Clinton & Geo 67P - Beasts
"3" makes up the Lion of Satan
God is a God of Numbers as
numbers controls the entire
creation of Almighty God! This planet
comet was named
67P that ties into
two Presidents,
Clinton 42 added is
"6" and Geo 43 added is "7' and "P"
stands for Presidents given by God
<------------------Dragon over Clinton's head
<---------------------Clinton's face
Face of Geo
above looking
at you
The four legs of the Lion
You can see the rock image of 67P above left, which I took out the black around the head of the
LION beast, leaving the head
that is soon to go after the sleeping Christians! God put the Capital
G for Geo ... 43=7 and below in the other eye you can see the large capital letter "C" for
42=6 ... equals "67P."  (Keep in mind numbers "6-7" they are awsome to say the least!

The image picture from God on the top right was one of the last pictures the camera in space craft
Rosetta took before crashing into this
67P comet. The Vision below was taken from God's Hubble
telescope in his heavens of the beast flying in with a propeller over his head! You can see his head
and below his head a little left, you can see the hand of Almighty God tossing the beast out soon
and suddenly! Below God's hand you can see the
Capital letter "V" for Virgins going out with the two
Clinton "42" and Burning Bush "43" added together is "67P." Notice what God is tossing out
above his hand, looks like the head of the Churches looking at you in signs, see their head,
eyes and
large nose.
The time for Presidents began for God's second
USA-lem in the "17" hundreds and now he
takes them out at the end of their 2000 years that
also ties to
"17" ... 20"17."  Year "17" hundred
today and the two headed Lion Beast, Clinton 42
and Bush 43 added
together in the Comet "67P"
that is flying in going after the Sleeping Church
and those opposed to the coming in NWO of the
Illuminati ...
the flying in Phoenix Bird also with
Hillary R. Clinton the Jezebel wife of Ahab, and now
Bill of
1 Kings 19 and 21. Jezebel is also seen in
Revelation 2:20-22 and those who commit adultery
with her, meaning the Roman Catholic Church, will
also lay in a bed of suffering if they do not repent
of her ways
! Jezebel is seen telling Ahab, Bill, how
to get this
second vineyard, the Church!  Below,
God shows in another of his fiery volano's the
Open Vision of
Fiery Red Pants Burning Bush 43
talking to this Goat Church of today and over their heads you can see the skull of the beast. Jesus
said, my sheep will be on the right which means mercy, and the goats will be on the left
! Right of Burning Bush are his black leaders with him of the Illuminati. Bush also is a
Comet 67P
Comet 67P
member of the secret society of the "Skull
& Bones
" soon to take out the sleeping
goat Churches of today.

Isaiah 5:1-5 - and verses - "6-7"

This passage begins showing God taking
out his
first Vineyard, the Jews! He
cleared it of stones and replanted his
second Vineyard,
the Church, using his
choice vines, the Apostles!
Then at
harvest time,
today, he went to look for a
good crop of grapes but found only bad
! Verse "5" shows God raising his
hand of protection from around her and
she will be destroyed! The next two verses "6-7" we see God withholding his water from her and
she will not be pruned nor cultivated
but will be destroyed!

To you people who do not believe in God's numbering system, and this number
"6-7" ... may God
have mercy upon your souls
. God is proving to you today that he is the God of numbers who
numbered all the hairs on our heads and named all the stars in his heavens;
an Almighty God to say
the least
! God's End Time Prophet, Yours Truly born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year
"34" ... is preaching today to the 3 + 4 = "7" Churches of Isaiah 4:1 who only want to use the name of
Jesus over their door posts,
but want to feed themselves and clothe themselves ... take away our
! The word Ichabod is written over their Church doors, not Jesus, which means, "God has
!"  (This also touches on Revelation 2 and 3 ... these "Seven Churches of today")

I preach to the world today from my last and third flying angel website seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." I preach at the HOUR of JUDGMENT ,,, God's ETERNAL GOSPEL and not man's gospel which is
no gospel at all that these
Dog ... Pig ... Goat Church of today preach seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 ...
adding just the "2"s we see "10" sleeping Virgins the two headed Lion
67P beast soon goes after!

