rest behind to be purified by Fire from Almighty God. Notice
the large letter "V" in another picture from the cloud of God
with the SUN ... SON on the right who is also with the Father!

After the overcoming saints of Revelation 14:1-5 added ... 1
+ 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" equals Jesus Christ who has "11" letters
in his name that is written on the foreheads of the
"V"irgin Church soon to be born, are taken to
heaven to be with God the
FATHER and also GOD the SON.

The Beast Sets in White House ...

The beast Donald J. trump 45 walking in cloud form from
Almighty God and someone put the big green man beside,
as Beast Trump is a
Green Horn Beast President of the
last days!

Below this is the sign of the Cocoon 144,000 Church
leaving, flying away, the sign of the White House Beast
Trump in control today, flying away to heaven. Below this
God shows a cloud of beast ... the horsemen of the
Apocaypse of Revelation 6 now coming in with black Trump
45 riding on the top. Trump is the
top beast today seen in
Revelation 6:7-8
. The other two who came before him was
Clinton 42 and Bush 43. Trump 45 the last one was born on
"6" ... Bush 43 month "7" and Cliinton 42 month
8" now we see "6-7-8."

God shows us today these "3" men all riding the Pale
Horse of DEATH
in Revelation "6:7-8." All "3" of these
beast Presidents were born in year "4
6" showing them as
"666" of Revelation 13:18 and Isaiah "66:6."

Below this Prophet Tree, yours truly that Jesus said people
are seen as trees, I have my mouth wide open today
hollering out to the
DOG Church cloud below facing left to
this Tree Ministry
, "Your days have come to a draistic

Notice how God shows this tree of yours truly, the large
capital letter "C" for Church and my big mouth hollering out
this last day message to the Dog Church seen in 2 Peter 2:
20-22. God says through Apostle Peter, you would have
been beter off if you had never heard the way of Salvation
than to have heard the truth and then turned your backs on
it as they have done today and preach a Man's gospel and
not the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!

4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3 added together saying the
same thing equals
"10" sleeping Virgins! Now if one has a
true brain of Jesus Christ in their heads and hearts they
will understand very plainly Isaiah 4:1.

1. "In that day seven women  (7 Churches)
 will take hold of one man     (Jesus Christ)
and say, “We will eat our own food
 and provide our own clothes;
only let us be called by your name.
 Take away our disgrace
!” Isaiah 4:1
Notice God made the "V" 6
pointing to the face of
overcomers, end of "6"th
Millennium today!
Prophet  Tree
Paul  Hollering to
the Dog Church

The Matthew Henry Commentary
has messed up the Church real bad
when they said about this passage
a huge lie from Satan! They said this
meant a large war would come
killing most men and leaving only
one man for
"7" women.
The Dog-Pig-Goat-Chicken Church of today has been led astray by the leaders of the Church
teaching them lies from Satan!
The Seven Women are the Seven Churches seen in Revelation 2 and
3 and all the Churches today make up the
Seventh Church, Laodicea ... Rich in need of nothing
and God is telling her today ...
"You are wetched, Pitiful ... Poor ... Blind and Naked. I begged you to
buy from me, salve to put on your eyes so you an see, but you refused and now your punishment is
before your eyes today

God shows the Chicken Church ot today as pointed out above, the face of Jesus in the Road Island
Red Chicken Church who did not do her job! These were the Red chickens my parents raised for
eggs when i was a boy.

God's Ring of Fire - hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Jesus face------>