"67P" not only speaks of these two headed beast men, Clinton 42 and Bush 43 added is 67P for
... but it also shows God's prophet ... "67P" for P for Paul was born "6" of "7" children ...
67P" for Paul! Numbers do not lie, only people lie and God shows this in Romans 3:4 ... "Let God be
true and every man a liar
." How does God speak to his Church? Through his Bible, also in signs and
through his true Prophets as well as
through his numbers. God's last day Prophet was born in the
year number of this passage in Romans

God Has Lifted His Hedge of Protection ... Isaiah 5:1-"6-7" ...

Sunday, October "1" ... 2017 at least 50 people were shot and killed and over 500 injured at a music
festival at Los Vegas, Nevada.
 (This is a first of this type of evil in this nation ever)  This happened
on Sunday the day of worship for most Christians.
Here we see the passage in Isaiah 5:1-5
happening now!
God has lifted his hedge of protection from around this nation seen in verse
" ... her Churches! The next two verses "6-7" we see God taking away her water and she will
not be cultivated nor pruned anymore
for She has fallen to the devil! Nuclear war is now at her
door posts with Russia and China as they have gotten together and are doing war games, getting
ready to attack this nation who has turned away from Almighty God and worship the enemy of our
... Satan who they think is the true God but is the devil himself!

It was one man who shot and killed at least 59 and wounded over 500 people with a stash of
automatice rifles
as he looked down from the 32nd floor appartment. This is unheard of and God is
telling the people it is over
! ... It is finished! ... prepare to meet your God ... god whomever he may
! The end time signs are here with the crowd of 22,000 and the number 22 means the end also
this last day Prophets birthday number ... Leo the Lion month of
August 22!  The killers age was "64"
added touches on the "10" sleeping Vigins of Matthew 25
verses "6-7" seen here as Jesus tells us
"10" sleeping Virgins soon to Wake Up at Midnight at the darkest hour.

They found 23 guns where this killer shot from, and number "23" means DEATH! Then at his home
they found
"19" more guns and this number "19" is the number of the first head of the Beast, Bill
Clinton who was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19" and was the "42"nd president and his
full number is
"1942" the year mother bought her Bible with these numbers inside the front page as
seen below.
Bill was born on Leo the Lion month of August "19" and the "42"nd president, "1942."
Bill's full name ... Willam Jefferson Clinton has "23" letters in it ...
23 guns means DEATH seen above.
George's number is seen below in
Matthew 12 verse
"43" and the last
verse number is
"46" the year the
"3" men were born. This also
touches on Trump who was also born
in year
"46" and here we see the "3"
beast men of the
"666" Church seen
in Isaiah
"66:6" that God is taking
out! Donald John Trump has
letters in his full name, the day
mother bought her 1942 Bible Oct.
"15." This also touches on Hillary R.
Clinton 15 letters as well
... the
Jezebel of Rev. 2:20-22, the first head
of the two headed Lion Beast!
Bill was born August 19 and I was born August 22 the two prophets, 19 for Satan and 22 for Almighty
and both are seen in Isaiah 2: "19-22" showing this sleeping, Dog, Pig, Goat Church soon to be
heading into the rocks and holes in the ground from the dread of the Lord and the Splendor of his
Majesty when he rises to shake the earth
! This is seen in the Open Vision below in a huge rock from
Almighty God
close to my home. All I did was show the head of this Pig Church looking down, left of
the woman heading into the rock
. I drew a line around her hair put up in a bun, looking at you.
She is wearing a light colored
coat with dark pants. Above the
Swastika & Lion you can
see the Swastika of old
and the head and legs of the
lion beast
Clinton 42 and Bush
43 ...
67P coming down from the
Open Vision above
and going
after this Church of today!
Jesus said, what was good for
the Jew in now good for the
Gentile for God does not show
Comet 67P is the
sign of old Hitler!    

These two bottom Visions came
from the same rock, but was so
large I put it into two pictures.
This lower Open Vision is the
picture from this upper one.
The legs from the Lion above
are the legs coming out from
the mouth of this nation gone
mad seen on the left. Old
George Washington now gone
gay, is pointed out left. I
outlined the two war horses of
Russia and China coming
against this gay forehead of old
George that then pushes the
Lion of Clinton and Bush,
out from its mouth! These two
come back into power as the
two headed Lion beast of

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...